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'Internet of Things' seen as bonanza for Bay Area businesses

The gruesomeness of the drug trade rivals any atrocities in history.

Of course, things wouldn't be this bad if there were any legal ways to sell the stuff. Not that I particularly want people selling cocaine legally, but since they already are selling it *illegally*....

US the biggest threat to world peace in 2013 – poll

Well, all righty then.

Behind the credit chip curve, U.S. playing catch-up with Canada, rest of world on card security

Scientists harness the sun to help sharks

Genetically identical bacteria can behave in radically different ways

Why are we still fighting the drug war?

Clemency for Edward Snowden Would Not Set a Dangerous Precedent

The New York Times Shreds The Obama Administration As 'Pathetic' On NSA Spying

Redesigned Window Stops Sound But Not Air, Say Materials Scientists

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says purge of uncle was ‘correct decision’

Ask Culture and Guess Culture
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“These Programs Were Never About Terrorism: They’re About Economic Spying, Social Control, and Diplomatic Manipulation. They’re About Power”

It’s Conservatives Who Really Want Christ Out of Christmas

They’re terrified America’s tiny number of atheists will change the meaning of the holiday. But conservatives are the ones who are really at war with its message.

Outagamie County judge rejects equal protection motion in prostitution case

His argument is that it's plenty fair that prostitutes get charged 40x more frequently than johns, especially in this case because she did it more than once but they were probably first timers. Load of bull if you ask me.

Scientists 'print' new eye cells

The Government Is Quietly Giving Way More Housing Aid To Rich People Than Poor People

So? What else is new?

Toddlers and preschoolers appear to understand abstract concepts better if you have them show you their understanding rather than asking them to explain it.

5 CIA operations that went south -- spectacularly.

Poor People Deserve Digital Privacy, Too

The Trees That Miss The Mammoths

7 New Yorkers About to Lose Their Unemployment Benefits Tell Their Stories
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Social media mobilizes to help blind man keep hero dog

NSA Fallout Tests Obama Relationship With Tech Companies

Want to teach your students about structural racism? Prepare for a formal reprimand.

When Minority Students Attend Elite Private Schools

This Chart Blows Up the Myth of the Welfare Queen

Is the sleepunder taking the party out of slumber party?

Anxiety About Certain Things Can Be Hereditary

Every time I read that headline I hear my mother saying "craziness is hereditary. You get it from your kids". She says that all the time, of course!

33 Jaw-Droppingly Stupid Multiple-Choice Questions from the Christian Education Curriculum

Are malls becoming extinct?
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What do you know! If this keeps up, we may get a white Christmas for a change.

Removing DRM increases sales

We are very, very bad at washing our hands, says science

Judge's word on NSA program won't be the last

If this judge doesn’t buy the legal basis for the NSA’s intrusive phone snooping, no one should.

Study finds evidence of domesticated Chinese cats 5,300 years ago

A brief history of African click words

Autism hits Somali kids harder, University of Minnesota study finds

Freedoms for Saudi university girls end at gates

The NSA: An Inside View [blog-post]

The Odd Rise of Anonymous Sources

Paul Dini Tells Kevin Smith about Hollywood’s Fear of Girl Cooties

Barbie and Elevator Guy: science and sexism

(Yes, I know it's old.)
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Some NSA Officials Favor Giving Snowden Limited Amnesty For All The Wrong Reasons

Feds joins battle on citrus disease

Obama to review changes in spy policy

Tech giants team up in anti-snooping effort

On the one hand: good for them! On the other, I am even more uncomfortable with corporate influence in the government than I am with the NSA, and that is saying an awful lot.

The Return of the Welfare Queen

Federal judge declares Utah polygamy law unconstitutional

This Ethiopian village has gained wealth, but has bred hostility

Because they aren't Christians or Muslims, basically.



As many commenters point out, not all of the "black" people on that modified Guess Who? board look unambiguously black. So there's that as well.

Surprise! Charity Buys 21 Sacred Katsinam for Hopi at Auction in Paris

Scientists discover double meaning in genetic code

How cholera evolved to be one of the deadliest diseases in history

This study shows how a good metaphor can change the world

Inside the Rainbow Gulag: The Technicolor Rise and Fall of Lisa Frank

The second operating system hiding in every mobile phone

A Pen That 3-D Prints Bone Right Onto Patients

In Ukraine, skepticism greets new vow on E.U.

Kindergartener signs song for deaf mom. It's the most adorable time of the year!

Teacher accused of feeding autistic student hot sauce rehired.

Either Florida has a serious teacher shortage or they really hate disabled kids down there.
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How Viruses Take a Short Trip from London to NYC

Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal'

And if/when it blows, we are all gonna be screwed.

Americans Still Care About Their Public Libraries

Many Catalan Nativity Scenes Feature Jesus, the Wise Men, and Someone Defecating (Really!)

NYPD cops beat up my loved ones, killed my parakeet: Staten Island mom

Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram

In a "Rainbow" Universe Time May Have No Beginning

Monitor Lizards Found to Breathe Uni-Directionally Like Birds


Dec. 9th, 2013 12:05 am
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This Is the New, Non-QWERTY Keyboard You Will Use to Compose Your Thumb-Powered Opus

The Toxins That Affected Your Great-Grandparents Could Be In Your Genes

One Woman Can Have Multiple Genetic Identities—Hers, Her Secret One, And All Her Kids’

Minimum Wage Was Once Enough To Keep a Family of 3 Out of Poverty

Inequality threatens the rich

Medieval People of Color in European Art

The Homeschool Apostates
They were raised to carry the fundamentalist banner forward and redeem America. But now the Joshua Generation is rebelling.
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Cunning Crocodiles and Alligators Use Clever Lures to Hunt Prey

Satanists seek spot next to Ten Commandments monument on steps of Oklahoma's Statehouse

Superhero texts

Attorney: Transgender murder victim’s life not as valuable as higher class victims


The Opponents of Militant Islamism Are Often As Bigoted as Their Targets

I wouldn't link to this except the timing is perfect. I recently have been having a very tedious conversation with somebody who thinks that the most ludicrously bigoted sites are a good source of information and that the only reason I haven't been converted to the idea of "Islam is ruining the world, and all Muslims are awful" is because I'm too PC. Not, you, know, because all these people start off with " everybody knows Islam is ruining the world, they just don't say so because of political correctness!!!!" It doesn't exactly inspire faith in their credibility.

The Incredible, Edible Bus Stop

Federal Flood Maps Left New York Unprepared for Sandy, and FEMA Knew It

Why Life Does Not Really Exist

Orphaned Chimpanzees Play Rougher Than Their Mother-Reared Counterparts
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The selfish gene is one of the most successful science metaphors ever invented. Unfortunately, it’s wrong and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality

An eagle stole a video camera and made a cinematic masterpiece

Despite two decades of high-profile shootings, school increasingly has become a safer place.

NASA hopes to put garden on the moon.

Found! First known predator to lure prey by mimicking flowers

Pythons' extreme eating abilities evolved quickly, genome shows

Koalas bellow with unique voice organ

Messy Children Make Better Learners: Toddlers Learn Words for Nonsolids Better When Getting Messy in a Highchair
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Can Organisms Evolve The Ability To Evolve?

The Hyper-Efficient, Highly Scientific Scheme to Help the World’s Poor

When We Lose Antibiotics, Here’s Everything Else We’ll Lose Too

How Traffic Jams Decentralize Cities

Why Monkeys and Apes Have Colorful Faces

Gut Bacteria Might Guide The Workings Of Our Minds
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A new study finds more eye contact makes people less likely to agree with a persuasive argument, especially if they're already skeptical.
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Interesting fact: our pillows contain the same sort of microbes as our toilet seats. Usually I tell people that your phone is dirtier than any toilet seat, but I think I'll start using "pillow" instead. If it deters hoverers, so much the better!

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Next to You on the Subway

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Afraid of Your Child's Math Textbook? You Should Be.

When an Army of Artists Fooled Hitler
A new documentary shares the story of the 23rd unit’s daring work

3-D printing of airway tube helps save U.S. baby
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Well, going to Mars would be pretty great... but not if you have to be on TV, I think.

On the other hand, unlike the cast of Survivor et al., you'd be remembered for posterity, really remembered. Depending on your perspective that actually might be the same hand.
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Will I be able to close down these month old tags without panicking? These questions, and more, answered soon!
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On Decimated Shore, a Second Life for Christmas Trees

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Focus on Mental Health Laws to Curb Violence Is Unfair, Some Say

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Mutations Found in Melanomas May Shed Light on How Cancers Grow

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Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets

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This girl was cured of cancer (knock on wood) with modified AIDS.

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But apparently NASA is optimistically working on actual FTL.

It sounds extremely hypothetical right now, and I doubt we will see any progress in our lifetimes, if ever. Nobody squash these hopes and dreams, though - I've always wanted to be able to travel to other worlds, read new books. (No, that's the whole appeal for me, new branches of alien fiction. Also, that's why I would like to travel to parallel universes, so I can watch the awesome second season of Firefly and the actual, non-bad third season of Gargoyles.) Even though obviously that's not happening, I want to preserve the fantasy that it might happen.

I'm more interested in counting the conspiracy theories in the comments to this article on whatever was found on Mars.
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One on a kid who built a nuclear reactor. At home.

Here's an article on eating your placenta. They have pictures and descriptions, so if you're squeamish about this, I wouldn't read it. (I also wouldn't believe the grandiose claim in the title, which implies this has become common or typical while none of us were looking.)
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Today she sent me an email with a picture in it and the message "why didn't you tell me these are sooooo cute?" This is all she said.

The picture was of a water bear, and it was certainly one of the most adorable pictures of a water bear I've ever seen. (Wikipedia says they're also called moss piglets. OMG THAT IS EVEN CUTER!)

But I digress. While you probably do encounter these every day, you equally probably don't realize it. So I replied to her with the note "Oh, is that a water bear?"

"How do you even know the stuff you do????

1. Does my mother even know me? I mean, I thought after 28 years she'd have some idea of who her daughter is, but....

2. More importantly - I didn't start this conversation, she did! And her very first words were asking why I never told her how cute water bears are! So... I don't... it's not... aaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh!

In other cute animal news, I found a caterpillar gnawing on my rue today. I didn't realize that when you try to pry them off your rue plant they flash horns at you! I brought it in to Ana to show her, and explained that the caterpillar is trying to scare us away. "That's not scary!" "Well, it would be if we were a lot smaller, like if we were a praying mantis trying to eat it or something." Since we're not, though, it was just cute. But we only tormented the poor thing once or twice (for science!) and then put it back outside. Even if it is cute and educational, it's not fair to the caterpillar dear.
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Surgeon creates new kidney on TED stage

Let's state that again: He basically made an organ using a 3D printer. Like something out of Star Trek, isn't it?

Here's an article with one theory about why Henry VIII had so many problems producing an heir.

A hundred years ago, our food-safety regulators were willing to eat formaldehyde on our behalf. What are they doing now?

I'm still goggling over the printed organ. Did you read that article yet?

A video from Fox News showing protesters in a suspiciously snowless and bepalmtreed Wisconsin.

The Republicans’ War on Congressional Recycling. It's spiteful and petty is what it is. I can understand the anonymous email that goes "Somehow this bothers me more than the EERE cuts."

And finally, insulating yourself is more efficient than insulating your home, though you'd be wise to do both. All those times your mom told you to just put on a sweater, she was right.

And finally, in case you missed it - they basically used a replicator to print a kidney. I'm half hoping this is a hoax, because... it's scary stuff, living in the future! (In the present, should I die suddenly, I expect every one of my organs to be donated away. I can't take 'em with me, after all.)
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I pretty much stole all these links from the same person, just so you know :)

Fox insider outright admits they just make stuff up. I think we already knew that... and I also think that some people will never be convinced. Fox is pretty good at fooling some of the people all of the time, I guess.

Scientists discover how to make squids go completely berserk. No, that's actually the title of the article. Scientists do not explain why you'd want to make squids go completely berserk, though. Let's hope they never attempt revenge. If Otto is any indication, they can create plenty of damage just out of boredom. Revenge would be easy. Also, they can hear you talking about them behind their backs. Never turn your back on a squid, that's what I say.

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? Well, that's depressing. I just kinda skimmed it.

And then there's this. This firefighter (according to this article, anyway) refused to answer calls to the shooting in Tuscon because of political reasons. It's like birth control and pharmacists all over again. If your beliefs keep you from doing your job - get another job! How hard is this?


Feb. 11th, 2011 12:45 pm
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I had no idea antcolonies could be so... large! (Or so small, as seen in the end.) This is an excerpt of a longer video.
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For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it.

I'm not entirely sure I believe this article, but there it is.

Here's a video on blizzards and long-term methods for traffic calming.

NYPD Cops' Training Included an Anti-Muslim Horror Flick. Other than the disturbing nature of this, it's not really worth reading past the title (which sums up what you need to know) unless you are masochistically inclined towards comment-reading. Half of them say that Muslims and Islam and Obama are all evil-evil-evil, and the others say that this video is the work of Zionist Jews who, along with Obama, are all evil-evil-evil.

Teachers are (unreasonably) cautious about teaching evolution in school. Again, I warn you - don't read the comments.

And there's this interesting article on a school in the Bronx. Actually, I have to say, the really interesting part is the pictures. My god, that school has got to have the ugliest uniform I have ever seen in a school. Orange and blue plaid? I fully admit that this is a shallow worldview, but... wow.

More on the school profiled is at Wikipedia.
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I'm very sorry, but I have this thing about having my journal state I've posted every day.

First, you should absolutely contact your members of Congress about this:

The GOP is actually seeking to defund programs that prevent sexual assault and domestic violence, by which children, women, and marginalized men are disproportionately victimized.

Also, as the title says, iron-deficiency is not something you get just for being a lady. There are some scary statistics in here.

Here's an article in the gap in the starting pay of male and female doctors.

And to get off the feminism for a second, because all those links are depressing, here's a video on meat-eating furniture that is powered by, as I said, eating meat. I guess if you're putting out mousetraps and flypaper anyway it makes sense to... yeah. I don't know.
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But maybe I did.

Now, the article is ostensibly about how children are less likely to be fooled by a certain optical illusion. So far so good, but then you get to this paragraph:

Other investigators have noted that children with autism don’t succumb to visual size illusions, consistent with the idea that autism involves an excessive focus on details. But visual context largely eludes all young children, not just those with autism, Doherty asserts.

At the risk of making a pun in bad taste, let me say that this is just typical. Here we have an autistic strength (not being easily fooled by misleading extraneous information) and yet people insist on describing it as an unalloyed negative (an "excessive" focus on details?)

Man, that is just annoying. This sort of thing can make a cloudy day seem gray and dreary instead of potentially snowy and wonderful. And it's a pity because I got the link to that first article after reading this cool article about how a class of kids studied bees and got their research published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Telling quote? "“It’s so different from other science-education programs, where the aim is to learn facts,” Lotto said."

Yes! This is something that's been bugging me about my own science education (and, by extension, the nieces') for the past several years! Science isn't just a bunch of facts piled together like rocks! You can learn the facts when you're grown, or you can look them up (when does it really come up how many planets are in the solar system?), but what you need to learn as a child is how to think and figure things out scientifically! Not how to pass a multiple guess test or what King Phillip can order.


Dec. 20th, 2010 11:36 am
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Apparently there's going to be an eclipse tonight - or early tomorrow, rather - that, as it coincides with the solstice, promises to be spectacular.

Maybe I'll ask Jenn if she can wake Ana long enough to see it. At least I'll take a pic.
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(Quite a lot of them have to do with the TSA situation, I'll try to group them together.)

Placards, kilts part of plans for scanner protests
Oversecured America
AP Exclusive: Color-coded terror alerts may end
Schneir on Security's recent update about it all
And an LJ link
An update from the ACLU saying the TSA isn't training its scanners
Why Cavity Bombs Would Make the TSA Irrelevant
TSA chief: Resisting scanners just means delays
For the First Time, the TSA Meets Resistance
TSA Chief: US Will Never Ease Screening Policy
You, apparently, can't just say "Screw it, I don't need to fly today"
Shirtless 8-Year-Old Boy Gets TSA Pat Down
A Pat's Papers article on flying dead bodies
And he happens to think the TSA blog is "actually sort of fun"

Whew! That's a lot!

Bizarre squidworm discovered

Behavior change causes changes in beliefs, not vice versa

On turkeys. Hey, could I raise my own heritage turkey for the holiday next year? You *can* keep poultry in the city if they aren't noisy. And we already have wild or feral turkeys in Staten Island, among other places.

On stuffing your turkey with White Castle burgers.

Coyotes have been released in Chicago to help keep down the rodent population. I suppose that's not very much different than encouraging peregrine* falcons in NYC.

*Peregrine means wandering, of course, and is related to the word pilgrim in the obvious way.

A fluffy little article on Yiddish.
And for that matter, you can check out a nifty language map to see where Yiddish is spoken in the US!

It's time to sign up for SantaThing. This also makes a good gift. However, I will get you nothing in return, so bear that in mind.

University Kicks Student With Down Syndrome Out Of Classroom; Other Students Protest And Are Ignored

On tattoos to improve/monitor your health

Our Disappearing Apples

On taxes

Some graphs on race and the death penalty

Obama, S. Korea leader agree to hold joint military exercise. If somebody manages to start the Korean war up again, I'll be very irked. I'm already irked, frankly, because I see the likelihood of this.

Allergic Teen Seeks High School Perfume Ban

Conservatives at odds with Vatican over condoms

Children Born 'Late Pre-Term' More Prone to Low IQ
Minnesota is using paperwork to deter induced labor

The use of braces for younger kids is increasing

And one from that's... just well-worth reading for the fun of it.

And FINALLY (I think) one on a school which banned... wait for it... wait for it...



Oct. 8th, 2010 10:12 am
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In Fierce Opposition to a Muslim Center, Echoes of an Old Fight

The comments are absolutely worthless, but get a load of this gem:

"How true. We all remember Catholic suicide bombers and how they wanted to replace the US constitution by biblical law (is there such a thing?) and how they chanted "My Catholic God is Great" after cutting the heads of innocent Protestants"

1. No, honey, that's the largely Protestant fundies you're talking about.
2. I guess nobody remembers the Spanish Inquisition anymore?

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Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children
A woman misquoted in the article has her comment here.

My view is that if picture books aren't selling, it's because they only come in hardcover! I don't want to spend $16 on a new picture book when I can spend half that price on a longer chapter book! Sure, I can buy used, but that doesn't help the new books get printed, does it?

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Some states may be drugging incarcerated kids to control their behavior. Well, no shit.

Here's a quote from a brilliant guy who thinks the government is going to force people to eat their veggies. LOL!

Children need more play

Not enough PWDs on TV, again I say "well, no shit"

Let's not forget the extrasolar earthlike planet

An article on renegade female Catholic priests.

Migrant ‘Villages’ Within Beijing Ignite Debate

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An article on Romansh

Read more... )

One on dishes LIKE ratatouille

Read more... )

We may have found the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder!

Read more... )
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Mixed-use neighborhoods may reduce some crimes

An article ambitiously titled "Evolution in Action" about how some skinks give live birth

What to do if you lose a body part. Not likely to come up, but better to read it now - are you really gonna go google if your fingers get chopped off?

An article on the bedbug conference

Hilariously, it notes that the bedbug control folks all religiously checked their rooms first thing. It'd be the worst kind of irony to come home from this event with a few little hitchhikers!

Interesting quote here: “People still have in their heads that bedbugs means someone’s dirty,” Mr. Linde said, “but I handle multimillion-dollar homes in Westchester and Connecticut, and believe me, no one’s dirty.”

"People" think bedbugs mean you're *dirty*, but *he* doesn't bring up dirt, he brings up wealth. Because people do think the two go together (or don't, rather).

Read more... )

In Mezuzas, a Custom Inherited by Gentiles

Read more... )

Thousands of Trees Killed by New York Tornadoes

This is right on the heels of a huge tree-killing storm only half a year ago. Two years before that we had the storm that took out half the (remaining) trees on our block and a spire off the church up the hill. They call these "freak storms" but how freakish can they be, really?

Read more... )

A Perk of Our Evolution: Pleasure in Pain of Chilies

Read more... )

Family Fight, Border Patrol Raid, Baby Deported

What's all this crap I keep hearing about "anchor babies"? For crying out loud, the girl's mother's family has been in the US four generations, but she still got swept away.

Read more... )

Mormon-Owned Paper Stands With Immigrants

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