Mar. 18th, 2006

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You know what? I don't believe that.

Oh, I believe that she's having more and more trouble trusting people, but I don't believe that people are less trustworthy now than they've ever been.

That statement sounds suspiciously akin to "children today are far worse behaved than in my youth" and "the end is near" and "there's nothing new under the sun", statements which have been made since the discovery of fire. I'd say that they seem to be said more often these days, but then I'd have to smack myself. It's just that I notice them more because I'm not a child.

When I was a child, I was more trusting than I am today. I was naive, and even when people didn't act in a trustworthy manner, I often didn't notice, or chalked it up to one-time events. Now I'm, of course, a born cynic - but I don't believe the world has changed. I think I've changed, is all.

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Of course, I have no way to sort out those few bad apples (and I don't think there's proportionately that much more of them now than at any other time in human history) from the good. The safe thing to do probably would be to not trust any of them.

But I just refuse to do that. I absolutely refuse to go around acting as though everybody I meet is probably scum (or, at least, people from certain restricted classes who, for reasons outside their control, Just Can't Be Trusted. Catch the hidden message in this rant, why don't you). It's not right, and it's not fair, and it really pisses me off when people act like that anyway. Caution is okay, in a fair measure. Paranoia generally isn't.

Furthermore, I refuse to justify other people's stupid beliefs. Whether or not anybody trusts me, or cares, I am going to resolve, from now, to conscientiously act in a reasonably trustworthy and upstanding manner. This will not, of course, change anybody's opinion, even if I managed to get a lot of people to do that.

But I absolutely cannot stand people making dire statements like this and expecting the world to conform. I hate it.

(Plus, it really really *really* irritates me when those same "can't trust anybody" people then go ahead and act in stupidly foolhardy ways. Do they think they can't trust anybody, or that the world is populated full of saints? I just can't tell sometimes!)


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