Sep. 6th, 2017

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The trouble is, all our middle school options are so sucky - or else they're minimally adequate but also unobtainable. I'm going to call a few schools Thursday to see if they have open seats for 7th grade, but....

(Even if they do, they're all outside a reasonable commute window, and have an early start time. And none of them have stellar academics, they just have less bullying than the other schools.)


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Nigerian vigilantes fight Boko Haram one bullet at a time
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Eva and Ana have been homeschooled the past few years specifically to avoid our god-awful middle school. It's really, truly, legitimately bad. Like, they had to invent a new circle of hell bad. Like, in the past month, multiple students at that school have told me, apropos of absolutely nothing that there are a lot of fights and people get beat up every month. Like, people who don't live in this neighborhood and aren't zoned for that school know how bad it is.

(The academics aren't so good either.)

So if you were scratching your head wondering "But is she not already attending school?", well, no, that's the point.

(And I feel her when she says she wants more social time. I think that's extremely valid. It's not something I wanted at that age, but she's much more extroverted than I am. I'd be happier about it if she didn't vehemently shoot down everything her parents and I have tried for the past three years to get her more social time during the school day.)


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