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How much hyperbole are they engaging in, here? Because if the numbers really add up that way, I'm even more pissed, if possible, than I already was at the needless deaths goin' on!

Wonder how many solar ovens could be bought for $3 trillion.

Edit: That is to say "Is the cost of the war really that high? I honestly had not been paying any attention at all!" rather than "Could we honestly have done this much shit instead?" because, as noted in comments - who can tell?
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On sperm/egg donor privacy

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It's so stupid. Obviously, if both donor and donee (or donor's donated kids) want to meet, or not be so private, it should be allowed.

Oh, hey, it's by Amy Harmon. Dear God. It seems like every other article I really like turns out to be by her. I'm turning into a fangirl. So embarassing.

NY is pushing for better food options in poorer neighborhoods.

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Transit workers reject deal that ended strike. Well, fuck.

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Loosely on threats to media in Iraq

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On illegal spying, and Democrats, and... gah.

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On raw food for pets

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Old news, but still good, on how far recruiters will go to recruit.
One about a documentary on the wall/fence in Israel
One on official Godwinization of people we're at war with
An interview with Moazzam Begg, after being released from Guantanamo
An article on Planned Parenthood
One on abusive relationships
An article on permanent bases in Iraq
And one on Iraq and Iran

And some links from other sources...

Today's WTF moment comes courtesy of Fox News. Man, and here I thought I was the queen of paranoid conspiracy theories, but this one just takes the cake.
At the same time, at least some Musim scholars are arguing against terrorism. I would daresay that they probably represent the majority of Muslims, just as the majority of Christians don't actually believe in bombing abortion clinics and beating up on gay kids. Unfortunately, the shouters always are the ones we remember....
And more proof that Walmart is evil. Like we needed it.


Jul. 25th, 2005 04:21 am
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War: What is it good for?

Giving us time off of work. *nodnodnod*

Hey, if you don't laugh, you have to cry, and that just sucks.
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At least when it comes to things like NYTimes articles which, due to the fact that I repost them here, can't be posted in any real quantity on entries...

I can post them all, but backdate them, and mention on the only non-backdated entry that there's others, with links explaining what they are. Then people can see the entries by clicking the links - they won't clog their friends pages.

Moving on! Articles from the... everything else.

Science-related links

One on the complexity of chickadee chirps.
One on the upcoming flu pandemic.
And here's an article explaining the apparent largeness of the moon at the horizon. I'm not sure I buy this explanation.

Important Things

Okay, so this isn't important. The Southern Baptists are ending their boycott of Disney, even though nothing's changed. Apparently, ending a boycott is what makes it effective. I always thought it was continuing a boycott that did that, but whatever. Don't agree with their view anyway.
And we have an article that may cheer up some of my Christian-and-sane friends. Please, please, please let the sane Christians speak louder!

The war

The "insurgency" in Iraq isn't weakening. Another edition of Connie's "HOW THE HECK IS THIS CONSIDERED NEWS???" updates!
In a vaguely war-related mention, UN investigators accused the US of stalling visits to everybody's favorite prisons.
Here we have yet another editorial on The Memo.
A less emotional article about that subject.
And a third one.

The media

Here's one accusing a journalist of deliberately lying to discredit the UN.

Civil rights

An article on Zach that you might not have seen.

Hm. I may have to store up articles longer....
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One aboug flag worship.

Now, longtime readers of my journal know what I think about the Pledge of Allegience. Indeed, I suspect that I'll have to type up a whole new rant about it soon. Non-longtime readers of my journal can probably guess my general feelings on the subject just based on context, even if they don't know the specifics.

Let's have a new rant for a short time. Most people who support laws or constitutional amendments about the treatment of the flag think of themselves as patriotic Americans. So patriotic, in fact, that they hold a symbol, a flag, in higher regard than one of the basic tenets of American society - the right to freedom of expression. Except, I've noticed something about many of these people. They display their flag proudly - And go out of their way to violate the flag code as they do it. You know, that thing which outlines the proper and respectful way to handle a flag. They let the flag touch the ground. They keep it up all day, every day, unlit at night. They keep it up in all weather, and when it finally becomes so tattered and torn that even they realize it can't be recognized as a flag anymore - they toss it in the trash! (The proper way to dispose of a flag is, of course, to burn it. Or possibly to bury it, but I love telling people that good Americans burn flags.) Oh, and they do a bunch of other things.

I myself think of the flag as a simple symbol when I'm in a good mood and a waste of cloth when I'm not, but I'm not the one being a hypocrite here.

Okay, that rant was random. But man, it pisses me off sometimes.

There's also an article about Iraq.

And one about a PBS documentary on how a kid turns from being very conservative to... well, go read. This is why they want to remove funding from PBS, you know.


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