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Gotta say, I love Cavill here. And Tori! Read more... )

Edit: Yeah, I always knew that'd come back to bite her in the ass eventually.

Edit again: I forgot - seeing Baltar and Six Read more... )

Edit: Read more... )

Edit: Read more... )

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Also watching Someone to Watch Over Me.

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Spoilery nonsense )
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35 minutes into Blood on the Scales, Zarek says to Gaeta "How would you have answered her? If you would have been here?"

How long has this been going on and I never noticed it? If you would have been.

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I can only say how happy I am that spoiler ) is spoiler ) - or whatever that was - and is now spoiler ) Have I ever said how much spoiler ) is really attractive?

If you can't manage to be a Renaissance man, you can at least be a Heinlein man.
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It's the best part about this season! Now, can the fifth cylon PLEASE be Billy?
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Spoilers, duh )
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To recap: Read more... )


Mar. 26th, 2007 12:14 am
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Seriously. What just happened there?

(And, 2008? Again I say it: WHAT THE FUCK?)
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I think this just about sums it up. Edit: Ten minutes in, click the link a second time. Thanks.

For random linkage, what about this? Popcorn! Popping! Pop! Pop! (That was very random, wasn't it?
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Spoilers )
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What he says, months ago now, is:

It's a fair question. I think homosexuality definitely exists in the world of Galactica, but I frankly haven't found a way to portray it yet. It's a texture that I'd like to introduce into the series without doing "the gay episode." It's something that gets talked about internally periodically, but so far there hasn't been a good story or character arc or scene that's seemed like a good way to establish the fact without really hanging a big neon sign out that says, "See, we're doing a gay theme now!" Ultimately, it's probably a failure of imagination on my part and a reflection of the fact that I've never made this a priority for us, so pin the blame on me for not moving this bit of reality into our universe.

Now, this reminds me of another sci-fi show I recently watched that started with a B. Yes, good ol' Babylon 5.

They had gay people. No gay-themed episodes, though. We know gay/bi people happened to exist, and be acceptable in society because that's how we saw it - random interactions.

BSG doesn't have any outed gay couples, not that I've seen. Does have a fair number of interracial couples - and this is noticeable only because it's not. Nobody mentions it. There didn't have to be an episode or ten about it, or bad jokes (though any jokes would be appreciated....) about it. Though I suppose that's because everybody's too busy being pissed at Sharon for being a Cylon than for being whatever-you-call-Asian-in-a-world-without-Asia.

See, there's a lesson to be learned here. And that lesson basically is "you don't have to make a big deal out of things". Show a few same-sex couples hugging or kissing or holding hands, put them in the background, and that's a lot more integration than focusing an episode or two on the subject. Promise.

Plus, if you've decided that the Colonials are all for same-sex relationships, everybody wins. Liberals get to look at this vaguely englightened society and smile and aw and enjoy the show, and your Crazy Conservative Clique can go "LOOK! SEE! GAY PEOPLE BRING GODLY DESTRUCTION IN THE FORM OF CYLONS! REPENT!!!!!" which doesn't make much sense to *me*, but which will surely be amusing to roll my eyes at.

I will suggest this to him, in a friendly email. I'll also suggest that Last season spoiler )

Ahem. Yes. Carry on now.
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Slightly spoilery question regarding the old series - spoilery for new, not old )

And, in other comments Read more... )

Liked the episode well enough, though it's like the entire past year and four months never happened, isn't it?


Oct. 29th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Are there still survivors on the other colonies? There almost must be, right?

I wonder what their lives have been like since the Cylons almost-not-quite did their little about face....

Question on Lost:

Read more... )
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Finally! )
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It's a bit too late for the characters in BSG to suddenly develop macabre senses of humor, but all the same, they could have learned a lesson from B5 (which I'm redownloading).

I remember the overload I went through when I watched that show way too fast. I can imagine how much worse it'd be with BSG. It's a good show, but you don't get a chance to *breathe* in between! No conversations about zippers! No practical jokes! Every good scene goes awry in some horrible, horrible way.


"Not every conversation has to be the end of the world as we know it."


(They also had color on that show. Imagine that!)
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Thoughts on Sharon and Kara )
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And I like it, I like it, although Spoiler! ) Anyway, one thing? This show is dark. And I don't mean plotwise! I'm tilting my head all around to see what's going on, and nothing but darkness. Deep into this darkness peering, long I sit here, wondering, fearing.

Dark is cool. Dark is nice. Dark makes a great statement - but would it kill them to add some color now and again? Maybe make it slightly less dark, kinda grey instead of dark black? Grey, like moral ambiguity?

Edit: Oh dear. I hope nobody I especially like on the show ends up dead. Spoiler for last season )

Edit again: Man. If that character is the only one to make it through this, I'll be irked. It's not that I don't like that character, but... god.

Edit the third: Well, I would have thought that character was the only one, but another one showed up in the previews for the next episode, one I like more. Well, yay. What a way to ruin the frakkin' suspense, guys!
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Doing that now.

Webisode 1 )

Webisode 2 )

Webisode 3 )

Webisode 4 )

Webisode 5 )

Webisode 6 )

Webisode 7 )

Webisode 8 )

Webisode 9 )

Webisode 10 )

Well, that's all, folks!

Webisode 8 )
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I actually liked the season finale of BSG. I know some people didn't, and some people only liked parts of it, but I was pretty much literally glued to the TV. (Yes, literally! This is why I should never be trusted with superglue, ever.... :P Okay, it was only figurative, but it might not have been!)

I can't watch it again yet, too much, but I'll sum up what I want to see next season )


Mar. 10th, 2006 11:35 pm
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Well, uh... wow. I mean... ah... that is to say... yeah.


I think that about sums it up.
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My thoughts as they roll through my head.

Because I just *had* to rewatch it )
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Was really confusing. Good, great, I loved it - but it's going to take a while to filter through.

Watched SG1 for the first time in ages. I loved how I could just sit there and go "Yup, I've got no idea what you're talking about, but okay" and ignore everything I didn't catch as utterly unimportant to the plot.

On BSG....

Feb. 17th, 2006 11:26 am
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In which I return to my roots )

Seriously. I'm going to keeel that guy, and then myself, and go down to Hell just so I can kill him all over again. The ONLY way this is justified is if Read more... )

I am *not* a happy Connie.
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Was... odd.

On the one hand, it was good. On the other... it's clearly one of those episodes which is central to longer plot arcs, but which is kinda slow on its own.

And the death. Read more... )

Also not sure about the personal relationships going on - do I like them? Do I hate them? Do I not care? Do I NOT CARE AND WANT THEM TO GO AWAY? I don't know.

I'll rewatch it, then wait until next week to decide what I think.
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Completely forgot, really. Not a fan of re-runs, so I hadn't remembered it was starting a new season again.

In the middle of it now. HOLY HELL, I WAS RIGHT ABOUT ADMIRAL RO! I was hoping it wasn't as bad as all that, but... wow.

Edit: Oh man. Next week is going to so totally rock. Of course, we can already figure out most of it.
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Why should I? I'm a fan of the new show, I'm not a fan of the old show, and what other people decide to watch or not watch is their own business. Kinda like sex, or religion.

However, I can't let the recent kerfuffle (nice word, huh?) go completely uncommented on. Mostly because it looks like a group of people has decided to make the old-show-fans look stupid....

Cutted for links, text, and my loud opinions. )

Now that the excerpts are gone, I will reiterate something I've said many, many, many times before: Showing something isn't the same as promoting it.

And yet, this seems to be a classic flaw. The book Zel shows premarital sex, therefore it encourages it, despite the heavy-duty, immediate consequences of that sex. Star Wars shows Han shooting first (SHUT UP!), therefore it encourages people to shoot first. Lolita shows a pedophile, therefore....

This line of reasoning is at best, childish. It only seeks to stop the rest of us from thinking. You may, and should, choose not to watch, listen to, or read something that makes you uncomfortable. If you really don't want to read books about whatever, then you shouldn't do that. But to be so intellectually dishonest that you feel you must tell other people not to read the book because "well, it shows something I disagree with, so it must be promoting it" is completely unacceptable.

So much so that I even understand the insults headed towards that forum over that letter. It's hard to show respect for people who divide the world up so simply.

This has been a lot of talk about not much. Sorry about that.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 11:05 pm
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Best episode yet )

So, today, Ana was eating something and she wanted to say that it was yummy. Except that after she said it, she decided that wasn't good enough, so she decides to rephrase it:

"Taste... taste... taste.... Tastes good!"

She's getting smarter by the day. Now if only we were clear on the whole distinction between "What's your name" and "What's your mommy's name". *sighs*
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Ending was still sappy as hell, all that handshaking going on. Better if the ship had failed to work the first time, or something. *shrugs*

Moving on, I think this episode really proves that Colonial society, before the invasion, was technologically in a state of decline. Maybe they were going through an artistic renaissance or something, but technologically...?

Read more... )


Sep. 17th, 2005 02:17 am
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*taps foot* )

Short because I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. (If I ask, maybe Jenn will bring some over for me to munch on tomorrow. I love dates. They're nummy.)
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As anybody who watched BSG last night knows, it involved a Towel Scene. A tasteful, well-done scene involving partial nudity.

Now many people seem to be claiming that the reason Apollo was holding his towel so funny in that scene is because he was hiding "the beginnings of a hard on".

Maybe this is just me, but I'm Not Happy with that discussion, for one simple reason - at this point, we're no longer discussing Apollo, who isn't real, but the actor who plays him and deserves a little privacy.

Now, if he wants to go ahead and say in an interview exactly what was going on in that scene, that's his business. But until he does, maybe we could all, y'know, drop the subject? Because it's not our business.

Yes, I know you think Lee is hot and you want to frak him. Yes, I know you feel the same way about the actor, except now you want to fuck him. I get it. And if you want to discuss the real-world implications of this scene to two other people, I can't stop you. But it'd be nice if you didn't babble it where the entire universe could see, if you'd be just a tiny bit respectful of people's right to privacy. Just a thought.
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1. Let's say up-front that I don't have that great a feeling about this episode. "Camera films everyone" is such an overdone concept, and it usually looks wrong when done. However, I shall wait! Besides - DRUMS!

Read more... )
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All I remember clearly about it was that the theology is really messed up - but religions are often like that. I was too tired when I saw it the first time. Will post my thoughts as I come to them, in the following cut:

See? )

In other news, I'm still somewhat eh in the health department, so I'm home while everyone else is out shopping, eating... fighting. Probably just as well I'm home, right?

Edit: Done posting.
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It's not creepy in and of itself, just when you think on how River is as we know her.

That said, I have a question.

Oftentimes, in TV and movies, if a character is clearly batshit insane and dangerous, they show this by doing a closeup on their face so you can't not see that their eyes are wildly moving back and forth. And maybe they'll show the Good Guy so we can compare their steady gaze to the scanning gaze of Crazy Ax-Murderer (and you know that's crazy, since axes are nice and sweet, and it's saws you want to kill). They even did that to River Tam at least once that I remember.

Why is this? Is there some sort of correlation between how sane you are and how likely you are to go madly back and forth while looking at people? Is this why the cylons/some cylons have one eye that goes back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, because they're all nuts?

I'm confused.
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This occured to me a bit last night, but I wasn't so sure... is Starbuck changing? She seems slightly less kickass, slightly more angsty (not a bad change, considering she had overdosed on her kickass before), a bit quieter.

Must ponder this.

Oh, and Today's Ana Visit:

1. She does like my Emma Charlotte doll (introduced to her as Emma), though she is under the terribly misguided impression that the doll is hers. "MY MUMAH!" No, Ana, not yours. You can play with her.

2. Went to Vida's for lunch. Midway through the lunch (AND MMM I LOVE THEIR APPLE CHEESECAKE), Ana and I sat outside a bit. Or, Ana sat, and I pretended to sit on her lap. This was, in Ana's mind, just great. After I got up, she taps her chest. "Milk? Milk?" Because, of course, after sitting on her lap, I was naturally gonna wanna nurse, right?

3. Yesterday, we pretended she was giving me a piggyback ride, or, as she calls it, a "*tap shoulders* Hold-on-tight?" That was also just the funniest thing ever.

4. And, as always, the highlight of today for Ana was "OOH! PET KITTY!" Luckily, we have a very friendly neighborhood cat (who is skinny and needs some feeding) who was quite tolerant of an enthusiastic toddler petting her. Gently, of course - I wouldn't let Ana near an animal if I thought she'd harm them, and it's not just because they'd be justified in scratching her or biting her. That's not fair to them at all. But it was still enthusiastic.
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I'm going to try typing up my thoughts as I think them.

First bit, before commercial )

Second part )

This is the third commercial )

Fourth cut. )
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So, once again, I missed BSG because we were at the drums. No big deal, I can always get it from another source, right? IT JUST TOOK A FRAKKIN' DAY TO DOWNLOAD - nevermind.

Anyway, here I am, scrolling down my friends page while listening to the opening credits (and I'm not so fond of the Brit version of the music, but that's a different complaint.)

Now, those of you who know about this show know about the drumming that used to be on the credits, the drums that were cruelly taken away to satisfy some whiners. I'm quite upset about that. QUITE UPSET, I SAY.

In fact, I'm so disgruntled that I mostly leave the room when the opening credits are on - that's why I was Friends Page Reading.

And then I had to scream, because EEEEEEEE, DRUMS.

That's louder than I screamed because EEEE, NEW BABY (apparently, his other middle name is Paul, not sure what they're actually calling him), but not as loud as I screamed because EEEEE, NEW BOOK!

Just to give you a baseline.

Edit: Now that I've seen it....

Read more... )
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(I was asleep as it aired, bad me!)

Read more... )

I prefered last week, though. I think I'm the only one who does.


Jul. 30th, 2005 02:19 am
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Spoileriffic )

Oh, and I've long since been developing these tiny pinpricks of blisters on the tips of my fingers. They're hard, and they don't act like blisters until I finally get annoyed and stab them with a needle. I don't feel it unless I touch the skin outside of the blister, and water dribbles out once the blister is stabbed. I wonder if I should worry about this.
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Gee, we're doing a lot of those. It's like I suddenly went out and got a life.

Or, not really, since What I Did Today consists primarily of Went to the Bookstore.

Read more... )
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Yes, the start of BSG again! And, like, those other shows.

[Poll #530596]


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