Sep. 7th, 2017

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Free lunch now will be provided for all NYC public school students

It is about time. Now, if they would only start distributing full-fare student metrocards on the basis of income rather than distance-from-school. The bus isn't cheaper just because you live closer!
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Very first day of school, Ana left her lunch.
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The first day is half a day with only half the class and your designated adult. The second day is half a day with the same half class. The third day is the first day the whole class is together for the whole day, no adults.

This is great for the kid who has never been to school, preschool, or daycare.

For the working family whose kid has been in preschool or daycare for years, it's all a little superfluous.

J's mother just started a new job this week. She could hardly start work Wednesday and then immediately take the next two days off, could she? This is how I ended up sitting with J in pre-k today.

When I did this for Eva, lo these many years ago, there was a lot of nattering on about how pre-k isn't about play anymore. Yuck. (That was the principal. The teachers were more practical.) This teacher really emphasized how the kids get to play and how it's so important. It's really not my business, but I'm definitely relieved to hear that!

Anyway, walking home I met with a friend who used to go to school with me. I told her about Eva's middle school issues, and she said "Over my dead body would my kids attend that school" (the one we're zoned for, I mean). I'm always relieved to know it's not me. That school is just toxic.


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