Jan. 30th, 2017

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The Counterintuitive History of Black Hats, White Hats, And Villains

Trees supplement income for rural farmers in Africa

Why Are Rats Always the Bad Guys?

In the North Slope Borough School District, of which Ipalook is a part, Iñupiaq is a required class for all students, kindergarten through twelfth grade. Even non-Iñupiaq students—about a quarter of the North Slope population—must take a course in Iñupiaq, the language of the place where they are being raised. Thanks to the wounds of history and the pressures of modern life, Iñupiaq is fast disappearing, not unlike the sea ice that historically surrounds the North Slope for the majority of the year.

The Mistaken Case of the Killer Cornbread

Escape Artist Harry Houdini Was an Ingenious Inventor, He Just Didn't Want Anybody to Know

Resistance Against Inferior Chocolate Is Never Futile

The Curious Curriculum of the 1950s Red Cross 'Bride Schools'

Inside India's first department of happiness

My Menu For Lunar New Year: Guilt, Confusion, With A Side Of Angst

Watch a Man Turn a Lump of Hot Sugar Into a Bunny

Thailand separates LGBT inmates, considers segregated prison

Singapore's plea to its people: Won’t you please have more children?

"There is a line that separates the reasonably just from the mere functionary"

The Panther You Want

Culinary schools struggle with enrollment decline

US homelessness declines: What's working?

The Truth About the Lost Marines of the Vietnam War's Last Battle

Ex-cop: it’s “bizarre” if we can’t explain to public what our snooping gear does

There used to be 4 billion American chestnut trees, but they all disappeared

What's life like in Supermax prison?

Malnourished Prisoner’s Death Reveals Horrific Conditions in a Texas Prison

Mikhail Gorbachev: 'It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War'

Former warlord's return could shake up Afghan politics


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