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Young Opponents of Gay Marriage Undaunted by Battle Ahead

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Pediatrics Group Backs Gay Marriage, Saying It Helps Children

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Jan. 21st, 2013 11:07 pm
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Many Hands Make Fractals Tactile

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How High Could the Tide Go?

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Generation LGBTQIA

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For Space Station, a Pod That Folds Like a Shirt and Inflates Like a Balloon

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So, here we are, elsewhere on the internet, up for a rousing discussion on gay marriage. (Side note - check out this super sweet commercial on marriage equality! Aw!)

And by "rousing discussion" I mean "we're totally right, and trouncing the opposition, but they're too stupid to realize that", of course :P

So anyway, one of them pulls out ye olde etymological fallacy. I don't define marriage, the dictionary does, so take it up with Webster, he says.

And he even provides a link to Merriam-Webster's page for "marriage".

Important rule when talking to people: Just because they cite something doesn't mean they actually cited anything. It's easy to forget this and assume that nobody would be dishonest enough to claim a source says something it doesn't - but yes, Virginia, there are people like that.

I am all ready to go off on my pre-defined tangent about how dictionaries are at the service of speakers and NOT the other way around, and how our language choices are pre-eminent. I point out that the OED's definition of marriage, in its very FIRST sense, states that the word is "The term is now sometimes used with reference to long-term relationships between partners of the same sex." (Indeed, definition 1a from the OED doesn't preclude same-sex marriages at all. It says "the state of being a husband OR a wife" not "the state of being one of a mixed-sex pair of husband AND wife".)

And then after I'm done with the comment, it occurs to me that it's a little strange that Webster is so far behind the times. I mean, get with the 21st century already! So, I clicked the link. (I'd forgotten the rule. This rule is even more important than the rule about "don't read the comments", which I obviously was already breaking.)

a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage

Read it and weep. Or rejoice, rather.

And you know, the fallacy at first seemed just inane. But linking to the dictionary which goes ahead and says outright that you're wrong? That goes past "inane" and even "ignorant" straight into "willful ignorance", and that is a thing I cannot abide*. HONESTLY!

*That and hypocrisy, although I still find it funny when these guys get caught with gay hookers. It's the twofer of "gay" plus "hooker" that really makes me giggle. I shouldn't find it as amusing as I do.


Sep. 20th, 2011 11:41 am
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I suppose getting married IS an appropriate way to celebrate the end of DADT!

There are 70 comments. Should I read them? Probably not, but for you guys....


Nah, save yourselves. The comment section is NOT worth it.


Jul. 24th, 2011 12:34 am
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I'm reading an article on same sex marriages in NYS. (We haven't fallen into the sea yet, and the only rain we've had today was a rain of rain, helped cool things down a bit.)

And then, because it's Yahoo news, I clicked on the comments so I could vote down the lot of 'em. It's strangely cathartic.

Here's a gem:

danielL, NO YOU DO NOT understand the Constitution !! Where in the Constitution of the USA does it state; equality for all, regardless of race, creed, religion, color, etc.???? THIS IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE NO MATTER HOW PERVERTED YOU TRY TO MAKE IT !!!!

Um, maybe in the 14th Amendment? I'm just guessing, it's been a while since that high school civics course, but....

I'd laugh, but that comment is too pathetic. Maybe it's parody? It's so hard to tell sometimes!
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I'm moderately proud of my state, though upset that it didn't pass with more votes. Still, the passing's the thing, right? In another generation or two we'll wonder what all the fuss was about!

Naturally, the comments over at yahoo are a pain. "This isn't the time, there are more important things to worry about!" Well, it's never the right time to right a wrong, is it? If the "more important" squad had their way we'd still be living in the Dark Ages!
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Now, let's see if the remaining bigots in the armed forces are really going to decide to act like petulant children instead of professionals.
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Firstly, somebody just yesterday said they really like the articles I post. :) This is prompting me to make my own confession - I really like the articles I find here. In fact, I rarely crosspost any of them because then I'd have to crosspost all of them and then I might as well just link to the entry itself and too much of that is a little weird.

Here's an article on the criminalization of gay marriage. I don't understand what happened to the whole state's rights concept. Isn't one of the rights of the states to be able to deal with marriages?

Scary wage data - and it is scary!

Some judges chastise banks over foreclosures. All the bank people quoted in the article are going "boo-hoo-hoo, this is very bad, very bad indeed, it's not good for judges to do this!" but if the issue at hand is that they didn't bother to do paperwork or do it correctly - or even if they did it fraudulently, whom do they have to blame but themselves?

So, this is scary. Some Muslims heading to Mecca had their passports seized by Customs for... who knows? They missed their flight, because, you know, Muslims making their pilgrimage is something you totally can't predict will happen *every year* and it's *scary*. Or something.

I had no idea the citizenship laws were so... arcane.

On Jewish vampires
And just FYI, vampires don't eat Hindus :)

Automation Insurance: Robots Are Replacing Middle Class Jobs

How much can you make collecting cans and bottles?
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And fully 1000% more awesome than the next guy... especially when the next guy is a hateful illiterate ass.

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I had a reasoned and thoughtful reply to this guy. However, after reading his exact words*, I realize that the words in my reply had a few too many syllables for this illiterate ass. So I've consulted a dictionary and carefully rewritten my thoughts into words he should be able to understand. Hopefully. Ahem:

Fuck You!

*Cut because of the offensive language and worse spelling )
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And the majority response was "yeah, whatever, I don't care".

I'm having "fun" downvoting comments (what IS it with yahoo news?) but I had to share this one:

It is not the right time to overturn DADT. It is irrelevant that our troops are ready to accept open gays in the ranks. They don't get a say anyway, just like they didn't with minority troops or women. It will, however, merely harden fundamentalist religious resistance and help them recruit more people to fight the Great Satan. Get out of Wahabistan, then do it.

1. Oh, it's never "the right time" to do the right thing, is it?

2. However - LOL! Al Qaeda et al. don't care about whether or not we allow gays in our military. How unbelievably self-centered can you get? They don't care about our freedoms or any of that nonsense. Nobody kills and dies because in some other country, there are a few gay folks.
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Recalling Green Book, Guide for Black Travelers

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Proposed Muslim Center Draws Opposing Protests

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The Littlest Redshirts Sit Out Kindergarten

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Amid Furor on Islamic Center, Pleas for Orthodox Church Nearby

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Immigrants are less likely to change their names nowadays

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(BTW - if you go to read that article on their website, don't click to read the comments. Apparently, not changing your name is akin to destroying the very fabric of society, and heaven forbid you mispronounce REAL names!)

At West Point, Hidden Gay Cadets Put in Spotlight

This is another one where you want to be careful with those comments. One thing, though - a lot of people in the comments are saying she "tricked" her way in. Isn't the whole dubious point of Don't Ask, Don't Tell that being gay isn't against the rules, so long as nobody talks about it?

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When an Arab Enclave Thrived Downtown

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Pastor's Plan to Burn Koran Adds to Tensions

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In a Hoarder’s Home, Going All Out to Find the Floor

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Link one
Link two

Now, if this "stop advertising your sexuality" thing is going to be equally applied, let's see...

Well, first off, all you gay guys have to stop having gay pride parades, and, likewise, the rest of us can't have straight pride parades. These things are political, so by that I mean we can't march to "preserve marriage" or ban adoptions by same sex couples, because then people would guess.

And if you're going to go ahead with your same-sex marriage plans anyway, you can't send out invitations. Neither can straight people. Marriages are to be done in the court with a blind Justice supervising. (This is great - big weddings are just gift grabs anyway.)

Nobody can go around talking about their boyfriend or girlfriend, or about their troubles finding said boyfriend or girlfriend. And nobody can hold hands in public, put up pictures of loved ones, or engage in PDAs. No more awkward talk or squicky situations that hold up traffic! I'm for this!

Likewise, only one parent at a time can go to parent-teacher nights at school or likewise, because if teachers saw two parents they'd guess.

In order to get around the hospital issue, nobody can visit a sick person in the hospital unless they're a parole officer. This prevents the spread of germs. Doctors make all medical decisions unless you have a living will or something.

All dating is now banned. No more romantic comedies or nightclubs or anything like that. Also, students don't get to go to prom or anything (hey, they tried this!) because of this.

Equal and fair, that's all this is.

Except I don't think this is really the world one Steve King wants to live in. I think he wants to live in a world where you can be an ass while proclaiming your sexuality to the world (well, actually, playing the odds there's a decent chance he's hiding a big secret, but let's not go there) and nobody will call you on your hypocrisy.

And that's just not right. God, I loathe hypocrites.
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Or one male prostitute, anyway.

His claim is as follows: He has a bad back, so he hired this guy to help him move his luggage around.

Also, apparently, this was a real WWJD? situation. After thinking it over, he decided that Jesus would hire a male prostitute for this job so as to kill two birds with one stone - first, the luggage gets moved, and secondly you get to preach to the sinner!

Yeah, you know, I can see that. All I have to say to that is this:

If I were a prostitute (of any sort), and I showed up and found out I wasn't supposed to fuck this guy but to move luggage around and also that this dude expected to preach to me?

Yeah. I'd need to charge double, maybe triple for that sort of service. Sex is cheap. Listening to somebody go on and on and on? Not so much.

And also - if there's anybody Jesus hates, I'm not so sure it's the gay folks. He had some harsh words to say about hypocrites, though. Now, it's not my religion and it's not my holy book, and I suppose if it's yours you can interpret it in any way that makes sense to you. All I'm thinking, though, is that if you're so dedicated to helping others get right with God you should sit down periodically and make sure you're not a big old hypocrite. (Isn't there something in the Bible about that, anyway? Motes and beams and eyes and whatever? Gosh, it can't be one of those well-known quotes, can it?)

And when you're caught? Some friendly advice here? Just 'fess up already! It's bound to be less embarrassing!
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One on the effects of wi-fi on school buses in Arizona

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On a non-standard gender marriage in Malawi. It's not clear from the article if this is a same-sex marriage or if one of the partners is transgendered.

Interesting quote: Aninsia Kachepa, Mr. Chimbalanga’s older sister, wept into her blouse at the simple mention of her jailed brother. “I have never heard of this homosexuality, and I am still not understanding,” she said.

“Tell me, how is it physically possible, one man having sex with another?”

It's not as strange as some people think, I'm sure.

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One I thought I posted before, but can't find about medicine in Cuba.

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I have one more coming, but it's long.
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In South Africa

Now, of course, I'm happy for them. I'm happy for anybody getting married.

But the fact that South Africa offers same-sex marriages is a national disgrace. Not for them, of course, but for us! How appalling, how absurd is it that they're further ahead on this issue of basic civil rights than we are? It shouldn't be tolerated, this level of cosmic irony. It's Just Not Cool.

The solution obviously isn't to relegate South Africa to being the world's backwater again. Instead, clearly, we need to move this country to the last decades of the 20th century. For a change. Can we get some fucking equality here? It's embarrassing!

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I made the mistake of reading the comments (some of them, anyway) where I first picked up this link.

Let's just say they were appalling and leave it at that. Two things, though.

1. While the school's actions may not be censorship in the strictest definition, they were acting as an arm of the government to specially restrict where, when, and to whom this one child could share her knowledge. This sends a clear message about Harvey Milk in particular and gay people in general, and let's not talk about what it says about the pursuit of knowledge! (And don't give me that "sex" line. If you think you have to talk about this guy's sex life in order to talk about him, I suggest you get your mind out of the gutter. I know some of our politicians lack any sense of discretion, but seriously, we don't *have* to talk about it.)

2. I am so *sick* of reading about how "OMG, the ACLU only ever attacks Christians and Christian values and hates Christianity and is ebil!!!!!111" Aside from the exceedingly narrow view of who can be Christian, it's just flat-out wrong. Unless of course I'm imagining their defense of....

A Christian prisoner's right to preach (at least twice!)

A Christian church's desire to put their money where their mouth is and uphold their Christian morals by housing the homeless

The right of a Christian man to protest Wal-Mart for "supporting gay lifestyles and marriage". (I don't agree with his statement, but I sure do agree with his right to say it!)

The right of a second-grader to sing a religious song at a school talent show

I'll grant you, most of the ACLU's press releases on their work related to religious freedom is about non-Christians, usually being pressured by Christians. This, however, is not because the ACLU wishes to silence Christians, or because society oppresses Christians so much that very few of them can even make cases. What nerve! It's because Christians are the majority and often casually (and usually unintentionally) do things which harm other's religious rights! Well, of course. It's much easier for the majority to do things which harm the minority than the other way around, how could it be otherwise? Christians certainly aren't being persecuted as a group in the US. What an idea! And attempts to take away the special rights Christians often have really aren't the same as attempts to remove their/your religious freedom. No, really.

So, if any of you were interested in spouting that old ACLU canard about how they hate Christianity and traditional values (what is more traditional in this country than the first Amendment, I ask you!), please - educate yourself.
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One about choosing a trade instead of years in college - haven't read the whole thing yet.

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One about interning at an organic farm

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One about the very firstest Jewish American Girl doll ever.

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An article on Stapleton, where I live! Evangeline and Ana have really enjoyed seeing all the sailors for Fleet Week, which kinda changes my ambivalence towards the whole occasion (any occasion that requires the use of multiple flyovers while also crowding the Ferry doesn't exactly get the thumbs up from me). Yesterday the boat was a full 15 minutes late, so we took car service home. The nieces called out the window "Hi sailor! Bye sailor!" at all of them passing, and they spent an amusing several minutes singing an impromptu song about the "three sailors" they saw when walking.

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One on how proposals to legalize gay marriage in NY (yay) are having trouble finding opposition. Good. I cannot believe the nerve of some groups trying to call themselves "pro-family". Fucking twits.

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An article on recent urban planning in NYC. Go look at it, it's got a nifty graphic with a before and after view of a street in Brooklyn

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1. Jenn - they're praying mantis egg cases!

An article on being the adoptive black parents of a white child, which is not the usual way of multi-racial adoption in the US. (I forgot who gave me this)

A reminder - Geocities is closing this year. Thanks, [ profile] pne.

Two links from [ profile] thornleaf, one on posting to Twitter using nothing but your BRAIN and another on a woman who left the house for the first time in 18 years thanks to the internet.

Another parody for that NOM ad, thank you [ profile] griffen. And look - Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella is a real site! (I've only seen parodies of this ad, not the ad proper. Do I want to change that?)

And this, the most gratuitous mention of same-sex marriage I've seen in the news so far.

The article is about states, due to the economic climate, cutting down on the hours of their workforce, which is interesting enough on its own and very relevant. But the first paragraph, out of nowhere, starts out: "Licenses for same-sex marriages were supposed be issued in Iowa starting this Friday. But because of a crimped state budget, court employees will be on mandatory furlough that day and the courts will be closed. Gay couples cannot start filing for their licenses until Monday." Which, you know, affects people in opposite-sex marriages too. NOBODY is getting married in Iowa until Monday. It just seems tacked on, you know?

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It's okay guys. We can call off the boycott. Nothing malicious was intended, nosirree - it was just a simple code glitch!

You know, I like to admit when I'm wrong. I mean, I hate to admit it, but I do it anyway because that's the honest thing to do. Admitting when you've fucked up royally is not only good for your conscience, it's good for your life. People remember when you've spoken to them honestly, and they think better of you for it. Why, it helps to erase some of the stigma of having been wrong in the first place!

Which is why I would like to heartily extend my apologies to Amazon for daring to think they'd ever do anything so underhanded and dirty as this. Clearly they only have our best interests at heart. How can they possibly be blamed for a weird glitch that only targets one set of books? It's not their fault!

I'm sorry.

Oh, I can't keep it up! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *snrk* I can't! It's too funny! I can't wait until they try to spin those emails saying just the opposite either. Poor customer service guys. They're in for it now!
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And she said that she doesn't want to get married.

Well, I told her she's not old enough to get married anyway, so it's a moot point. But no - she doesn't want to get married because she "likes Deniz best".

Which set off a discussion about how it's totally okay to marry girls - no, you're right Ana, two girls can't get married, but two grown-up women can if you want to - but how, really, she's too young and it's a moot point. (Okay, so it's not legal in NYS at the moment. Ana won't be old enough to think about this for several years now.)

She wasn't sure she believed me, Ana. She was sure there was a trick here. (I should never have told her and Deniz that cherry pits grow in your stomach, now they don't believe any word from my mouth!)

Gay Couples Find Marriage is a Mixed Bag

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