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Definitely an improvement. Good thing, too - this book is the reason I've been recommending the new editions to everybody :) This is not only now a fairly good representation of an explicitly autistic character* but also a rare representation of an autistic character of color.

* Some people have noted that both Nita and especially Dairine show no small number of autistic traits. There may be a reason enough autistics were invested in this series to complain to the author!


New York Public Library now offers free Criterion Collection streaming to all members

Device could make washing machines lighter and greener

Boeing draws a plane in the sky with flight path

The ctenophore’s brain suggests that, if evolution began again, intelligence would re-emerge because nature repeats itself

U.S. Muslims More Accepting of Homosexuality Than White Evangelicals (US Muslim acceptance of gays has very nearly doubled in just ten years! Of course, everybody's acceptance of gays seems to have increased in that same time period.)

From Boy Geniuses to Mad Scientists: How Americans Got So Weird About Science

The man who has focused on one word for 23 years

Older People Will Need Much Better Transit

Guys don’t tape your penis shut instead of using a condom (One would think this goes without saying...!)

GTA5 and the problem of privilege

To Catch a Counterfeiter

China gripped by censored essay on Beijing

How Fast Food Chains Supersized Inequality

The Forgotten Refugees: A new report highlights the crisis facing unprotected, internally displaced populations.

What Happens When Long-Term US Residents Get Deported To Mexico

Trump says banning immigrants helps US workers. A leading economist says he’s wrong.

Leaked Transcripts Show How Foreign Leaders Manipulate Trump

The Clarence Thomas Takeover

'We'll never be the same': A hydroponic tomato garden and some tea leaves led police to raid Kansas family's home

She Was Convicted of Killing Her Mother. Prosecutors Withheld the Evidence That Would Have Freed Her.

The war America can't win: how the Taliban are regaining control in Afghanistan

The Myth of Reverse Racism

The myth that all black students get a free ride is just that — a myth. Even with affirmative action or other diversity programs, black students take on twice as much debt as their white peers.

Sexual Assault May Trigger Involuntary Paralysis
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