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And as we were eating, I suggested that they go to the park after. They all declined due to pure laziness (seriously, that was their reason), so I pointed around the table decrying sloth. Well, we all do that, right?

So Eva asked what sloth means, and this launched the two adults into a discussion of the seven deadly sins, with a tangent into the seven wonders of the world.

We kept missing one sin (pride, it turns out), but the nieces were really astonished with the concept of "wrath" being a deadly sin. "How can being angry be a sin?" they asked. "What if somebody does something really bad, shouldn't you be upset at them?" "That's just ridiculous!" "What, seriously, you can't be angry if people hurt you?"

They were similarly skeptical of "gluttony", though "envy" made perfect sense to them. I'm not sure what they'd think of "pride".

Date: 2014-05-22 05:32 am (UTC)
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Heh, good on them.


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