Aug. 13th, 2017

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is A Tale of Time City. Great book - a rare one of DWJ's that doesn't end with a sudden epidemic of love at first sight.

And what I remember from the book more clearly than any other detail is Vivian's lesson on the universal characters everybody uses. She's having trouble with her translation, can't figure out if one character means "old" or "funny", and is told to try antic - it means both.

This is the one and only time I've read that antic means both, though once the connection is made, the fact that it's cognate with "antique" is obvious.

Today I finally got around to looking up the etymology:

1520s, antick, antyke, later antique (with accent on the first syllable), "grotesque or comical gesture," from Italian antico "antique," from Latin antiquus "old, ancient; old-fashioned" (see antique (adj.)). In art, "fantastical figures, incongruously combined" (1540s).

Originally (like grotesque) a 16c. Italian word referring to the strange and fantastic representations on ancient murals unearthed around Rome (especially the Baths of Titus, rediscovered 16c.); later extended to "any bizarre thing or behavior," in which sense it first arrived in English. As an adjective in English from 1580s, "grotesque, bizarre." In 17c. the spelling antique was restricted to the original sense of that word.

Now everything makes sense again!
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And I bet you thought the stories in The Onion were made up.

If you're worried about the news... well, I don't know what to do about the right wing, or about white supremacists, but we may be able to do something about the nukes. Now, normally I'd say they're no threat because nobody would be foolish enough to launch one, but....

Well, anyway. Call your congresscritters and ask them to cosponsor the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act. This would require the sitting president to get Congressional approval before using Nuclear Weapons for any purpose other then retaliation - and I think it's safe to say that nobody else would ever be dumb enough to hit first, so we'd never use them.

You can check to see if your congressfolk are cosponsors at these links:

If they're already cosponsers, call them up to thank them. They need all the thanks they can get.
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Have to inveigle Ana to get new clothes for herself (no, Ana, two pairs of pants and a shirt of your mom's is NOT sufficient for school, thank you) and roughly plan some lessons but - oh, I am so excited! This feeling will fade, better make the most of it while I can.


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Refugee rescue ship sails to aid of anti-migrant activists stranded in Med (They're horrible people, but the hard part about being the good guys is that you still have to help them.)

Reputation Study Asks, Would You Rather Cut Off Your Hand or Be Known as a Nazi? (If thy right hand offend thee....)

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Most Americans would look at these charts and conclude that inequality is out of control. The president, on the other hand, seems to think that inequality isn’t big enough.

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Charlottesville: Trump under fire after failing to denounce white supremacists


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