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Republican assault on the American fabric a successful strategy so far

Under Amazon's CIA Cloud: The Washington Post

Charts: The Worst Long-Term Unemployment Crisis Since the Depression

Unemployed Americans Speak Out as Benefits are Slashed at Christmas

Media blackout hides Gitmo hunger strikes in military bid to erode public support

It’s a Myth: There’s No Evidence That Coffee Stunts Kids’ Growth

No snow in Siberia? Locals marvel - and worry - at the 'snow shortage'

Americans uneasy about surveillance but often use snooping tools, Post poll finds


Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leave
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“These Programs Were Never About Terrorism: They’re About Economic Spying, Social Control, and Diplomatic Manipulation. They’re About Power”

It’s Conservatives Who Really Want Christ Out of Christmas

They’re terrified America’s tiny number of atheists will change the meaning of the holiday. But conservatives are the ones who are really at war with its message.

Outagamie County judge rejects equal protection motion in prostitution case

His argument is that it's plenty fair that prostitutes get charged 40x more frequently than johns, especially in this case because she did it more than once but they were probably first timers. Load of bull if you ask me.

Scientists 'print' new eye cells

The Government Is Quietly Giving Way More Housing Aid To Rich People Than Poor People

So? What else is new?

Toddlers and preschoolers appear to understand abstract concepts better if you have them show you their understanding rather than asking them to explain it.

5 CIA operations that went south -- spectacularly.

Poor People Deserve Digital Privacy, Too

The Trees That Miss The Mammoths

7 New Yorkers About to Lose Their Unemployment Benefits Tell Their Stories
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Japan is expanding its military role, ostensibly in response to China becoming so powerful.

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Closing doors is the smartest thing you can do in a fire.

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Most Americans are paying less in taxes than they were or would have been a few decades ago.

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(Which is a nice change of pace from her usual questions about the start of the world.)

And after giving a very brief synopsis of the fact that right now there aren't many rich people but they're very very rich, and there are a heck of a lot of poor people (and trust me, the way I grew up, that was positively apolitical), she thought for a bit and then came out with "So... we're kinda in the middle between rich and poor, right?"

Yes, welcome to America, with the world's biggest middle class!

After I amused myself laughing for a few seconds I corrected her. No, although you might miss it by the fact that we have a house, and internet access, and a heck of a lot of books, we are actually poor. (Why on earth does she think we walk everywhere? In the rain or the cold or the dark, no less! I've got a twisted ankle (again), and I'm still walking everywhere because bus fare is $2.25!) I explained that although there are plenty of people in worse shape than we are, we're definitely not "in between" anything.

Which makes me roll my eyes reading this little post. Look, if you're rolling in the dough, just tell your children that! "Yes, we are actually fabulously wealthy. We're very lucky." How hard is that? (Of course, if being rich is shameful, I can think of a few things to spend all that money on. They can send it right to me, I'll take it off their hands, no questions asked!)

Oh look.

Jun. 3rd, 2011 10:28 am
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They have managed to find a person - one, count it, one! - who probably should not be receiving food stamps but is.

Of course, most lottery winners are broke within a few years anyway, and two million doesn't go as far as you think nowadays. Just FYI.
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I pretty much stole all these links from the same person, just so you know :)

Fox insider outright admits they just make stuff up. I think we already knew that... and I also think that some people will never be convinced. Fox is pretty good at fooling some of the people all of the time, I guess.

Scientists discover how to make squids go completely berserk. No, that's actually the title of the article. Scientists do not explain why you'd want to make squids go completely berserk, though. Let's hope they never attempt revenge. If Otto is any indication, they can create plenty of damage just out of boredom. Revenge would be easy. Also, they can hear you talking about them behind their backs. Never turn your back on a squid, that's what I say.

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail? Well, that's depressing. I just kinda skimmed it.

And then there's this. This firefighter (according to this article, anyway) refused to answer calls to the shooting in Tuscon because of political reasons. It's like birth control and pharmacists all over again. If your beliefs keep you from doing your job - get another job! How hard is this?
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One on race and the economy

One on the IB program - which, though it isn't explained in the article, stretches down to preschool

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One on iPhone apps for debating the existence of God. One of them says with a straight face that Christians should claim to atheists in random, spontaneous debates, that the Bible has no inconsistencies or contradictions whatsoever! This is supposed to prove some sort of point, I don't know what, but I'm hung up on the blatant lie there. You can ignore it or find a way around it or justify it or whatever you like, it's your own holy book, but don't tell me lies that I can easily check for myself. That's just insulting! (Unless these people have never read the Bible and therefore have no idea...?)

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It's the shocker of the century, I tell you.

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Of course, the comments are atrocious. A lot of people there blame affirmative action, citing studies (that they can't name) proving that black people get into college 100, 300, 500, or 800 points lower on the SAT than their white peers. At some number that might be true, I don't know what number that is. Of course, getting into Harvard at 300 points lower than everybody else is still a major accomplishment... especially when, on the other side, "everybody else" includes people who got in because Daddy went to school there and bought them a new building last year.

In the end, though, it doesn't amount to much. "Oh, their diplomas aren't worth as much because they got in at a lower SAT score!!!!" So? Look, it doesn't really matter if you got in because of the color of your skin or the color of your money - or heck, the color of your goddamn panties! What matters is staying in. Unless I'm mistaken, grading isn't typically done with affirmative action in mind (although bribes of cash or sex might be part of the equation, I guess), is it? If anything, I'd assume that the proportion of graders who think "oh, affirmative action!" and grade accordingly is about equal to the proportion of bosses and HR folks who think that and hire accordingly.

And then there are the comments that combine that line about affirmative action with "Well, the black people I've met don't dress right and don't know how to talk and I don't like them". Who the hell are they hiring? I've yet to meet the person (of any race!) who didn't understand that you talk and dress and act one way with your family and friends and another way at the office and at church. (Worst is the person who phrased that exact argument as "Unlike ME, black people insist on clinging to their ethnic identity in clothes and hair and speech". Somehow that contrives to sound even more offensive than "They dress like slobs and can't string one word in front of the other and are all going in to work drugged up and playing loud music at their desks all day".)
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1. Jenn - they're praying mantis egg cases!

An article on being the adoptive black parents of a white child, which is not the usual way of multi-racial adoption in the US. (I forgot who gave me this)

A reminder - Geocities is closing this year. Thanks, [ profile] pne.

Two links from [ profile] thornleaf, one on posting to Twitter using nothing but your BRAIN and another on a woman who left the house for the first time in 18 years thanks to the internet.

Another parody for that NOM ad, thank you [ profile] griffen. And look - Giant Gay Repellent Umbrella is a real site! (I've only seen parodies of this ad, not the ad proper. Do I want to change that?)

And this, the most gratuitous mention of same-sex marriage I've seen in the news so far.

The article is about states, due to the economic climate, cutting down on the hours of their workforce, which is interesting enough on its own and very relevant. But the first paragraph, out of nowhere, starts out: "Licenses for same-sex marriages were supposed be issued in Iowa starting this Friday. But because of a crimped state budget, court employees will be on mandatory furlough that day and the courts will be closed. Gay couples cannot start filing for their licenses until Monday." Which, you know, affects people in opposite-sex marriages too. NOBODY is getting married in Iowa until Monday. It just seems tacked on, you know?

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One on amazing options for new uses of asphalt to make energy. MUST READ.

People keep saying it, and it's true. The future will belong to the people (that is, the nations and regions) that jump on these new energy sources now instead of later. You can count on it. If there is a future, that is. If there isn't, the future will belong to the cockroaches, as always.

A post on two people finding the middle and falling in love when they had had totally incompatible religious views.

A NYTimes blog post on the stupidity of air travel regulations

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One on cooking and heat - more interesting than I just summed up

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An article on (too?) early education

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I don't think I've ever felt less reassured in my life.

(Reassuring speeches do tend to have that effect on me, of course - but I'm even less reassured when, apparently, they're given to the tune of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You all have to read the article, by the way - you won't regret it.)


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