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How Viruses Take a Short Trip from London to NYC

Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal'

And if/when it blows, we are all gonna be screwed.

Americans Still Care About Their Public Libraries

Many Catalan Nativity Scenes Feature Jesus, the Wise Men, and Someone Defecating (Really!)

NYPD cops beat up my loved ones, killed my parakeet: Staten Island mom

Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram

In a "Rainbow" Universe Time May Have No Beginning

Monitor Lizards Found to Breathe Uni-Directionally Like Birds
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6 year old accused of sexual harassment

A pair of Philadelphians bringing their style of pretzel to Brooklyn

Breastfeeding mom kicked out of Conn. court

Mars Curiosity rover finds life-supporting chemicals

200,000 people apply to live on Mars

Bernie Sanders Introduces New Health Care Legislation: Medicare For All

Nearly Half of All U.S. Schoolchildren Live in Low-Income Households

An Organic Greenhouse Run by Farmers With Autism

Remote classroom illustrates China's education challenges

Big Brother spying is reaching scary levels

Storage Tips for Winter Vegetables

What Happened On Easter Island — A New (Even Scarier) Scenario

US job openings reach 5-year high, a hopeful sign

It seems to me that I've spent my adult life listening to people say "no, really, the economy is doing better now!"

Girl in the Shadows: Dasani's Homeless Life

This is a long, 5-part article. I wasn't going to post it when I read it, because it is so very depressing in parts, but everybody else seems to be passing it around and I'd rather be a little depressing than very behind the times.
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China Launches Moon Rover Mission

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Wage Strikes Planned at Fast-Food Outlets

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Older Workers Are Increasingly Entering Fast-Food Industry

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Bad Eating Habits Start in the Womb

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Where Factory Apprenticeship Is Latest Model From Germany

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In Subways, Suddenly, 2 Glimpses of History

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Why are we more scared of raw egg than reheated rice?
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Dancing With the Cars

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I didn't realize conductors had to point at the sign! Guess I never paid attention. Cute video, though.
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NYC agencies, utilities have strengthened systems post-Sandy, say officials

New York's Looming Food Disaster

As Sandy smashed us, bravery and dedication saved Staten Island Ferries

Could New York Subways Survive Another Hurricane?

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I love the ones from the boat. How many times have I seen the nieces doing just as the kids do in the last pic?
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On Decimated Shore, a Second Life for Christmas Trees

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Focus on Mental Health Laws to Curb Violence Is Unfair, Some Say

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Mutations Found in Melanomas May Shed Light on How Cancers Grow

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Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets

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On on mob nicknames:

On on using fecal transplants in medicine, which is the grossest development in medicine since the use of maggots to clean wounds:,0,815232.story
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Cats at Hemingway Museum Draw Tourists, and a Legal Battle

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300 Cats, Yes. Craziness, No.

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For Feral Cats, a Few New Places to Call Home

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There were no violent crimes reported in NYC on Monday.

Given our population, even before you count in the tourists and commuters that make this city more populous every day, that's truly remarkable.
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Of an alleged serial killer who targeted Muslim store owners.

When they showed the man's house on TV I was startled, because that house is just down the street from the doctor's office!

So I checked the Advance website today to see how they dealt with the issue, and sure thing, the main page has an article about how the neighbors considered this guy's house a monstrosity. The articles about the murdering, of course, take less prominence. LOL, Staten Island, never change.
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This is a video of a subway station that's got a single step people tend to trip on. Hours after this video was posted the MTA started trying to fix it, although they're apparently not sure of the best solution yet.

But look at the captioning within the first 15 seconds. "This station has something which makes it unique from every other station in the city."

I've heard more unique and most unique (and no, I don't like them either, especially as there's no word to plug the gap if "unique" takes the place of "unusual", but I would be surprised if the tide changes on this one just because *I* don't like it) but "unique from" is a new one to me! I suppose it makes logical sense... sorta. I wouldn't say "unusual from" either, but I guess in this case he's using "unique" to mean something more like "different".

Anybody else ever heard this? Unique from. I wonder if it's unique to him.
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So, this guy got a summons for having his garbage cans out after pick-up.

And he fought it because he had video evidence proving that the allegation was totally false.

Now, there's a bill up to have summons of this sort all made with photographic evidence, and it's being fought by the mayor because it'd be "too much of a hassle". Like we don't all have cameras sitting in our pockets nowadays! Cameras are cheap, taking pictures is cheap, none of this is difficult.

The real reason, patently obvious to everybody, is that the city likes to issue lots and lots of petty tickets for revenue.

Just last month this guy got a ticket for sitting in a playground after closing and reading his Bible.

Now, the guy's a twit - it's been a long-standing rule that adults aren't allowed in playgrounds without children, and that all the public parks close at a set time posted on the gates. And while he might argue that "dusk is unclear!!!" and "the signs give two different times - dusk and 9pm", the fact is that he was there at sometime past 10pm, which in December is well past both dusk and 9 at night.

However, all that aside, there's no reason he should've gotten a ticket for it. Being asked to move along should've really been the end of it. He got the ticket because the cops have a quota, not because he was doing anything that really merited a fine.
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In my earlier post, when I mention "PS 70 in Queens", I'm not just giving more information for the sake of giving more information. In NYC, different public schools can share the same number, so long as they're in different boroughs. So it's important to state which PS 70 or whatever it is. The administrative code for PS 70 would be ??Q070, if it were in Staten Island it'd be 31R070 (R for Richmond), in Brooklyn it'd be ??K070 (for Kings County) and so on. As it happens, the only other 70 in the city is in the Bronx, so that'd be ??X070. (The question marks refer to the district number, which I only know for Staten Island.)

You go to elementary school and typically middle school in your district with a few exceptions: If you're in the gifted program, you can go to any gifted program school in your borough (and it's several districts per borough with the exception of Staten Island, we all have the same district and it overlaps into Brooklyn as well), and all the self-contained special ed classes are in the same district (district 75, even on Statne Island) instead of being regional.

You can get to go to a public school out of district if they have space available OR if your school is seriously low-performing (and the school you want has space available, they register children in their district first.

And sometimes two or more schools will share a building. This can work out well, or it can work out very very badly.

This all excludes discussion of charter schools (a whole freaking can of worms!) and the high school admissions process. (Not to mention non-public schools.) All of you living outside of NYC should thank your lucky stars (individually and by name) that you never have to deal with the NYC high school admissions process.

The other day, passing by Stuy towards this awesome playground, Ana went "Could I try that out and change if I don't like it?" and I said "Yes... maybe." The truth is that Stuy can be a crazy pressure cooker in the best of circumstances, and already I'm thinking maybe not the best choice for Ana. (Plus, honestly, the quality of the teaching isn't any better than at any other school. In some cases it can be worse, if the teachers expect the students to teach themselves everything.)
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I'm moderately concerned, but not altogether worried. My mother entered panic mode, but if you check out the map you'll see we're not really in any danger zone. (There are more specific maps, but they require you to type in your address.) We're on the North Shore of Staten Island (Staten Island is the island at the south of the map - yes, it's bigger than Manhattan, a lot of people don't realize this!), and if you take a look at the North Shore you'll see it barely has any red or orange or yellow at all. This is because this part of the island is all hilly, very hilly.

Now, if it gets more than a moderate drizzle we'll largely be trapped on our street, because the streets surrounding us are all going downhill for several blocks, and they become like rivers in any sort of real rain (so the only way off if you don't want to wade is to go uphill on a short little side street, and then walk north three blocks or so to another little side street that won't be very flooded. Less than ideal, but it'll do) but our block doesn't have that problem. There's houses and dirt and plants to sop up most of the run-off from "Mud Lane", as it used to be called.

All the same, I did finagle a spare cat carrier out of a friend of mine. I had intended to buy one, but the line in Petco was enormous (although it wasn't the longest line I saw, it was longest proportionate to the number of cashiers and the *size* of the store!) and my choices were either a $50 plastic carrier or an $9 cardboard one. I've used the cardboard ones before, they're well-constructed... but I think you can see the problem with this if we have to evacuate in a hurricane. (Especially if she kittens during the storm. God, I hope she doesn't. I don't think the girls would forgive her if they missed the blessed event, not that I'd let them watch. I'm always terrible at estimating when cats will give birth.)

And I did go to the supermarket, because we were out of toilet paper and NOBODY is going out in a hurricane to buy more.

Now, our local supermarket, EVERY TIME there's a weather incident or a holiday, people pack that store. And EVERY TIME you end up with a really long express line (lane 1) and lane 10 wraps around the store... and then lanes 2 through 9 will only have six or seven people in them each. Which is still far too many, but there's no call for the people to keep joining up in lane 10 when it's stupid! Two, three aisles down (not counting the bread aisle) are impassible due to the line! (Not that I complain until I'm safely out of the store. If the sillies are all occupied in their super long line, the remaining lines are shorter than they'd be otherwise, and that's all right with me!)

I will say this for the store itself, though, they managed something right. They weren't running out or low on water, or on anything else except bread... and they're always out of bread on a Friday. And they had a guy out front organizing the people waiting for car service and making sure there was never more than one shopper claiming a cart at a time. And they're opening half an hour early tomorrow, so I'll probably head out again to do some of my REAL shopping (everything but the meat, basically) and buy some candles. They weren't out of candles, I just couldn't get to that aisle and I gave up.

I've isolated the cat on my floor. She prefers the basement, but that's floody in the best of circumstances, and she's so big now I don't want to risk it.
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This is a very non-slashy episode (so some of you won't like it, and you know who you are), but you should still try to catch the last 15 minutes or so, because that's the actual Staten Island Ferry Terminal. How cool is that?

Of course, we don't have those large updating digital schedule things that they used to show a picture. Big plot point, and we don't actually have them. No, we just have paper schedules on the wall and two running tapes that show ads and the time and that are chronically busted anyway. (They've been known to flash the Windows icon at everybody. Yeah.)

But still, how cool is that?
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Monday a boy went missing.

Tuesday we passed a three alarm fire on our way to the doctor's office. And the trucks KEPT coming and KEPT coming all the way there! Something like 33 units eventually. No deaths, at least, but I was worried when I saw them all.

Today two people drowned in the pool we go to for swimming. Well, one died, the other is in critical condition. We didn't make our swimming class today, as it happens, but that's really just as well.

And the missing by has been found dead. I actually found that out over on FRK, and what's really appalling is that the post was preceded by two or three comments "Well, now some kid just was kidnapped and KILLED, so what do you say NOW?" which is just... petty and small-minded. A kid is dead, I can't really see how it's the parents fault (I don't think it's criminal to allow your third or fourth grader to walk three blocks without you, although I do think it's wise to make sure he knows the route and understands some basic safety rules about who to ask for help in an emergency*), and nobody is saying it isn't tragic.

*Then again, he may have been told to trust other Jewish people (he wouldn't be the first child told to ask for help in-group), and unfortunately picked the wrong one. One good thing is we already know who did it, so there's no doubt on that front.

And it's only Wednesday. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but I hope it's nothing.
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(I've really got to get the rest of the books.)

We started it before, but wandered off for a bit. Now we're going right through.

Now, I'd like to visit the Tenement Museum when we're done... and maybe see if I can find their library, stop by the playground, that sort of thing. (Was the playground even there when the book is set? I know it's one of the first playgrounds in the nation.)

Here's the thing. There are two tours that have to do with the right time period and Jewish families, and since this is a book featuring a Jewish family I want to go on the right tour. One of them is designed for families (kids 5+) and you can wander around and touch the stuff and all. The OTHER one seems closer to Sidney Taylor's family, though... but it's really for a slightly older group, 8+. The tickets are very expensive, and kids don't get that big a discount, so it's not like we'll take two tours this year.

Oh, I'll probably do the one that allows for more participation. I just hate having to make a choice!
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And I've seen blue jays around lately.

Has NYC recently become more bird friendly or something? I've even been seeing more sea gulls, and those scattered after they closed the dump and moved the Fulton Fish Market.
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There are three main lines of comments I take issue with:

1. OMG, those people are so TERRIBLE, even ANIMALS do not live like THAT, drawing all over EVERYTHING!!!

To this I say no, that's because animals don't have opposable thumbs. Instead, they just pee places and hope that works.

Graffiti, by contrast, seems to be the default state of a huge portion of humanity. We've found it in the ruins of Pompeii, Independence Rock (as I learned from playing Oregon Trail) is covered with the stuff, some of the earliest cave paintings are just handprints all over the wall. There is at least one language we only know of because of graffiti.

Seems to me that one of the first things people did when they learned about symbolic thought was give up on that pissing everywhere thing and start scribbling everywhere instead.

2. OMG, if THIS is what NYC is like, I will NEVER go there!!!!

Thanks, we don't want you. Also, read on....

3. OMG, this is the REAL NYC, I hate the way it is now!!!

I don't particularly want you either. I've never quite understood people who are nostalgic for New York in the 70s and 80s. It's like wanting to live back in the Depression or something. The murder rate alone makes me happy to be now instead of then. And wanting seedy Times Square back? Dude, that just means you had to go out in public to get your porn! Wouldn't you rather download it like a civilized individual?
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For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it.

I'm not entirely sure I believe this article, but there it is.

Here's a video on blizzards and long-term methods for traffic calming.

NYPD Cops' Training Included an Anti-Muslim Horror Flick. Other than the disturbing nature of this, it's not really worth reading past the title (which sums up what you need to know) unless you are masochistically inclined towards comment-reading. Half of them say that Muslims and Islam and Obama are all evil-evil-evil, and the others say that this video is the work of Zionist Jews who, along with Obama, are all evil-evil-evil.

Teachers are (unreasonably) cautious about teaching evolution in school. Again, I warn you - don't read the comments.

And there's this interesting article on a school in the Bronx. Actually, I have to say, the really interesting part is the pictures. My god, that school has got to have the ugliest uniform I have ever seen in a school. Orange and blue plaid? I fully admit that this is a shallow worldview, but... wow.

More on the school profiled is at Wikipedia.
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If you read the comments, a lot of people there seem to be posting under the misguided impression that wherever they're from has the flat, universal accent. Minnesota? Connecticut? Boston? California? How about, uh, no? (Especially California. I count at least three people claiming that everybody should speak "neutrally" like they do over in California. LOL! Have they heard themselves speak lately?)

I take a much more sensible approach. Rather than New Yorkers trying to change their accents, everybody else in the country should simply speak like we do. Not because our accent is neutral, far from it, but because it's simply the best, most correct way to talk. It's self-evident! :P

Or, if that's a bit much, maybe we can start judging people on the content of their speech, rather than assuming ignorance before we even listen properly. And then I'll let you guys over in California and Boston and wherever else think you speak normally, and you can let us think the same, and we'll all communicate nicely with each other without getting caught up in silly little details like which vowel goes where and how we indicate a plural you (or if we do at all).

There are also comments from people bemoaning the lack of a NYC accent in NY. I don't think this means the accent is dying, though. Probably just means that it's moving and changing as we get new immigrants (who will alter the accent, of course) and as the older groups pick up and move elsewhere now that they have more money. Elsewhere like, say, Staten Island. It's remarkable how many conversations I've had on Staten Island that run "Where are you from?" "Brooklyn!" "Oh, me too - Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst!" (And it's always those two neighborhoods, too.)


Nov. 2nd, 2010 01:57 pm
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One on 25 years worth of dryer lint. WOW

On wasting food. Or not.

On a sorta early EARLY intervention for potentially autistic toddlers.

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On learning to like fruits and vegetables. I've never understood the hype about how "hard" it is to eat sufficient fruits/vegetables. Some of that hype, admittedly, is beverage ads (so... yeah), but a lot of it isn't. How hard is it to eat an apple with your breakfast (one or two servings of fruit), an orange and half a banana with your lunch (one serving each) which also has a small side salad (half a serving), a salad at dinnertime (another half a serving) and a vegetable side (another serving - hey, now I'm over 5 servings, and I haven't even had any snacks!), seriously?

Could be worse. I've seen an ad for some product full of vitamin C because it's "so hard" to get your RDA by drinking a gallon of OJ daily. *headdesk* Vitamin C is so prevalent in EVERYTHING that you can't even get scurvy unless you really try!

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Explaining the 2nd Avenue Subway to first graders.

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Apparently, some genius has decided breast pumps do not merit a tax break.

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The return of Pee-wee Herman

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Is Candy Evil or Just Misunderstood?

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Oct. 8th, 2010 10:12 am
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In Fierce Opposition to a Muslim Center, Echoes of an Old Fight

The comments are absolutely worthless, but get a load of this gem:

"How true. We all remember Catholic suicide bombers and how they wanted to replace the US constitution by biblical law (is there such a thing?) and how they chanted "My Catholic God is Great" after cutting the heads of innocent Protestants"

1. No, honey, that's the largely Protestant fundies you're talking about.
2. I guess nobody remembers the Spanish Inquisition anymore?

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Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children
A woman misquoted in the article has her comment here.

My view is that if picture books aren't selling, it's because they only come in hardcover! I don't want to spend $16 on a new picture book when I can spend half that price on a longer chapter book! Sure, I can buy used, but that doesn't help the new books get printed, does it?

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Some states may be drugging incarcerated kids to control their behavior. Well, no shit.

Here's a quote from a brilliant guy who thinks the government is going to force people to eat their veggies. LOL!

Children need more play

Not enough PWDs on TV, again I say "well, no shit"

Let's not forget the extrasolar earthlike planet

An article on renegade female Catholic priests.

Migrant ‘Villages’ Within Beijing Ignite Debate

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An article on Romansh

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One on dishes LIKE ratatouille

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We may have found the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder!

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New Kellogg School Research Suggests a Colorblind Approach to Diversity May Frustrate Efforts to Identify and Confront Discrimination. No duh.

The Disease Called Perfection.

Time Lapse video of a compost pile

This WTF? inducing post by Nikki Grimes

An article on getting boys to read that confirms that literacy does not mean you understand logic.

"Dr. Robert Weis, a psychology professor at Denison University, confirmed this suspicion in a randomized controlled trial of the effect of video games on academic ability. Boys with video games at home, he found, spend more time playing them than reading, and their academic performance suffers substantially. Hard to believe, isn't it, but Science has spoken."

Or maybe boys who prefer video games to books are more likely to have video games than books.

"The secret to raising boys who read, I submit, is pretty simple—keep electronic media, especially video games and recreational Internet, under control (that is to say, almost completely absent). Then fill your shelves with good books. "

And you're also going to keep them from playing sports, you're going to keep them from exploring outside, you're going to keep them from having swordfights inside, you're going to keep them from masturbating, you're going to keep them from doing chores, right? Because the choice is screentime or books, not books and EVERYTHING ELSE, right?

That link comes from here which ultimately I got from here.

On bikeshare programs (and similar)

"But the question is whether most consumers would ever accept time share ownership of a bike or a blender. After a bike share program began in Denver, one gubernatorial candidate in Colorado attacked the program as un-American. "

Yup, you got it, a business model that allows you to pay to share a bike is un-American. Capitalism isn't American!

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Some Obama Allies Fear School Lunch Bill Could Rob Food Stamp Program

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Old West Traditions, and Tensions, at Rodeo

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At Sukkah City, Religion Meets Whimsy

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This house is only a few blocks from mine

Read more... )

Their Moon Shot and Ours

Read more... )

Achieving Techno-Literacy

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Mixed-use neighborhoods may reduce some crimes

An article ambitiously titled "Evolution in Action" about how some skinks give live birth

What to do if you lose a body part. Not likely to come up, but better to read it now - are you really gonna go google if your fingers get chopped off?

An article on the bedbug conference

Hilariously, it notes that the bedbug control folks all religiously checked their rooms first thing. It'd be the worst kind of irony to come home from this event with a few little hitchhikers!

Interesting quote here: “People still have in their heads that bedbugs means someone’s dirty,” Mr. Linde said, “but I handle multimillion-dollar homes in Westchester and Connecticut, and believe me, no one’s dirty.”

"People" think bedbugs mean you're *dirty*, but *he* doesn't bring up dirt, he brings up wealth. Because people do think the two go together (or don't, rather).

Read more... )

In Mezuzas, a Custom Inherited by Gentiles

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Thousands of Trees Killed by New York Tornadoes

This is right on the heels of a huge tree-killing storm only half a year ago. Two years before that we had the storm that took out half the (remaining) trees on our block and a spire off the church up the hill. They call these "freak storms" but how freakish can they be, really?

Read more... )

A Perk of Our Evolution: Pleasure in Pain of Chilies

Read more... )

Family Fight, Border Patrol Raid, Baby Deported

What's all this crap I keep hearing about "anchor babies"? For crying out loud, the girl's mother's family has been in the US four generations, but she still got swept away.

Read more... )

Mormon-Owned Paper Stands With Immigrants

Read more... )
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Obama Tries to Calm Religious Tensions

Read more... )

Notice how he just kinda slides that mention of his deep Christian faith in there. I don't know why he bothers. The people who think he's secretly Satan-worshipping Muslim aren't going to believe him anyway - and the real problem is that these folks have this idiotic idea that it matters.

City Disavows Pastor’s Talk of Burning Koran

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Chock Full o’Nuts Returns to Manhattan. But Is That Salmon on the Menu?

Chock Full o'Nuts is the <i>heavenly</i> coffee.... )

You know, the original words to that jingle said that "better coffee Rockefeller's money can't buy". My mother all of a sudden remembered that a few years ago, and talked about it for three days.
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Recalling Green Book, Guide for Black Travelers

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Proposed Muslim Center Draws Opposing Protests

Read more... )

The Littlest Redshirts Sit Out Kindergarten

Read more... )

Amid Furor on Islamic Center, Pleas for Orthodox Church Nearby

Read more... )

Immigrants are less likely to change their names nowadays

Read more... )

(BTW - if you go to read that article on their website, don't click to read the comments. Apparently, not changing your name is akin to destroying the very fabric of society, and heaven forbid you mispronounce REAL names!)

At West Point, Hidden Gay Cadets Put in Spotlight

This is another one where you want to be careful with those comments. One thing, though - a lot of people in the comments are saying she "tricked" her way in. Isn't the whole dubious point of Don't Ask, Don't Tell that being gay isn't against the rules, so long as nobody talks about it?

Read more... )

When an Arab Enclave Thrived Downtown

Read more... )

Pastor's Plan to Burn Koran Adds to Tensions

Read more... )

In a Hoarder’s Home, Going All Out to Find the Floor

Read more... )
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An article on the Free Store in Brooklyn

Read more... )

There's stupid people who run their A/Cs for days, even when they're not home, because it's "free", that is, included in their utilities.

Read more... )

An Indian Church’s Colorful Tribute to Mary
There are pictures

Read more... )

An editorial on people in Hong Kong who raise their children to speak English.

Read more... )

In Weather Chaos, a Case for Global Warming

Read more... )

In regards to the last article, it's worth remembering that each of the last three decades has been the hottest on record. (Yes, that sentence makes sense.) Which means that if you're my age (anywhere under 30), you've never been alive for the old normal. Heck, if you're less than, say, ten years older than me you don't really *remember* those times either. It's easy to say "Oh, it's not different than when I was a kid" (although exorbitant snowfall this year DID get a lot of people commenting that it "always was like this" when they were young), but if when you were a kid wasn't that long ago, well, you don't know, do you?
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Apparently, asking her if she wants cheese or butter is "fascist" and an Orwellian effort to control her language, and thence her thoughts.

Yes, of course. Making sure your order is correct is EXACTLY like Fascism! While we're on the subject of made-up lingo, let's look up fascism:

1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Well, THAT's clearly not what she means (we can only hope), so let's try definition 2....

2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control


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