Jan. 10th, 2017

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Appendix may have important function, new research suggests

Adorable Photos Of A Young Austrian Boy Who Enjoys A Special Friendship With Shy Marmots

Compared to non-humans, we are the fairies.

The Elaborate Wig-Snatching Schemes of the 18th Century

The Barbie Typewriter has a hidden built-in cryptographic capability. Specifically, four alphabet substitution cipher modes that were explained in the manual for the original Mehano electronic typewriter that served as the basis for the Barbie Typewriter. However: As it was probably thought that secret writing would not appeal to girls, the coding/decoding facilities were omitted from the manual. Nevertheless, these facilities can still be accessed if you know how to activate them. (Obviously, nobody at Mattel has ever met a girl, ever.)

The Couple Who Saved China's Ancient Architectural Treasures Before They Were Lost Forever

The Long, Unusual History of the Pickled Cucumber (Be sure to watch the Vlassic commercial. It's surprisingly cute.)

Think chicken: Think intelligent, caring and complex

Blood Pancakes Are The Most Metal of All Flapjacks

Scientists use light to control the logic networks of a cell

The Real Estate Deal of a Lifetime

How The West Was Wrong: The Mystery Of Sacagawea

Relics Of The Space Race, School Planetariums Are An Endangered Species

"We need to talk about pockets." (Link to Metafilter. It doesn't take long for somebody in the comments to opine that clearly, the lack of pockets in women's clothing is the fault of women, because if we just wanted them badly enough the market would respond. Say it with me: You cannot buy what they don't sell.)

Immigration boosts wealth, does not increase inequality: IMF

The Rich Already Have a UBI

I Am Fully Capable of Entertaining Myself in Prison for Decades If Need Be

Scientists discover concussion biomarker

How a KGB Assassin Used the Death of His Child to Defect

Nomads no more: why Mongolian herders are moving to the city

The case against sugar

While The Rest Of The World Retreats, China Expands Investment In The Arab World

State GOP wary as Republicans push repeal of health law

The Brutal (and Fact-Checked) Numbers on Killing Obamacare

Living near major traffic linked to higher risk of dementia

Study: Hiring more black cops won’t stop fatal police shootings of black citizens

Can States Make People Pay Even When Their Convictions Are Overturned?

China's poorest, trying to stay warm, add greatly to smog

The Ghosts of Emmett Till

Getting Away With Murder: Researching lynching cold cases, law students restore history.

Domino effect—the loss of plant species triggers the extinction of animals

The War on Public Schools

Bill Perry Is Terrified. Why Aren’t You?


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