Apr. 20th, 2017

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I figure once in a while, an early pick-up and an excursion is good - tires them out!

This playground is at Battery Park City. You know, the squirrels there are very tame, come right up to you. (A few years ago, I met up with somebody from Australia at that playground, and she just could not get over the squirrels. They don't have them in Australia, of course, and the fact that they were very nearly pets...! They'll eat out of your hand if you let them, or even if you don't.) Somebody had foolishly left an open container of strawberries and grapes in a stroller. I come into the playground, and there's a squirrel industriously raiding it for snacks. Naturally it didn't even blink as I moved close. Eventually made off with, like, half of them.

I didn't see the fallout of this, but do you know, I bet that person blamed another child? LOL. Moral: Don't leave food out in urban parks.
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has a rotary bookcase. I want a rotary bookcase. I want several of them, soooooo bad. But I digress. The bookcase was mostly empty, and to be honest, the books were... oddly chosen.

Like, I'm not going to sit in the waiting room and read Twilight. How early did I even get there!? If I wanted to read Twilight, I would've brought my own copy, right? So I could take it with me?

I'm thinking that short stories are more the thing, so I'll run by the Strand and the local used bookstore this week and see if I can get any collections of same for cheap.

All their waiting rooms could use a better selection of magazines, too. Should I ever win the lottery, I know I'll spend a hefty chunk of it donating magazine subscriptions to offices I've had to wait in. (Oddly, the orthodontist has a great selection. National Geographic, Discover, Time, Woman's Day, Time Out New York - there's something for nearly everybody, though he could do with a few kid's subscriptions. Cricket, I guess. I mean, that's mostly his patients, right? I should suggest that next time I go in.)

Oooh, there's a thought. I was going to order a new subscription to the NYTimes and a few other periodicals soon. If the digital + print edition is the same or very close in price to the plain digital edition, maybe I should send the print edition to MSK! I wonder if this counts as charity when mostly I'm the one benefiting. (I wonder if it counts as charity if I implore anybody who has back issues of Cricket or any other Carus magazines to send them my way. I'll read 'em, and then drop them off at the doctor. Or the orthodontist.)


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