Jan. 19th, 2017

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The kids' mother got her hours cut, which means I got my time cut and right now am just ferrying them between daycare and the boat to meet her.

And I've already got a new copy of Duck, Duck, Bruce coming in the mail, and what am I going to do with that now?

Been playing a lot of "I'm thinking of a secret word" with the older kid on the bus. He wanted his brother to have a shot, so I tried "I'm thinking of a superhero". Of course, even I am aware that at four years old, it's unlikely the kid is ready for this game, but it made everybody happy to pretend he was.

Me: I'm thinking of a superhero who wears red.
Kid: Is it Robin?
Me: Good guess, but it's not Robin. This superhero wears red, and lives in New York.
Brother: Oh, I know who it is!
Kid: Is it BATMAN?
Brother: Batman doesn't wear red!
Me: No, that's a good guess, but Batman doesn't wear red. This superhero wears red, lives in New York, and shoots webs.
Kid: You're wrong! That's Peter Parker! Batman doesn't shoot webs! He's Bruce Wayne! It's Batman!

Yup. And this is why we rarely play this game with kids who aren't yet five.


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