Jun. 17th, 2008

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This is partially my fault - I put in a request for garlic, and lots and lots of avocados (hey, why not?). But then again, given the way my uncle repeatedly said that we can go to the store "every day", going to the store every day might just be what he normally does.

They bought more meat, no I don't know why.

Today, we had for dinner mashed potatoes with apples (and carrots and some celery, and of course onions, but NO GARLIC), and green beans with lemon, and a package of bratwurst (there were two). I saw in the freezer some four or five packages of hot dogs. And, on the door - another coupon. For hot dogs. There are no hot dog buns, of course, though I suppose this is one way to use up all that mustard.

Oh, and I forgot (and Jenn can confirm) - there are very nearly enough pillows in the room my uncle usually has to single-handedly stock the next NYC pillow-fight. (Well, maybe not that many, but there's far more than are reasonable, sensible, even *doable* for a single bed.)
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Why? I don't know why. We haven't even started on the ones here!

And a single bag of avocados (at my request) and only one head of garlic. ONE? Seriously, one? I think I'll just have to be stingy, because for sure I'm not sending that man back to a store until I'm getting goodies for my trip home (and then, I really want to go with him).

He also bought four air fresheners (there are three in use in the main bathroom alone already) and five boxes of baggies.

And left all this crap and more on the kitchen table for me to clean. Ye gods.


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