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is that they let us dress them in clothes. (Which they do need in winter, but, I mean, we dress them up year-round.)

However, I was sorely disappointed with one of the shirts Eva picked up recently for Moonpie, which read "Too bad barking doesn't burn calories." We're not just fat-shaming our dog now, we're also bark-shaming her? Not cool - and that's what I told Eva. She didn't argue the point, she returned the shirt, which is good, because the whole message was bizarre and gross.


Genetically Engineering Pigs to Grow Organs for People (I guess it wasn't that long ago that human-to-human organ transplants were bizarre science-fiction - or witchcraft!)

Finding Proper Communication Adaptations in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Stranger Than Friction: When Matches Were Dangerous, Vestas Kept Us Safe

This Church Might Not Look Extraordinary, But Take A Look At It From Another Angle…

X-ray decks: the lost bone music of the Soviet Union

An extra dose of this longevity hormone helped make mice smarter: Protein associated with longer life helps turn Pinky into the Brain.

5 Mythic Eclipse Monsters Who Mess With the Sun and Moon

Cleaving to the Medieval, Journeymen Ply Their Trades in Europe

Netflix's "Atypical" Was a Major Disappointment for Autism Representation

Most Americans Don’t Think Being Prejudiced Makes Someone A Bad Person

Polish villagers hold Jewish wedding without Jews

The class dynamics of breastfeeding in the United States of America

New York mayor wants more taxes from rich for crumbling subway (He also wants to fund half-fare metrocards for poorer New Yorkers. Increase that to also all kids under 18 or enrolled full-time in school - and automatic free fares too and from school no matter how far away they live - and I'm completely with him. Mostly those kids don't pay anyway, but they might pay if the fare was cut.)

Will New York Stop Arresting People for Evading Subway Fares?

Bank of England to keep animal fat in banknotes despite complaints

How The Dream Of America's 'Nuclear Renaissance' Fizzled

Chicago will sue Trump administration over sanctuary cities grant threat

Trump Is 'Locked and Loaded' in a Nuclear Game of Chicken (Who will rid us of this troublesome president?)

Any new Korean war could quickly escalate to catastrophe

When Prisoners Are a 'Revenue Opportunity'

White nationalist rally in Virginia sparks violent clashes, emergency declaration

What I Learned From the Neo-Nazi in My Prison Book Club

The Rise of the Valkyries: In the alt-right, women are the future, and the problem

Kenyan Women Just Fought One of the Most Violent Campaigns in History

What’s it like to watch a country implode? To see a democracy destroyed and an economy crater?

Case of maggots in throat offers rare look at neglect probes

Braving Cancer Amid the Chaos of Syria
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