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wherein I hadn't rehomed the kittens, but had simply forgotten to take care of them. Every time I've ever had to rehome an animal, I have some variation on this dream, so it was a good thing that I woke up to a text notification - a new picture of the kittens!

They have clearly grown since leaving my care. Well, that's what kittens do. Also, they're apparently friendlier, though Kid Blink is still skittish.

You know, I keep thinking it's a pity about the eye - but it really isn't. You can't save every kitten, and if you try, you really just do them harm. If it weren't for that eye, I would've tsked when I saw them, and possibly TNR'd them, but that's about it. I would not have over-exerted myself over them. There's always another kitten out there. Can't get them all.

But with that eye, I worried, and because I worried, I nabbed them both. And they're really doing better off than they would've been. So really, that bad eye is a stroke of luck for them. I don't know that it saved their lives, but it certainly made them longer, happier, and healthier lives - and they won't add to the kitten population.


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