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'Internet of Things' seen as bonanza for Bay Area businesses

The gruesomeness of the drug trade rivals any atrocities in history.

Of course, things wouldn't be this bad if there were any legal ways to sell the stuff. Not that I particularly want people selling cocaine legally, but since they already are selling it *illegally*....

US the biggest threat to world peace in 2013 – poll

Well, all righty then.

Behind the credit chip curve, U.S. playing catch-up with Canada, rest of world on card security

Scientists harness the sun to help sharks

Genetically identical bacteria can behave in radically different ways

Why are we still fighting the drug war?

Clemency for Edward Snowden Would Not Set a Dangerous Precedent

The New York Times Shreds The Obama Administration As 'Pathetic' On NSA Spying

Redesigned Window Stops Sound But Not Air, Say Materials Scientists

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says purge of uncle was ‘correct decision’

Ask Culture and Guess Culture
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US may never know entirety of Snowden breach, officials say

One Man's Crusade Against Fundamentalist Claptrap

Government Watchdog: We Have a Growing Federal Prison 'Crisis'

When Lenders Sue, Quick Cash Can Turn Into a Lifetime of Debt

Welcome to Science
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The 6 Most Terrifying Pets Humanity Has Bred Into Existence

The 5 Coolest Pets Humanity Has Bred into Existence

Leak: Government spies snooped in 'Warcraft,' other games

Given the number of terrorists caught this way, I think a better way of interpreting this article would be to say that some government employees wanted to play WoW at work, and found a way to do it on the government dime.

How to Create a Password That's Easy to Remember but Hard to Hack

And, if you want to make sure computers aren't likely to guess your password, you can use this site to check. Of course, the sufficiently paranoid might think of all potential issues here, but so long as you never identify a potential password with a potential username at a potential site, you should be safe, right?

Here Are The 20 Worst Passwords You Can Use

Cellphone data spying: It's not just the NSA

Apple stores to host free coding workshops for kids

Inside the Box

People don’t actually like creativity.

Restaurant workers’ wages are routinely docked when customers walk out on their tab.

David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show'
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A Haven for the Deaf Draws Federal Scrutiny Over Potential Discrimination

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No Rich Child Left Behind

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On science kits through the decades:

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One on antivirus companies:

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I think it may have been maladaptive and Siderea, respectively, but I may be mistaken.

A. Killer whale males are dependent on their mothers their entire lives. Aww.

And this is a really fascinating video about what happens when you cut a Menger sponge, a type of fractal.
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PSA: Your Default Narrative Settings Are Not Apolitical

An Asperger's Guide to Neurotypicals

And a DW friending meme. I've been making a concerted effort to read my reading page there lately, that's an improvement. You know how slow I can be about change.

As a bonus, I also have this link, 6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About The Founding Of This Country.
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The photographer has an inordinate fondness for pictures of cats leaping. I know those are always popular, but I don't know, I prefer pictures of cats snuggling with each other or being curious. Still and all - cats!
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Two Cooks and a Cabbage

First you get to see two young girls competently using an open fire to boil half a cabbage each (I should forward this one to Free Range Kids!), and then you get a good piece of advice: Never boil green vegetables in large quantities of water. Truer words were never spoken! As observed, when you do so you only end with tasteless muck and all the vitamins leached away. That goes doubly for brassicas like cabbage and kale. We love kale, but I find nearly every recipe calls for far too much water, even when the writer clearly was trying to aim low! You should have barely enough to cover the bottom of the pot when the pot is full to the brim with kale. Steam it, stir fry it, bake it, eat it raw, but never boil your greens.

(Pokeweed may be the exception to this, but given how much cooking is required to make that safely edible, is it really worth it? I wouldn't know, because I simply assume it is not.)
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One on some conservative site's idea of the ten most dangerous books of the 19th and 20th centuries. Mein Kampf is kinda expected, but otherwise....

And one on the quest for low-fat, low-salt cheese. Funnily enough, when you take the fat and salt away from curdled rotten milk solids, what's left isn't all that appealing.
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Visualizing word origins. (Okay, it's a link to a link. Sue me.)
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Some autistic brains really are wired differently

What child prodigies and autistic people have in common

This latter is not all that well written, I think. Of course, I'm inclined to find the "all aspies are brilliant!!!" meme truly irritating, so "all brilliant people are autistic!!!" isn't much better.

Two of the top-level comments, so far, are the sort that ignore everything said in the article and only go nattering on and on about person-first language. One of them, upon being corrected, still goes "Oh, but, you know, not all people with autism will ever be able to talk!" And if they did, they'd automatically agree with her? The arrogance there is astounding, and far more annoying than the original "person first language totally rocks!!!" comments.

I'm thinking I'd be far less annoyed by the whole concept if the people insistent on it would ever, ever say something of content instead of their vapid, sanctimonious little comments.
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This must be at the panda kindergarten I've heard about.

Honestly, the effort apparently required to make pandas reproduce is absurd, but I still think "panda babysitter" has got to be one of the most fun jobs ever.

Edit: Link fixed! Forgot my http, of course. *blush*
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Go read the comments to this article.

The article itself isn't that bad, about a somewhat ridiculous and tone-deaf approach to "Pardon our appearance during construction" sign. But hoo-boy, the comments! It's like everything out of a bad book on feminism in the 70s!

I've been taking the novel approach of attempting to educate people about why catcallling = bad instead of simply pointing out that there's a reason they can't get laid (because they're jackasses - and yes, if some of them could post their names and photos I'd very much appreciate it for reference purposes), not that it's likely to do any good. But still, last week I managed to explain to some internet commenter why it's inappropriate to TALK IN ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME!!!! so I'm just buoyed with my own success now. There's still a (admittedly very slim) possibility that I could convince somebody. Just one person.

(Yeah, I know, not gonna happen. Comments on articles are so useless, but they're something to do, anyway.)

Dug up this link and posted it to, in the comments, which proves the point. Some people don't want to listen, and others are trolls, and... and... okay, this is depressing. Don't click the link, it'll only upset you.
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I'll just quote from their page:

This photography project was created in October of 2011 by Grace Brown. Grace works with survivors of sexual assault, photographing them holding a poster with a quote from their attacker.

Obviously this can be triggering to some people.

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For decades, the Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, Massachusetts has been torturing and abusing people with disabilities in the name of treatment.
Residents are subject to electric shocks, food deprivation, prolonged restraint and seclusion, and forced witness of these same tactics used against other residents.

This video of Andre McCollins, then-eighteen, who has behavioral and mental health issues, has been sealed by the courts for the last eight years. Yesterday, it played in open court during his trial against the Judge Rotenberg Center.

I haven't watched the video in question. I've heard enough about the JRC that I felt that I didn't need to do so. I would like to keep my food down today. So I'm just going to assume it is triggering and move from there.
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6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

A set of artwork formed with mold and bacteria. Fascinating, especially the Mario.

Here's an article about curfew in... San Diego, I guess? Some of the comments are pretty pointless. "Oh, do you WANT your kid out after 10 without knowing where they are?" Obviously the only reasonable response to that is "Yes", because how can you argue with people so determined to use that line of attack?

And a fairly long article on lead in America which I'm far too tired to read right now. I can't even type, I keep putting in the wrong words. So read it and tell me if it's any good : ) I'll be sure to actually read it tomorrow.


Mar. 14th, 2012 11:57 pm
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Yes, this is pretty much how the first Hunger Games book goes. But it's not as funny in long format.

Reading through this, it's obvious that the poster never read Collins' other work, the Underland Chronicles. It's ostensibly aimed for a younger audience (at least, it's shelved for a younger audience in bookstores and libraries, so make of that what you will), but in the course of five books... hell, five PAGES, you can pretty much expect people to die. They get eaten alive by carnivorous gnats, people! And when they're not dying, people are poor and life just sucks. God I love those books.
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So, this guy got a summons for having his garbage cans out after pick-up.

And he fought it because he had video evidence proving that the allegation was totally false.

Now, there's a bill up to have summons of this sort all made with photographic evidence, and it's being fought by the mayor because it'd be "too much of a hassle". Like we don't all have cameras sitting in our pockets nowadays! Cameras are cheap, taking pictures is cheap, none of this is difficult.

The real reason, patently obvious to everybody, is that the city likes to issue lots and lots of petty tickets for revenue.

Just last month this guy got a ticket for sitting in a playground after closing and reading his Bible.

Now, the guy's a twit - it's been a long-standing rule that adults aren't allowed in playgrounds without children, and that all the public parks close at a set time posted on the gates. And while he might argue that "dusk is unclear!!!" and "the signs give two different times - dusk and 9pm", the fact is that he was there at sometime past 10pm, which in December is well past both dusk and 9 at night.

However, all that aside, there's no reason he should've gotten a ticket for it. Being asked to move along should've really been the end of it. He got the ticket because the cops have a quota, not because he was doing anything that really merited a fine.
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Girls are, of course, less likely to be given mathy toys like blocks or legos as presents. (Boys are less likely to get books. I'm sure that all these gift-givers know the children intimately and are only following the kids' interests, interests which were formed devoid of any outside input, straight out of the ether.)

At any rate, you've probably already seen these two videos on Lego's pointlessly gendered advertising, but just in case, there you go! (They even have transcriptions.)

And here's a bonus lego-related entry on... well, influencing how other people build with them, basically.
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Words cannot sum up how horrifying it is. Oddly, I find the bizarre and sudden dance routine far worse then the explicit statement that your mouth is there to make God happy. (And no, you're not alone in picturing something... else when they say that.)

What I don't get, and never have, is why (so many) Christians seem to interpret "Do not take the Lord's name in vain" as meaning "Don't say fuck or shit".

I can see why they can view it as "Don't say oh my god!" even though "God" is pretty obviously a title or description rather than a name. And I can sorta see how that prohibition can be extended to "Damn" or "Hell" (or "Tabernacle"...) I mean, it's all religious terms...?

But other "bad language"? Seriously? That's just stretching the point beyond recognition.
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Fun and Play Are Key to Survival for Bears, Dogs, Humans, Birds and Maybe Even Ants

New Playgrounds Are Safe—and That's Why Nobody Uses The

I've said it before and I'll say it again: playgrounds are designed differently than they were when we were young, and some of that is safety but a lot of it is a totally different idea of how the space should be used. Everybody always mentions "No more seesaws!" as their big bugaboo, but I'm not convinced that seesaws are less common simply for safety reasons. Rather, I suspect they're less common because they take up a lot of space, can really only be used in one or two ways (which don't as easily lend themselves to imaginative play as some newer concepts do, although kids always find a way), and can only be used by a very few children at a time. Safety is probably part of it, but I doubt it's all of it. (Of course, that doesn't mean that boring, uninspiring but "safe" playgrounds using older concepts of isolated structures don't exist. Of course they do. But there were boring playgrounds 50 years ago as well. And the children walked uphill in the snow both ways to play there, in the boring playgrounds, and they liked them anyway, right?)

And finally, a nice long clip about an outdoor "kindergarten" (in the more European sense of "preschool through age 5" rather than in the more American sense of "five year olds' class") in Norway. Many of the comments are in reply to some inane woman who is just terrified at seeing a knife in a 5 year old's hand or watching a small child light a match with guidance and a grown-up right there supervising.

"What could have happened!" Well, I suppose the match could have dropped into the child's clothing and he'd've had to stop drop and roll, as we tell them in America. But nothing did happen, and it's far better to teach a child how to light a fire safely than to risk that they'll get into the matches one day and NOT light a fire safely. "It's so scary seeing a five year old holding a knife!" It's so scary seeing a five year old who is unable to cut her own food at lunchtime. Hell, Ana went to open a can of tuna the other day and, as she didn't immediately see the can opener, hacked at it with a very dull kitchen knife (thank god, because when I heard this I panicked that she'd ruined one of my newly-bought ceramic ones!) until it was open. No, I'm not joking. It was a little frightening to see the can carnage after the fact. (She's very self-sufficient. Of course, she could've saved a lot of effort by simply asking where we'd put the can opener....)

(Also, yes, I know that for most cutting needs sharp knives are much safer than dull ones. I sometimes see people online saying they let their small children cut things "with butter knives". Please don't do this. If your child is old enough to cut anything harder than play-dough, give them a real knife. They're less likely to cut themselves, and if they DO cut themselves they'll do a lot less damage. Trust me. As a clumsy person, I know!
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Communities Learn the Good Life Can Be a Killer

Cars Kill Cities

Both are filled with comments along the lines of "Public transportation in my area is terrible, therefore there is no possible way to make good public transportation, and if people wanted public transportation they'd take it instead of driving cars, so clearly they don't."

Aside from the fact that you can't buy what they don't sell (so you can't switch to good bus service if your area is invested in the idea that this is impossible and nobody wants it anyway), you have to love the narrow little assumption that because this person or that one hasn't seen something, it can't exist. You just want to pat them on their little heads! Twits.
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Why A Teen Who Talks Back May Have A Bright Future

The comments are all over the board and utterly fascinating.

Forget 3D Screens—We Need 3D Audio, Like in Real Life

This is a slowed down video of taking a water balloon to the face. Even the part before the water balloon hits is interesting, as you watch the guy flinch in slow motion.

And finally, two links from the same site on how your clitoris works. (Or how it would work if you had a clitoris, for the other half of you!) There are diagrams and photos on there, so most people will find those links NOT safe for work!
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We've been having spotty internet lately, and have finally tracked down the problem: My router, which was cheap when I bought it, is eight years obsolete. I need to get a new one. Well, they can't possibly have gone up in price, so it won't break the bank, I don't think.

Gave away a kitten today. Apparently, this was Evangeline's favorite kitten. Tough for her. I didn't say it to her face, but I'm sure he'll be happier in a home with three doting grown-up people who are at home all day than in a home where his needier siblings hog most of the attention and the only one who dotes is six years old and still thinks he likes being hugged. (No, I don't let her squeeze kittens around the middle, even though she wants to.)

Anyway, on to those links!

Israelis Facing a Seismic Rift Over Role of Women
There are pictures

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New Definition of Autism May Exclude Many, Study Suggests

Read more... )

Here's an article about segregated housing for vegetarians only in Bombay

And one on Bastøy, a very free prison in Norway

State notes alarming spike in starvation of adopted children. They list the signs of potential starvation in a child, but of course it's worth noting that with adopted children, many of these psychological signs (like hoarding food or bolting it down quickly) could be a sign that they went hungry BEFORE being adopted.

Report: Medical Marijuana Laws Reduced Traffic Fatalities

Texas doctors lead open-notes movement

And finally, BSG (remake) as an 8-bit RPG!
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An appallingly absurd commercial came on.

Basically, two coworkers are on a plane. One is drinking water with Crystal Light, to help lose weight for bikini season. (I would think that plain water, with no calories, would work better than Crystal Light with 5 calories, but that's beside the point.) Her coworker points out that they live in Chicago and work long hours, and aren't going to be near a beach anytime soon.

Cue the plane wreck. And now Mr. Hot Guy wants her to help him fetch stuff from the water, and she's going to have to show off her awesome body!!! OMG!

Now, we can sit and list everything that's wrong with this commercial, but really, what stands out to me is this: She is on a desert island. Unless there's a lot of easily recognized fresh fruit and easily caught fish there, I'm thinking that pretty soon she's going to regret all that skimping and calorie counting she engaged in.

Remember, in the event of a desert island, unless you all engage in predatory cannibalism odds are that the fatter people will last the longest!
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One on a dog who jumped between his owner* and her abusive boyfriend. They both got tossed out a window. The women's shelter didn't accept pets, but when she said she couldn't go without her dog, they not only made an exception but decided to add a whole new wing for pet owners, on the grounds that many women stay in abusive relationships rather than leave their beloved pets with their abuser.

*I've noticed, when buying cat food and watching the occasional TV episode live, that more and more companies are referring to people as "pet parents". If it helps them sell their product, more power to them, but I, for one, refuse. I think it just sounds silly, and the alliteration doesn't help in this case. Are people really that averse to saying they own a cat or dog or ferret or hamster or fish?

Here's an article about the tiniest frog - nay, the tiniest vertebrate - yet discovered. I'm sure it's a good article, but I didn't read it. I was too busy cooing over the picture of the frog perched on a dime, with ample room to spare.

And here's an article with a video of a sledding crow. In the comments are links to more videos of corvids playing around.

One of the comments just bugs me. The guy says that obviously the crow was trying to get food, and obviously, since crows are crows, it's not sledding, and obviously anybody saying it IS doing such a thing is anthropomorphizing with no good reason.

Now, it's possible that the crow is trying to get food. It's also possible that the crow started out trying to get food, and then through serendipity realized that this was a lot of fun. Whee! I don't know, I'm not a crow and I'm certainly not this crow.

No, what bugs me is not the accusation that we're foolishly putting a human perspective on animal's actions, but the assumption that since anthropomorphizing can lead to stunningly wrong conclusions, this means that animals are unlikely to have the same motivations as humans once you move past the basics.

Clearly, saying "Well, if I did that for this reason, it's likely that this random cat/crow/cricket is doing a similar thing for the same reason" is flawed and illogical reasoning, but can "If I did that, it would be for fun, but this is a cat/crow/cricket and obviously it must have another, less human reason for its actions" truly be any better? I don't know why crows do what they do. All I know about them is that they are clever animals and can mimic speech. But it's not that far-fetched to believe that once in a while they might do things for the same reasons we do, is it? (Which isn't to say that the crow was necessarily doing this for fun. I really don't know much about crows and am not about to hazard a guess as to this one's motivations here. But I doubt these guys know either. Yes, that includes Mr. "I've kept pet crows". A pet crow, near as I can tell, is like a human raised by wolves. They may still be clever and friendly, they may be able to survive, but I wouldn't look to them as a guideline for normal behavior.)

Cute video

Dec. 26th, 2011 05:46 am
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SOMEbody is very concerned with toy marketing and the color pink.

There are two types of comments here. The first runs "Well, you can buy a boy girl toys, or a girl boy toys, so it doesn't matter". This one is so frustrating that I have no coherent response to it.

The other goes "Oh, there's no way this kid made this observation herself, she's just parroting". To that I say "So what?" Okay, maybe she's not, and likely she is - but again, so what? How do you expect children to learn your values if you don't talk with them about them? (And if she'd decided she wanted a pink princess tea set because that's what she'd seen on TV or that's what Grandma pushed on her, that would be... what, exactly? Not parroting?)

But regardless, it's still a nifty video.
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(Which is a nice change of pace from her usual questions about the start of the world.)

And after giving a very brief synopsis of the fact that right now there aren't many rich people but they're very very rich, and there are a heck of a lot of poor people (and trust me, the way I grew up, that was positively apolitical), she thought for a bit and then came out with "So... we're kinda in the middle between rich and poor, right?"

Yes, welcome to America, with the world's biggest middle class!

After I amused myself laughing for a few seconds I corrected her. No, although you might miss it by the fact that we have a house, and internet access, and a heck of a lot of books, we are actually poor. (Why on earth does she think we walk everywhere? In the rain or the cold or the dark, no less! I've got a twisted ankle (again), and I'm still walking everywhere because bus fare is $2.25!) I explained that although there are plenty of people in worse shape than we are, we're definitely not "in between" anything.

Which makes me roll my eyes reading this little post. Look, if you're rolling in the dough, just tell your children that! "Yes, we are actually fabulously wealthy. We're very lucky." How hard is that? (Of course, if being rich is shameful, I can think of a few things to spend all that money on. They can send it right to me, I'll take it off their hands, no questions asked!)
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One on the traditional counting system of Welsh.

One on shopping malls considering tracking cell phones. And here we always thought surveillance would come from the despotic government.

An older link about a study on bellybutton bacteria. Ew!

And finally, a cute video about a little boy meeting his first gay couple. And would you believe, there are people who think if gay people get married, other people's kids will be confused and traumatized? Some people don't want to parent their kids, really.


Nov. 22nd, 2011 10:33 am
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I'm not linking directly to the site, but to the blog post where I read about it.

Apparently, this site about controlling how much you drink has decided that the main risk of drinking for women is getting raped. (But, you know, it's totally all your fault.) And you can find out about it at their site!

There are screenshots in the link. It's hard to link to the stories individually because they're kinda randomized? So who knows how fucked up it all is?

It's close to impossible to find their contact information (I had to google it) but there it is. Go ahead. Contact them! Don't know what to say, but I can think of a few choice words....
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Amtrak dramatically changed its policies on unaccompanied minors, Lenore Skenazy talked about it in an editorial (and on FRK), and she got a reply back that reads, basically:

"I went on a train once, and OMG it was a train! People get on and off! So it's totally not safe for kids, and I don't know why on earth terrorists haven't attacked Amtrak yet."

Of course, the unaccompanied minor program on Amtrak appears to be different from similar programs on planes - sounds like they really are unaccompanied, not "accompanied by an employee".
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that Arthur just had a show on Asperger's!

George meets a rabbit with Asperger's, and after a few rather pathetic comments about "the piece of the puzzle" the show goes on.

Read more... )

There's also a "Word From Us Kids" that was edited from that episode, despite it being otherwise complete. You can see that clip at the end of the video here.
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First, apparently the Theater Development Fund is running special Broadway performances for autistic children and adults (they said that specifically, with that wording) and their families.

It sounds like a really great program.

Now, you'll notice that in the list of organizations they thank, a prominent one isn't mentioned. YOU know which one. But I wouldn't expect them to be, first because this isn't really AS's thing, and second because, you know, they're evil. Or maybe they were deliberately excluded, a sign of good taste if you ask me.

And in the more awful news, here's a video of a bus driver and an aide beating up on an autistic student. They've been convicted but not sentenced. Why people who hate kids or just aren't good with them go into professions where they have to interact with children, I don't know.


Half of them are "oh, that boy was violent, what do you expect them to do, he shouldn't be on the bus if his parents can't teach him to behave" and the other half are "oh, those terrible fatties from the ghetto should be shot". It's a sad day when both sides are obnoxious.
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They weren't paying taxes on land they rented out. Maybe they didn't know better, I don't know.

At any rate, it was brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities, and now it's being taxed. I'm sure this is all for the best.
Except for the part where it's all the fault of the mean atheists.

They're breaking the law, but the atheists are just meeeeeeeeeeean. Oh, whine, whine, whine.
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Obviously, it's, so I'm just going to quote the relevant passage at you:

Nottingham would've been the single most original Robin Hood movie in history. The original script (written by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris) so excited studios when it turned up in 2007 that it became the subject of a fierce bidding war (Universal wound up paying freaking $1.5 million for it). It was a totally different take on the story -- the Sheriff of Nottingham is the main character and protagonist. Shit gets real once the sheriff investigates a string of grisly murders in the area. The sheriff then pursues an assholish Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) for the crimes only to find out that Robin, while a dickhead, was actually being framed.

The film was to climax with an epic siege of the city of Nottingham between Prince John and King Richard, all while the Sheriff tries to discover the identity of the real killer using 12th century detective techniques (Reiff is a history buff and researched how actual killings in that era were investigated).

Then, director Ridley Scott came on board and said, "What is this shit? We're making a Robin Hood movie! Get all that standard Robin Hood stuff back in there. That's what everybody wants to see." The movie was renamed Robin Hood and lots more scenes with people shooting bows and arrows were added. A few rewrites later, very little of the original screenplay remained. Today, Nottingham is a cautionary tale for every young, aspiring screenwriter out there. It doesn't matter what you write: the director and the star will decide what makes it onto the screen.

That really *would* have been a good movie. I want to see that movie.

See, it's information like this that makes me really long for parallel universes. Sure, you could hop from world to world picking up cool technology, restoring our ecosystem by bringing back examples of species that are extinct here but aren't there, stealing resources, and generally helping humanity (or, again, humanity here, in the REAL world) - but wouldn't it be even cooler if you could hop from world to world and see all the movies and read all the books that didn't end up here for some reason? Think about it!

: )

Aug. 3rd, 2011 10:52 pm
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Bike trailers, child safety and the media's fear agenda

The title pretty much sums it up.

Here's another one. You'll love this... for a given quality of the word "love", that is. Apparently, Houston has a backlog of sexual assault kits that have never been tested. The city now wants money to deal with them. Great, right? Yeah! Except the police department wants that money not to run through the kits and test them, but to study why they have a backlog.

Oh, and I've heard about this Japanese show about sending small children out on their very first solo errands, but I've never seen a clip of it. This is even slightly subtitled! Of course, the comments suck, but that's to be expected. Is it just me or is there a middle ground somewhere between sending two year olds off to do the grocery shopping and not allowing twelve year olds to stay home alone for half an hour?
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Man, I haven't seen a good one of these in ages, people are all too polite!

And already we've got some good comments. "I'm so happy I was circumcised!" leads to "That's great, good for you, but you didn't have a choice in the matter." leads to "YES HE DID! HE SAID HE'S HAPPY, DIDN'T HE????"

Apparently this guy never learned that babies can't consent for shit. Not for necessary things (appendectomies) nor optional things (circumcision).

But my favorite has to be the comment or two talking about how people with their penises in the natural state "risk" the horrors of smegma. (Gosh that's a fun word to type. Smegma, smegma, smegma.)

After my shocked and horrified comment that one should never ever ever ever EVER retract their darling baby's foreskin (EVER!) until their darling baby can do it himself (at which point you still shouldn't be doing that because, dude, let's not play with our kids' penises!) I wandered off and looked up "smegma" at Wikipedia.

Aside from confirming that it's not a guy-only thing (I knew that) this is what they have to say on the subject:

In males, smegma helps keep the glans moist and facilitates sexual intercourse by acting as a lubricant.

I am shocked and appalled that this happens. Shocked. And appalled! The horrors! We must never let anybody have this happen to them ever again. Because that sounds terrible.

Okay, I mean, it does in that bodily secretions always *do* sound kinda gross - but honestly, if you're wondering now whether or not you should circumcise your son or yourself, I suggest you don't lose too much sleep over the smegma issue.


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