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Finally got all the messages decoded that I needed decoded, that was tedious. But it was less tedious using a guide, and even more less so when I used the guide to also work out the *second* character in each puzzle instead of the first - lots faster that way!

Now I'm in the amazing maze-y section. This is a whole new kind of tedious, though knocking out the guards is kind of fun.

Edit: Got through the maze, mostly by knocking out guards left and right, and crossing my fingers as well.
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Whack a ghost.

How do I get past that game? Without rotating my keyboard, thanks, this is a laptop.


Nov. 24th, 2007 07:30 pm
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I decided that the best thing to do was to recite which letter each petpet rose up on as it did. Then I could type it. I barely squeaked by that way.

Backdating this, so it'll show up a day before the original entry. Sorry to do that, but I do hate to have blank spots on my calendar.
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In Yooyuball! I mean, I then proceeded to lose the game - but still! I made a goal! Yay!
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Gave in and decided to map it, so it didn't end up taking that long when I gave in. I should've learned from the last plot - systematic doesn't take any longer, and it beats random every time.
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You carefully walk in and pick up a negg from the pile of treasure, and then scamper!!

Scamper? SCAMPER????


I'll miss you, scarper. I really will. *starts sobbing*
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I can't figure out the last puzzle for the plot, right? So I wanted to take a screenshot for help.


I mean, I'm hitting the fn button, and I'm hitting the button labelled "prt sc" in blue - and nothing is happening. Following the instructions in my computer's help guide, I tried pressing insert as well... and nothing happened.

Actually, something *did* happen. If I did the prt sc bit, then every time I minimized the screen it'd unminimize again. That's something. But how do I get an image out of this? I swear I've done this before, but I can't now, and I feel like such a luddite or n00b or something :(


Apr. 30th, 2007 05:57 pm
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Really screwed everything all up, too.

PPT seems to think it's only for a week. To be honest, I was thinking "green jelly" myself about this. (And if that wasn't a waste of a plot, I don't know what is....)

But it seems like an awful lot of effort to go through for a drawn-out prank. It's probably just wishful thinking on my part.

In other news, I'm only about 20k from my NP goal. Not sure if I want it anymore, but....
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So I dug them all out and set them to sell in my shop.

One of them turned out to be an unbuyable. Go me? So it's in auctions right now, because I can't stand the trading post sometimes. If you're interested in Jahbal, go look.


Jan. 22nd, 2007 11:25 pm
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"Oh, I can call people and things retarded because my sister is retarded and she uses the word all the time! Heeheehee!

Well, bully for you and your sister. It's still not a nice word to be throwing around.

Cue random interlopers:

"Oh, but you don't know she was using the word to insult people! It's mean of you to assume that! Maybe she said her zipper was retarded! That's not insulting, because zippers can't be insulted!"

Fortunately, I was spared the indignity of having to point out how baseless that statement is. Somebody else did, only to get the "dictionary definiton" of retarded - to have been caused to slow down. "So it totally applies to zippers!"

Because people really talk like that, of course. They don't apply perjorative connotations to those words, it's just me and you and our sick sad minds! Yeah!

Sometimes, I could just... just.... I don't know. But it's not pleasant, anyway.

(And yes, TNT is quite hypocritical for allowing dumb but not retarded. Normally I'd ignore it, but now I'm struck with a nagging feeling that I should complain and see if they'll ban the word dumb as well.)

And now comments are frozen. Because calling people out on their offensive and prejudiced language is wrong.
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Actually, she goes on the Neoboards, which... that shit's gonna get her frozen sooner or later.

So I'm trying to direct her to offsite boards. I passed her to Neocolours, which I haven't been on in a g e s (I opened a window now, and had to look up my password, I'm so embarrassed!), and Neoitems because I well recall their strict moderation... but what else is there?

(She also accidentally was in my account instead of hers, and set everything in my shop to the wrong price. We had a long talk about the Shop Wizard. Sure, I'm rich, and don't play that much anymore, but that's beside the point!)
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I am now offically at the bottom of the Stamp Album high scores list. Go me! Only 60 58 stamps (coins/shells/coconuts) left until I get a trophy!
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Beware the neomail! BEWARE!!!!!! )

If I dredge up a few years back in my memory, I... no, I haven't the slightest clue who she is. Must've done something bad for me to actually tell her to go away like I apparently did, though.

Talk about obsessed. I'm actually a little frightened here. Quick, nobody give away my address :)
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I simply can't be bothered to change the time. Can I say "can't be arsed"? It's less letters, less syllables. But it would make me look like a Brit wannabe, perhaps a Brit wannabe who's drastically out of date. Of course, I *am* a girl who uses "thee" and "thou" as often as possible, and even now will occasionally throw in some random Latin. Hm. Can't be arsed. What say you?

So, my birthday's in 2.5 hours, my time (the only time that counts!)

Very little of interest has happened. I joined the new-new NC fora, but I still haven't really shown up there - I just don't feel like I've got the time. I miss it, even, but... no.

Oh! And I got Ana a set of the Backyardigans episodes. That show is really nifty. We're not opposed to Ana watching TV in 22 minute segments sans commercials. We're just all opposed to tons of commercials, or having her only watch 2 hour movies.

Only problem is, the DVDs I got, they're missing two episodes - Race Around the World (alleged to feature Zydeco music) and High Tea. Apparently, High Tea, at least, has aired on Noggin, and also is on one of the official DVDs for the show... but I'm unable to download it properly. If anybody can, ah, obtain it for me, I'd be thrilled beyond belief. Or the other one, I'm hardly picky :)

Also, if I can get advice on short (half an hour, an hour, max) TV shows to... ah, obtain... like, from the library... temporarily, of course... I'd be happy. Educational of sorts is good, French is better, too-commercial is a no.
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Okay. I'm lost. WHY, exactly, is neo producing three (THREE!) pets in such rapid-fire succession? Is this going to be the trend?

And, seeing what they did to the Llameah, does this mean I should stop pestering the editorial gods to give me a Nikondrak? Because that Llameah is enough to make me lose my faith, my very faith in humanity! Such as it is.
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We killed it. With our love.

Or, more appropriately, Sam got bored and forgot us all.

And now I want to re-make the whole site. Because I'm weird that way. I wonder what sort of free web-hosting there is in this world....

(Joined the temp. fora, by the way, for anybody who knows what I'm talking about)

Oh, for...

Nov. 15th, 2005 06:31 pm
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You all know about [ profile] faerie_quests, right?

Well, we're on a bit of quest overload, and nobody is getting helped, including me! All I need is a Mynci T-Shirt. Help?


Nov. 3rd, 2005 08:25 pm
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So, I've been trudging through the neopets plot. I don't want to quit now, I'd feel silly. Sillier than I already do, anyway. But, gah! Does anybody happen to have a map of the pyramid, with large enough to read markers of where each category is? I need the following:

Read more... )

If you can even just tell me which floors each are on, I'd be thrilled beyond belief. Gratias ago.
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Yellow, blank, red, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, yellow, red, red, blank, red, blank, blank, blue, blue.

Trident, bird, sun, eye, sun, ankh, cup, bird, bird, paw, cup, eye, cup, paw, cup, column.

Yellow Trident
Red Sun
Blue Eye
Yellow Sun
Blue Ankh
Yellow Cup
Yellow Bird
Red Bird
Red Paw
Red Eye
Blue Cup
Blue Column

Lost desert literature (poetry), the stacks (eastern), lost desert sculpture, pasta based artwork, Desert flora, anubis toxicology reports, lost d. historical archives, sakhmetian archives, finger painting, historical archives, geneologcal histories (lat - tep), desert fauna
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Either there are more people placing furniture, or the thieves are slowing down - either way, slots are filling up faster. Does this mean we get to do something interesting soon? Only time will tell. Geez, this is a boring update.
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The further you get from the entry to each floor, the more slots there are to dump your furniture in. Nifty, if predictable. Certainly *useful*.
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But how do I place it in the repository? I didn't get to move any blocks, I didn't find anything fun in all that sand, I wanna place the furniture now!

Edit: Oh, I see. Are there any maps to the damn place, then?
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That was *really* stupid. A pile of scarabs? )

Now what? I go read a scroll in a library or something?

I should ask on NC. I keep forgetting it's up again.


Sep. 17th, 2005 12:42 am
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I still have 25 icon spaces left, can you believe it?

Anyway, now, when I post about neo, I can do so the way Glod intended - using my lovely Shadow Usul as a backdrop. Thanks, mandy.
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Well, bully for him.

And the av is kinda ugly, too. Still, I'm glad that's over with. What's next?
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Blue, cup, rectangle.

Red, pentagon, paw.

6. Red, oval, blades

7. Green, pentagon, eye
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First column:

3, black, pentagon, leaf

Second column:

4, trident, pentagon, blue

Third column:

2, bird, rectangle, yellow

Fourth column:

5, gray, water, triangle.

So, because it's my third parchment, I take the stuff from the first door, right?

Edit: Oh, and this just got me the poogle racing av. I've got to hand it to TNT, this plot is turning out to be vaguely interesting, at least - though I wish they'd back away from the flash comics idea, or at least do a non-flash version.
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I want to kill those damn meerca henchmen. I want them dead, and I want them dead now. Does anybody have any decent weapons to lend me, like, say, a hypno helmet? Please?


Jun. 28th, 2005 03:35 am
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The Neopet Fruit Machine

You have won 15,000 Neopoints!
You also win a Stone Muffin and a Halloween Paint Brush!

*jawdrops and dies*

Is NC back up yet?

Oh, and I still need an icon for [ profile] faerie_quests. Figgy, I don't *have* a favorite image.


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