Apr. 18th, 2017

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And he is legally ours!

He's too underweight still to undergo surgery (because of one internal testicle, it has to wait until he gains a bit) but he's eating nicely, despite his bad teeth. And he's been running! And jumping down from high things! Because his nails have been clipped! He's really a very happy dog.

I'm not entirely certain that the neighbors ever saw my note about how their dog was in the shelter. On the one hand, I maintain that the fact that I told them I'd take their (poor, neglected) dog to the shelter if I saw it out alone without tags again really ought to be sufficient... but on the other hand, I'm not sure they'll agree. Because clearly, they didn't go to the shelter and pick him up, so.... Yeah, it's gonna be a fun conversation. I can only hope that I can repeat my previous six-year streak of never, ever encountering these people. (I'm not sure I can. They seem to know my neighbors two doors down on either side. I know my neighbors two doors down on either side. I ought to meet up with those neighbors and carefully present my side of the story soon.)

Ugh, I haven't even "practiced to deceive" and I still feel trapped in a web. It's not deceiving until and unless I actually take him to the groomer and dye him.
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Moonpie's nails were too long and the quicks have grown. That's embarrassing, considering how I've railed against that with Finn. But they weren't long enough to keep her from running and jumping, and we're going to go on a twice-monthly trimming schedule until both dogs will let us trim their nails ourselves. Then we'll move to every week until the quicks have well and truly receded.


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