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I haven't been having my regular snuggles with Callie because Finn's been all up in my space all the time and they don't get along. Which means she hasn't been having her teeth brushed, which means I don't know when this happened, but yesterday I *was* having a good snuggle with her, and when she went to nibble on my finger (as she does) I noticed it didn't feel right.

Her upper left canine is gone.

She was at the vet a few months ago, he said her teeth looked great (it's the teeth brushing) so I don't think she just lost it. On the other hand, she's clearly not in any pain - she's eating normally, drinking fine, nuzzling me... and as I said, I found out about this because she decided to engage in her usual pastime of gnawing on my fingers. And there's no visible external injury either.

But she's going to have to go back to the vet over this, right?
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