Apr. 11th, 2017

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She looked at her toys, but she either didn't know what to do with them or was nervous about letting us know what she liked. I get like that too sometimes.

Then she discovered soft plush squeakies. And those were the only things she would chew. Turns out she liked to chew, quite a bit. Soft plush squeakies are not quite made for this level of abuse, so I taught her hide and seek. She gets amazingly enthused about this game, when she's in the mood to play. I tuck the toy under a blanket. She fetches it. Yay!

The other day, she destroyed a brand new toy, so I took it away for her. This started her on an epic, tail-wagging quest to win the game of hide and seek. I felt so bad for her, I finished removing the stuffing and gave the shell back. This was all a bit disappointing, so she ran downstairs, fetched a new toy, and came back.

This all seems so simple, and it is, but she wasn't doing any of this when we got her. Now she's even discovered the joys of rawhide!


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