Feb. 9th, 2017

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Though I've got a few questions that have not been satisfactorily answered:

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Despite few taste genes, honey bees seek out essential nutrients based on floral resources

How do you move a 6-ton Civil War battle painting? Slowly

Deeper origin of gill evolution suggests 'active lifestyle' link in early vertebrates

Unearthing the Lost Version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Malaria parasite may trigger human odor to lure mosquitoes

Fake Feline Friend

Finding the Blank Spaces in a Well-Mapped World

Largest group of Australia's insects collaborate to avoid being eaten

Once-reviled scavenger bird now the pride of its Indian home

New engineered material can cool roofs, structures with zero energy consumption

Total recall: the people who never forget

Human DNA softer than DNA single-celled life

Found: A Gecko That Loses Its Giant Scales if It Is So Much as Touched

Tarantulas inspire new structural color with the greatest viewing angle

Chaucer's Post-Truth World

The Public’s Viewpoint: Regulations are Protections

Last Cuban doctor defectors arrive in US after policy change

One Judge’s Order For Hate Crime Committers: Read More Books

How Doctors’ Offices—and Queer Culture—Are Failing Autistic LGBTQ People

Photos of maximum-security prisons in Norway and the US reveal the extremes of prison life

Death in the Forest

Demonstrations Continue Around Paris Over Alleged Sexual Assault By Police

Bees give up searching for food when humans degrade their land

How a global board games giant exploited Ireland's Magdalene women

Go to Jail. Die From Drug Withdrawal. Welcome to the Criminal Justice System.

A young, shackled black man is shot to death — and the police say he killed himself.

The Death Toll in the Crackdown on Myanmar's Rohingya People Could Be Far Higher Than Estimated

Bangladesh says stopping Rohingya militants, allowing 'helpless' refugees

Putin signs law reducing punishment for domestic battery


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