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6 year old accused of sexual harassment

A pair of Philadelphians bringing their style of pretzel to Brooklyn

Breastfeeding mom kicked out of Conn. court

Mars Curiosity rover finds life-supporting chemicals

200,000 people apply to live on Mars

Bernie Sanders Introduces New Health Care Legislation: Medicare For All

Nearly Half of All U.S. Schoolchildren Live in Low-Income Households

An Organic Greenhouse Run by Farmers With Autism

Remote classroom illustrates China's education challenges

Big Brother spying is reaching scary levels

Storage Tips for Winter Vegetables

What Happened On Easter Island — A New (Even Scarier) Scenario

US job openings reach 5-year high, a hopeful sign

It seems to me that I've spent my adult life listening to people say "no, really, the economy is doing better now!"

Girl in the Shadows: Dasani's Homeless Life

This is a long, 5-part article. I wasn't going to post it when I read it, because it is so very depressing in parts, but everybody else seems to be passing it around and I'd rather be a little depressing than very behind the times.
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Apparently, people hate Obamacare, but love the Affordable Care Act.

American healthcare was already socialized by Reagan, we’re just fighting about how to pay for it

Millions of Poor Are Left Uncovered by Health Law

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One about how Neanderthals and Humans may have totally had hot, hot sex.

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And one about the AAP and female circumcision.

Apparently, the AAP is suggesting that instead of banning the procedure outright (and thus prompting families to send their girls back to Africa where the whole shebang can be done without any sort of sanitary equipment) that instead we allow a very minor version in a hospital.

I can actually see where they're coming from. They're saying that if people will do it anyway, better it be done safely. And I imagine they're thinking that by controlling this themselves they can make sure the most minor form of FGM is done instead of the most major.

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A report by Amnesty International on the shocking (!) rate of death in childbirth in the US.

Apparently more than two woman a day die of pregnancy related causes... if this information is even accurate, which it might not be.

And those two woman? Are probably black. Black woman are four times as likely to die from pregnancy related complications than white woman, even though they aren't any more likely to suffer from complications such as hemorrhage.

I'm not actually shocked or surprised by this, of course.

Here's an article about the fight in Ethiopia to eliminate bride abduction. It's fascinating. (Also, it gave me nightmares. This article gets its very own trigger warning for its descriptions of rape.

Oh, and I have two quick posts on Jewish literature, particularly fantasy:

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One on the effects of wi-fi on school buses in Arizona

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On a non-standard gender marriage in Malawi. It's not clear from the article if this is a same-sex marriage or if one of the partners is transgendered.

Interesting quote: Aninsia Kachepa, Mr. Chimbalanga’s older sister, wept into her blouse at the simple mention of her jailed brother. “I have never heard of this homosexuality, and I am still not understanding,” she said.

“Tell me, how is it physically possible, one man having sex with another?”

It's not as strange as some people think, I'm sure.

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One I thought I posted before, but can't find about medicine in Cuba.

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I have one more coming, but it's long.


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