Jun. 30th, 2017

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Eva is friends with N. N is friends with J. Eva doesn't particularly like J, but she tries to get along with her most of the time. (Some of the time they mutually ostracize each other.)

J's mother tends to overprotect her relative to the rest of the neighborhood. N's mother follows the more usual neighborhood tradition of letting her children roam completely unsupervised.

So, yesterday Eva asked if she could go to the pool. I said she shouldn't, but I guessed she could if she got back in time for her dentist appointment. (Spoiler, she didn't get back in time.) Later, as I'm walking around, J's mother stops me. "You don't look like you just got back from the pool!"

Apparently, J had told her I went there and supervised, because J isn't allowed to go to the pool without an adult. And J's mom thought this was a bit unlikely - she's known me 20 years, she knows I can't swim and don't particularly like crowds - but went along with it. Except I blew it right then and there.

So I got home and chewed Eva out. No lying to people about me! At least loop me in!

The plot thickens - J's grandmother (according to Eva) thought her daughter was being a bit overprotective and told J to tell her that I was there. Now, I'm with J's grandmother here, buuuuut... I would not have gone along with this. She's going to be gone long before her daughter will, nobody ever moves away from this block.

I told Eva that if this sort of thing happens again, she needs to be out of the room when the actual lying is going on. If she's not officially party to it, it's not her problem. I think that was the right thing to say. Was that the right thing to say?

(Well, J doesn't seem to be grounded, anyway, at least not while her mother is working and her grandmother is watching, so my guess is Eva was telling the truth.)


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