May. 31st, 2017

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I washed the dogs and now they don't smell bad.


Seeing life in fast-forward: Visual brain predicts future events based on past experience

How Crystal Rose Candy is Made (Definitely worth both watching AND listening to!)

Reliving Communist past helps East German dementia patients

‘This is not the end’: Using immunotherapy and a genetic glitch to give cancer patients hope

California Is Ready To Recognize A Third Gender. Is The Rest Of The Country?

Barack Obama on food and climate change: ‘We can still act and it won’t be too late’

The brain detects disease in others even before it breaks out

How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking

How to Really Help Gay Teens Thrive

The Prepper Obsession With Clothes

Somaliland Wants To Make One Thing Clear: It Is NOT Somalia

The Racial Segregation of American Cities Was Anything But Accidental

Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens

America's Private-Prison Industry Has Always Been All Right

President Trump has been urging world leaders to call him on his cellphone, raising security and secrecy concerns

Is It Possible to Resist Deportation in Trump's America?

A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance

Ben Carson’s Thinking, and How Poverty Affects Your State of Mind

Nowhere to go for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh after cyclone wrecks camps

Native American men in Washington state run over by white man in pickup truck shouting racial slurs

Russian Activists Say They’ve Been Told US Visas Are Out Of Reach For Gay Chechens

'Heat island' effect could double climate change costs for world's cities

Portland stabbing suspect yells in court: Free speech or die


May. 31st, 2017 05:55 pm
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The dogs like to spend time in my room. My cat, therefore, is not spending much time with me. She just got used to Moonpie, but Finn will very occasionally decide to be a jerk and lunge at her. We're working on the concept, but it's going to be a long while before she's comfortable anywhere near him.

And I like the dogs, I do... but they don't purr, and their fur is the wrong texture, and they don't knead or bump foreheads, and they don't smell right. They are not, in fact, cats.

This is a bit of a problem, but we're coping.

Finn has stopped howling. He still barks when we're out of sight, but he's now consolable, and will often shut up before he sees us return, if he just hears us. Also, he's started snatching from Moonpie occasionally, which I don't want, but at least it's even-pawed now. She snatches from him, he snatches from her, I ultimately take whatever-it-is away from both of them.


The Spider Web That Gets Stronger When It Touches Insects

Czech restaurants, bars go smoke-free after years of debate

The 20th-century war on women's swimwear

Some cities, states help minorities enter marijuana industry

Where the Teacher’s Pet Sleeps in a Dog Bed

Gay vulture dads hatch chick at a zoo in Amsterdam

Me Time (I feel this so much.)

U.S. probe to make unprecedented plunge into sun's atmosphere

Deep Springs College, the century-old school where young men read Plato and tend cattle, is on the verge of opening to women.

A University That Prioritizes the Students Who Are Often Ignored

She’s got a radical approach for the age of superbugs: Don’t fight infections. Learn to live with them

Why Are Americans So Hostile to State-Funded Art?

Colombia’s Guerrillas Come Out of the Jungle

Texas immigration lockdowns holding some families too long

DHS Public Database Includes Personal Information of Abuse Victims

Inside Trump's war on regulations

Recipients Fear Cuts to Food Stamps and Disability Aid in Trump Budget

The Ghost of Climate-Change Future

People smugglers make $35 bln a year on migrant crisis: IOM head

In Mexico, the price of America’s hunger for heroin


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