Jun. 29th, 2017

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And when I came back I wandered around a bit on the conviction that if I headed downhill and generally towards the bridge, I'd eventually come out somewhere I recognized. (Gee, there are a lot of dead end streets in that neighborhood!)

This was completely accurate. I came out at Stone Street. Stone Street is a very narrow, very steep street leading from St. Paul's to Van Duzer. The street is exactly one (narrow) lane wide, no room on the sides for parking. The sidewalks, which have rails, are very narrow. Oh, and there's a tree growing in the middle of it.

20-odd years ago, when I first discovered Stone Street, there was a sign about how it was some sort of experiment. That sign appears to be gone. Now there's just a sign saying "Dead End", you know, in case you didn't see the tree. But it's only a dead end for cars. People and doggies can walk down easily, which we did.


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I saw a man pick up a random McDonald's cup from the ground and put it in a plastic bag.

And I was right there, so I said "Thank you!"

Him: You know what, thank YOU for saying thank you!
Me: Oh, good, I was worried for a second that that might be kinda weird.
Him: Oh no! But I do this every day, and people see it, and you know what?
Me: They never say anything.
Him: Nope.
Me: Well, thanks!
Him: You too!

So he did his good deed for the day by cleaning up, and I did it by encouraging him! I felt all warm and fuzzy after. (Because I did worry for a second that it might be kinda weird.)


The Quest to Return Tomatoes to Their Full-Flavored Glory

Incremental discovery may one day lead to photosynthetic breakthrough

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No detectable limit to how long people can live (Okay, great, but I don't particularly want to live to be 1,000 if I spend 915 years of my life in an old age home, so who cares?)

DNA solves ancient animal riddle that Darwin couldn't

Solar paint offers endless energy from water vapor

Select memories can be erased, leaving others intact (Mad. Science.)

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Getting a flu ‘shot’ could soon be as easy as sticking on a Band-Aid

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Having a personality that’s different from average may increase teens’ risk of being bullied (Breaking news, stop the presses.)

Food allergies linked to childhood anxiety


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