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Today I made poached eggs in tomato sauce, which upon Googling seems to be a universal dish, with lots of cultures having their own variations on it.

I made mine in marinara sauce, and it was a. yummy b. filling c. nutritious and d. cheap. The garlic bread cost as much per person as the meal!

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I can think of just a zillion and a half ways to do this. The only thing I did wrong is I overcooked the eggs. I've never successfully poached eggs before (I used to never really understand how to do it at all!) and was so buoyed with my success that it didn't occur to me to keep a closer eye on them. Also, they seemed to have clear whites for the longest time, so I didn't realize how fast the yolks would harden once the whites did!
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But I remembered I'd read about making brownies with black beans, so I put a cup and a half aside. And with one thing and another, those brownies didn't get made. (One thing was that all the recipes online called for canned beans and box mix. No thank you!)

Today I committed myself to making those brownies... but the beans had gone bad. I could easily have made NORMAL brownies, but once I decide to do a thing I like to follow through as I intended. So I just boiled some more beans.

You know, when you make black beans the water ends up, well, black? They're the beans from the black lagoon!!!!

Anyway, several hours later I finally made this recipe, taking the advice from the comments and adding half a cup of flour. I also stuck some peanut butter on top, and didn't add the mint extract. (Sorry, Lizziey! But then, we're not sharing with you anyway :P)

Now, the idiotic comments that "Oh, I'm so okay with my kids gorging on THESE brownies because they get protein and fiber!" are, as I said, completely absurd. A quick check on the data shows that you're hardly getting any of that in a reasonable serving. And if it's NOT a reasonable serving it's still too many brownies for every day.

So I'm not going to cook these just to make dessert a little healthier. It's dessert. It's not really supposed to be healthy... and if I want a healthy dessert, I'll just give the nieces a mango or some bananas or something.

But I would absolutely cook them again for the texture. Very firm, and the brownies held their shape even though I cut them, as is traditional, when they were barely out of the oven. I know I shouldn't, but I do anyway.

They tasted pretty much like normal as well, and of course you don't have to use any flour at all. So all in all, I have to say this experiment was a wild success.

And the nieces weren't able to guess the secret ingredient at all! I had to tell them!
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Thyme-Lime Chicken )

Spinach rice )

Our usual green beans )

We also had mashed sweet potato, which shouldn't require a recipe, and this great fruit salad:

This great fruit salad )

I don't always make the sweet potatoes. Sometimes I make plantains instead. (Slice plantains, fry in a skillet, serve with salt and a lemon or a lime.) And instead of fruit salad, I often have pineapple or mango for dessert. Depends on whether I can get cherries and whether I want dessert. Mango = yucko! But everybody loves this meal, and it's worth remembering to start it early so the chicken can marinate. That's why I try to make dessert with it as well.
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This has inspired me, and I collected many different acorns over the past week to try cooking this week! (Though I will probably just make bread.)

Everything I found online said that there are two main types of oak, but I found five or six different types of acorn... and I wasn't even trying that hard.


Oct. 8th, 2010 10:12 am
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In Fierce Opposition to a Muslim Center, Echoes of an Old Fight

The comments are absolutely worthless, but get a load of this gem:

"How true. We all remember Catholic suicide bombers and how they wanted to replace the US constitution by biblical law (is there such a thing?) and how they chanted "My Catholic God is Great" after cutting the heads of innocent Protestants"

1. No, honey, that's the largely Protestant fundies you're talking about.
2. I guess nobody remembers the Spanish Inquisition anymore?

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Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children
A woman misquoted in the article has her comment here.

My view is that if picture books aren't selling, it's because they only come in hardcover! I don't want to spend $16 on a new picture book when I can spend half that price on a longer chapter book! Sure, I can buy used, but that doesn't help the new books get printed, does it?

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Some states may be drugging incarcerated kids to control their behavior. Well, no shit.

Here's a quote from a brilliant guy who thinks the government is going to force people to eat their veggies. LOL!

Children need more play

Not enough PWDs on TV, again I say "well, no shit"

Let's not forget the extrasolar earthlike planet

An article on renegade female Catholic priests.

Migrant ‘Villages’ Within Beijing Ignite Debate

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An article on Romansh

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One on dishes LIKE ratatouille

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We may have found the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder!

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I actually found a great recipe (as always, I increased the chili powder, and I also added smoked paprika. Mmm. No olives, though) last week that I intend to make again before the end of summer, and freeze it for winter, but it calls for mozzarella and buffalo milk mozzarella is SO expensive (delicious, though). Well, actually, I'd probably make the recipe and freeze it WITHOUT the cheese and then add the cheese after. I'm want to start freezing meals to save on cooking, anyway, now that I have space in the freezer. But the point is I can't make it until I have some money for the raw ingredients. Excepting the zucchini.

So, how ELSE can you make zucchini? I might try a meat loaf today, which I've a. never made and b. to my knowledge never eaten but which c. seems like no more than meatballs or hamburger (do you know, Evangeline won't eat burgers if she has a choice? Even if she doesn't, she doesn't like them!) in loaf form, and all because it looks like a good way to get rid of some of the squash. (I might actually resort to hiding it. Ana won't eat it, nor Evangeline.) And over the weekend I might make zucchini waffles with cheddar, but that's out as a family dinner for the obvious reason.

Gimme recipes!
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How is it that a dish *I* am not totally impressed by can be the one my nieces love?

Well, Ana thinks this one rocks and devoured it, and I didn't dislike it or anything, it just wasn't my favorite chickpea recipe ever, so I'll probably make it again one day. Maybe I'll see if I can find another recipe, though....

Edit: Apparently, some anti-virus programs don't like that site and think it's trojan-riffic. Mine didn't care, but click at your own risk.
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Anyway, I have a question about all these spice blends I'm making. They all call for a teaspoon of this, a tablespoon of that.

When I was a kid, I was taught that teaspoon was t and tablespoon was T. But now all the cookbooks seem to abbreviate them as ts and Tbs. When did that happen?
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I got this recipe from a rather tattered copy of The Vegetarian Epicure, which is a very dairy-heavy book. All the vegetarian sources I've read recently say that vegetarians get a lot of protein from "beans and pulses", but this book gets a lot of protein from cow milk. Well, I'm not vegetarian, so what do I care?

This is delicious yogurt.

1 tsp butter or butter substitute
1.5 tsp cumin seeds
.25 tsp cardamom seeds
.25 tsp ground coriander
.25 tsp ground cayenne
2 cups mashed bananas
2 cups yogurt

Pound the spices lightly in a mortar so they're not fully crushed, stir them in the melted butter on a hot stove, cook for a few minutes, add the bananas, then pour the whole thing out into the yogurt. Stir, then let it sit.

That's the original recipe, though I reworded slightly. I modify this somewhat.

First, because I eat this as a dessert instead of an accompaniment, and because I use sheep's yogurt (which tends to be tarter than cow milk yogurt, though that may be just the companies I'm purchasing from), I end up sweetening this with a little honey. Taste before you sweeten.

Secondly, I add more spices - doubling most of that up there. Taste before you add spices. You may even decide to change what spices you use. I once used garam masala, and if I didn't use onions in my berbere I imagine it'd taste quite good with those spices as well. Mmm. Actually, I must try that...!

Third, crushed lightly cumin? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO CRUSH CUMIN WITH A MORTAR? Most cumin (and, for that matter, most cardamom) in my version of this recipe has been firmly pulverized in a coffee spice grinder. I add a little "lightly crushed" for appearance

Fourth, instead of ground cayenne I usually just toast a whole pepper with the spices, but remove it before adding the banana. I'm less likely to go overboard that way. Alternatively, I substitute fresh ground black pepper - not the same, but just as good when you have people who aren't fond of spiciness.

Finally, I usually top this with wheat germ. Gotta use that stuff up. It's like all that oatmeal we have sitting up on the pantry shelves. Sure, we *could* eat something else for breakfast, but meanwhile those 50 pounds of oats aren't gonna eat themselves!

I did it!

Aug. 8th, 2008 08:13 pm
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I found the beets I enjoy for their own sake.

Not the ones I tolerate. Not the ones I like more or less, but can perfectly easily live without. Not the ones I'm cooking because I said I'd do this, damnit!

It's the ones Jenn introduced to me. The raw ones grated directly into a salad.

They make the salad all pretty and, in a salad, their very *earthy* tastes aren't quite as strong. Plus, with the whole range of diverse flavors in your average salad, they don't stand out that much anyway. They're just a pleasant undertone instead of "I'm eating something sweet, and garlicky, and... dirt".

Wonderful. You should try this.

A podcast on the NYTimes blog thingy about beets
Another one

Be sure to read the comments to the above links - that's where the action is.
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I'm doing this from memory, I forgot my list of stuff :(

We got 4 eggplant, 6 green bell peppers, 5+ pounds of squash, half a pound of salad greens, another four or so pounds of cucumbers, a dozen eggs, a box of peaches, a box of apricots, a box of blueberries. Edit: And carrots! What seemed like a lot of carrots.

So not too much this week! Next week, maybe we'll get more. I hope so - 'dul ended up using all my green beans, I was very disappointed, though I repurposed some of them after the fact.

Gonna make squash bread or cake later. Not sure which.

'dul made ratatouille today, but without eggplant. It was really good. At first I attributed it to the lack of eggplant, but then I realized what *else* was noticeable by its very absence - parsley! (And when that man cooks parsley, he goes way overboard.) I didn't even notice it was gone, but that clearly was what really made all the difference.

Oh, and an okra recipe for [ profile] jedirita (eggplant recipe is simply going to have to wait, I'm working on finding mine. I do sometimes panfry eggplant in a limited amount of oil (it will sop that up like nobody's business) with pepper and cumin, that's always yummy. And once I made a raw eggplant salad which, being raw, bypassed all the weird texture issues one normally gets with eggplant, but hell if I can remember what-all else was in it besides raw eggplant! Black beans, I think, and salt and pepper, and maybe corn.

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[Poll #1226579]

Well, that should help settle matters!
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I've done it all my life
It makes the peas taste funny
It keeps them on my knife!

I always thought this poem was strange as a kid - not because he eats his peas with a knife, but because if he's "done it all his life" surely he thinks that they taste normal that way?

Anyway, I have a poll:

[Poll #1211797]

See, I've had this recipe for watermelon salad with feta and mint floating in my mind for a while (and we always have plenty of mint), so I picked up some feta at the store today. But then, when I was googling to figure out how *much* feta goes in that salad with a whole or half a watermelon, I saw THIS recipe, and this one as well.

I grew up just grabbing a slice of (cold, refrigerated) watermelon and eating it on the fire escape in my room (did the same with gumbo. Everybody else ate in the kitchen, but for those meals I seem to remember eating them looking out over the backyard a lot, which normally I didn't do) and then coming back for more and more and more.

And in the comments to one of those recipes somebody posted that they normally eat watermelon with salt (SO not how I ever did it) like it's a normal thing, and I remember reading that in some areas, that *is* how one usually does it.

So - yeah, poll.
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Gravy (made with stock and drippings) was good, if a bit salty.

Mashed potatoes (made by the prodigal Elise, who was sent home but did not stay there anyway) were delicious.

Stuffing was fantastic.


And? Best part? I did not slave away all day, I merely toiled in a manner befitting one who works for love and/or money. I did stress, but not quite as much as I had expected.
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This time, with detailed steps!

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I don't know what I was thinking, seriously.

My mother's birthday is coming up, and I had the best idea - I could make her a Belgian dinner, because, y'know, we're Belgian.

Only thing? I've never done that before. My knowledge of Belgian cuisine is mostly limited to frites and galettes, and I don't know how to make either one of them anyway! Most of what I cook, and my sister, and my brother-in-law, is from... well... non-European nations. And if it's from Europe, it's more or less Italian.

And what I'm finding online all identifies itself as Flemish, which... even if they make the same dishes in Wavre, they must all have names in French I can give to my mother!

So I'd like some advice, in the form of recipes or websites where I can find recipes, preferably websites not found with three word google searches - I've looked there. I'll be able to make *something*, but I want to make something *perfect*.
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They have pizza (half-slices, and already cold) for people who show up, but some of us can't eat cheese, so I made my own pizza.

But... my bread didn't rise. I did everything right, and it didn't rise! I used the dough any way, had no real choice, but... any ideas?

In other news, yesterday I made this killer (mostly) Ethiopian meal, and Jenn wanted the recipe, so here it is:

Berbere (used in one of the recipes)

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Doro Wat

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Read more... )

Ginger Vegetables

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Very inauthentic injera

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For dessert, I made a fruit salad.

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Man, was it goood. So I'll make it again, definitely, this whole meal.
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Cookies that included white sugar, brown sugar, white chocolate chips, pecans, maple syrup, and garlic. Which had soaked in the maple syrup for half an hour.

I swear, I asked Johanna three times if she was sure that wasn't just a typo for, say, "hunk of chocolate" or something.

Granted, it was very specifically elephant garlic, which is much milder than the regular sort... but it was still very clearly garlic.

Now, I like garlic. A lot. In just about everything - but this was a new one to me! I thought the effect was very carefully interesting. Ana, however, loved it and insisted on eating the entire cookie herself. No sharing.

You can't make this stuff up. (Note - they only used four cloves of garlic, because elephant garlic is, as the name implies, huge. I've seen whole heads of lettuce smaller than that garlic!)
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Most of which hinges on my ability to purchase pumpkin tomorrow, since my supermarket was all sold out. And it's not even Halloween yet, how sad :(

I've got pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin and root veggies, pumpkin tomato soup, and (if I can do it....) pumpkin ravioli with pumpkin seed sauce. That sauce is likely never to materialize, and I'll have to make due with tomato sauce instead. We'll see. Oh, and kielbasa. One can never have too much kielbasa.

I just need a dessert, and pumpkin pie isn't what I'm looking for, though it'll do in a pinch :) Any ideas?

Jenn, I'm posting these links, please print them and call the BCM and also make that doctor's appointment for your kids, amabo te.

Pumpkin pepper bread
Overly Ambitious Ravioli
Roasted stuff (I just need the temperature and time reccomendation)

I have the recipe for the soup already, and it is heavenly.

Now, note to self - must buy yeast, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, have enough carrots, some canned tomato, and sanity. Got it.
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I calculated how many cookies everybody is getting based on "six people!". Turns out I have seven to send to.

So, I've decided - I'm cheating Amy. We have a few extras, she'll get those, and that's it, instead of the slightly larger amount (1.5 dozen, in three varieties) she should've gotten. Why? Because Amy lives in the city, and can have cookies anytime I bake them, just by calling and stopping by. And I aim to be doing a lot more baking. Sorry, Amy. It's just easier to give you less than to give everybody else less :(

For the convenience of people getting cookies, or who want to make cookies, here are the recipes:

Gingerbread )

Sugar Cookies )

Spicy Pepper Cookies )

All these cookies are supposed to be cooled on a wire rack after baking.

Yesterday, I felt much better after leaving the house. So much so, in fact, that I wondered if I might have some sort of allergy to something inside the house itself.


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