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And it's not supposed to stop until seven.


'Origami organs' can potentially regenerate tissues

When Physicians Used Lunar Signs to Diagnose Patients

How To Fix Poverty: Why Not Just Give People Money?

Japanese scientists create ice cream that doesn't melt

How Ice Cream Helped America at War

Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street

A human face in a variety of different map projections

Tolkien’s Map and The Messed Up Mountains of Middle-earth (I remember the story about the first map done of Discworld. Standard fantasy job, the river running down the mountains. Terry Pratchett took one look at it and asked "So, what's the rain shadow on those mountains?" Somebody got quite an education that day!)

From Syria to Black Lives Matter: 3 ways WWI still shapes America

The mayor of Salt Lake County spent three days living like a homeless person in order to better understand their needs. (He also made a small donation to the shelter he stayed in to defray the cost of his stay.)

Hugs, drugs and choices—helping traumatised animals

Salvage archaeology: When rising seas threaten to wash away history

More Syrian child brides in Jordan amid poverty, uncertainty

My Dentist's Murder Trial

When Prosecutors Bully

Opioid Users Are Filling Jails. Why Don’t Jails Treat Them?

Sessions' broad attack on leaks aimed at an audience of one: Trump

Rights group: Israel bans Gazans from traveling with laptops

Why did Yousef Muslet face life in prison for an everyday gesture?

This Girl Has Been Missing For 19 Years, But You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Her

Kenyans stockpile food, police get first aid kits ahead of vote
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