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He doesn't need it just yet (no fur) except for his tail, but we want him to be used to it by the time he does need it.

In other news, Callie has finally consented to come in my room and sit on my lap when both dogs are present. This is great! I was worried she felt left out or unloved.

And Jenn has found out about Finn's twice-a-day peanut butter habit. "No wonder he stays up in your room! You keep feeding him doggy crack!" Honestly, she makes it sound like I lured him up here! Now that his weight is about where it ought to be, he'll have to cut down on how much peanut butter he eats. We don't want to go too far overboard in the other direction.


The courting cephalopods of the East China Sea

One of the Earliest Industrial Spies Was a French Missionary Stationed in China

Bedrock of Earth got severely beaten up by hothouse climate conditions during one of planet’s mass extinctions some 200 million years ago. But the process also allowed life to bounce back.

16 Dandelion Recipes

Hand that 'sees' offers new hope to amputees

The Hot New Millennial Housing Trend Is a Repeat of the Middle Ages

You are welcome here, US colleges assure overseas students

The midwife who saved intersex babies

The Twisted History of IUD Design

The Nazi Board Games of World War II

The Nazi Who Infiltrated National Geographic

Border Patrol brings stepped-up recruiting to fairs, rodeos

America’s Other Drug Problem

Why U.S. Criminal Courts Are So Dependent on Plea Bargaining

The Broken Promises of Choice in New York City Schools

Spooked by Trump, Central American immigrants turn to Mexico

Who Is a ‘Criminal’?

Female dragonflies found to fake death to avoid male advances

US plan to improve firefighter shelters falters

The Accidental Get Away Driver

Crumbling roads bring higher taxes

A Principal Is Accused of Being a Communist, Rattling a Brooklyn School (FFS!)

Afghan women fear loss of shelters as funding dwindles

Noise created by humans is pervasive in US protected areas

Why you can't ignore Puerto Rico's bankruptcy

Decades of data on world's oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline

In Ukraine, feeling grows that the east is lost to Russia

At FDA, TVs now turned to Fox News and can't be switched

A Path to America, Marked by More and More Bodies
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