Dec. 22nd, 2007

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At one point, I'm doing... I don't remember, something at the counter, and behind me I hear Jenn comment that "She'll really be surprised" or somesuch. So I ask "Who she?" meaning "Do you mean me, or can I turn around right now?"

Well, we've been doing a lot of winking and nudging with Angelique lately. She thinks it's fun (it is fun!) and she likes to feel involved, preferably by actually being involved at some level. So Jenn responds, very dramatically, "Oh. Nobody. I didn't say anything!"

And do you know what Angelique said? "It's Nanen's!"

(I know it's really mine, of course, but if I didn't already guess by Jenn's deliberately bad playacting, I would have been fooled by Angelique's deception.)

Later, I asked Jenn what she got me outright, and she pretends (wink wink nudge nudge - say it with me!) she did not get me anything. Angelique then pipes up that it's a pillow. After making faces at my sister for a bit, I ascertain that no, it is not a pillow.

Last year, she would not have done that. She did lie, but not well enough to *ever* fool me, and not at socially approved times. If asked to keep a secret, she'd go "Okay!" and then run to share the secret with the person she was supposed to be keeping the secret from. Or she'd blurt it out by seeming accident (I was never too sure about that one way or another) going "I won't tell you that your present is whatever" or something.

This is such a major step, and I didn't even see it coming until it was here. Wow.
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Canada's PM says Dalai Lama "not a call girl"

In his defense, he's not actually bucking for the Captain Obvious awards this year. What he meant to say is that the Dalai Lama is "a respected international spiritual leader" whom he has every right to meet wherever the heck he wants without being criticized for his "disgusting conduct", but his mouth apparently decided to move before he remembered he was being recorded.
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Do you know what I saw at the Genovese* yesterday?

Oh, go ahead - guess. It's something disturbing and wrong.

Give up? )

*Technically, it's a Rite Aid. It *was* a Genovese, then it became an Eckerds for 10 years or so, and now it's a Rite Aid. But if Random Teenager who works there can expound on the subject, and he wasn't even *born* when the name changed the first time, I feel justified in saying that I'm not wrong.


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