Sep. 10th, 2017

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There is a time to snuggle and a time to desist from snuggling, a time to kill mice and a time to not kill mice.

Sigh. At least the neighbors ought to be happy, she caught that mouse in their yard. And then ate the entire thing when I told her to finish killing it before coming up and headbutting me, yuck.


This Nineteenth-Century Genealogist Argued Norse God Odin Was George Washington’s Great-Great-Great… Grandfather

A Free Food Forest in the Bronx (Video)

From Ocean To Potion: Kelp Finds A Niche In The Craft Beer Market

The History of Passport Photos, From ‘Anything Goes’ to Today’s Mugshots

Scientists expose true extent of cuckoo's cunning

The Social Benefits of Swearing

Queso Is the World’s Most Perfect Food

6 Valuable Works of Art Discovered in People's Attics and Garages

Julian Germain photographed classrooms in 19 countries all over the world (More pictures here)

The Secret Logic of Cows

Shabbat in Zimbabwe

Yuck or yum? Swiss offer insect burgers of mealworm larvae

5 Places America Should Have Saved

Statistics show just how profound the inequalities in America’s education system have become.

Suburban Sprawl Stole Your Kids' Sleep

The last Nazi hunters

Subsidizing massive tech companies isn’t paying off for workers

Michigan Gambled on Charter Schools. Its Children Lost.

The NIMBY Fight That Rocked an Iowa City

The Deadly 1991 Hamlet Fire Exposed the High Cost of “Cheap”

The Alt-Right View of ‘Free Speech’ isn’t Even Simplistic

Residents cough, rub eyes in Harvey pollution spike

How Coastal Cities Are Evolving to Deal With Extreme Rain

Harvey's floodwaters give way to festering piles of garbage

Hurricanes drive addiction issues into public square

FEMA’s outdated flood maps made Houston’s bad situation worse

This Weather Is Not Normal. And It Will Only Get Worse.

Smaller US cities struggle with high teen gun violence rates

The Freedom Plea: How Prosecutors Deny Exonerations by Dangling the Prison Keys (Read this article too)

Eighteenth century nautical charts reveal coral loss

Fleeing Rohingya face hunger, little hope in Bangladesh camp


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