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And now I'm going to file it away and do absolutely NOTHING with it, but I did say it was hypothetical and random, right? Should the apocalypse come on the same day as me winning several million dollars in the lottery, I guess I'll be prepared. Well, if I can get the supplies.
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Or they insult and criticize others for not reading enough classics, for preferring more recent fiction to books 300 years old. Anything by Dickens or Shakespeare or Milton is exalted and above reproach, anything written in a modern vernacular or involving recent technology and mores is suspect at best. If you can easily understand it it's trash, if you enjoy it you should have picked a harder book, and if you didn't learn anything (it's understood you won't learn anything unless it's one of The Greats) you wasted your time. Heaven forbid you enjoy any form of genre fiction!

I don't understand this attitude at all. Quite aside from the fact that this, combined with force-feeding tragedies to teens, is what causes people to turn away from The Classics altogether, it's not like your choice of reading material is a matter of moral judgment at all, is it? You should read what you like, and don't worry about whether it's thick and old and respected enough. Who cares?

But with that said, there is one book that's been on my "reading list" (such as it is, I mostly follow my own advice) for most of my life, that I have been putting off reading, and that's The Scarlet Pimpernel. Not because it's A Classic, but because it's talked up a lot in The Girl With The Silver Eyes (now that is a classic!), and I've always wondered what the fuss was about. In fact, not long after the tenth time I read The Girl With The Silver Eyes (and how I identified with Katie!) I located a copy of Pimpernel in our house and attempted to read it.

Yeah. I was about eight. I didn't even make it three pages. And I was a good reader, easily, but there's more to a book than just the combination of words.

This kinda irked me, because Katie loved the book, and her neighbor loved the book, and Katie was awesome, so why didn't I love this book? And every once in a while I'd think about it and go "Maybe I should try again", but I'd remember that bad experience and put it off for a while. It's not like there's any shortage of reading material in this world, however much it might feel like it at times.

Well. I've started reading it online today, and guess what? I get what the fuss was about! Even if I'd persevered, I would not have enjoyed it at that young age, that's clear to me, but I do now. (You guys need to read this book. Seriously.)

Of course, if I'd had the book pushed on me in a "Read this unless you're a stupid smelly person with no taste or sense" fashion I doubt I'd ever have picked it up. I still don't know why people do that. That's the real waste of time.
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Read more... )
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It's apparently a type of marsupial, described as being "cute".

This? THIS is cute?

I would've called it Read more... )
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Really, I shouldn't've, because they're supposed to do that for people who donate over $100, and I donated $2, but I'm not complaining. It's a first grade class, so of course Jenn and I pored over it to compare and contrast with Ana's handwriting and tell ourselves how INCREDIBLY good at writing Ana is :) (BTW, I copied out Ana's introductory letter for her penpals and typed it up if anybody else is having a last minute desire to have their kids write back and forth.)

I took notice of one of the names signed on the letters - Brenda.

Now, I know that when it comes to names everything old is new again. People like nostalgic names right now, they're very popular. This is no doubt why Ana's grade at school contains a Lucy, a Bonnie, and an Edwina. This is probably why Evangeline's class has a Billy and a Bobby. It's certainly why Ana and Ava are such popular names with children their age.

But Brenda? Brenda isn't an "Old fashioned from 100 years ago name" - it's an "Old fashioned from the 50s name". That's even more old-fashioned from one suitably distant enough to be trendy. It took me completely by surprise.

Anyway, thinking about all this led me to find out that not only does NYC post its own baby name statistics independent of the rest of the state, they divide it up by ethnic group. (PDF!) What's very interesting about that is not how they divide it up, but how they group people together.

In a very diverse city, it's not surprising that we have a variety of infant names. We have the standards that are popular everywhere right now, and some that you KNOW are only popular in some groups. So when you look at a list of, say, Asian Females... the truth is that I don't need statistics to tell me that the guy who names his kid Fatima (or, in the male list, Ibrahim) is not the same person as the one who names his kid Yu or Xin. And in the "White, Non-Hispanic lists", it doesn't take much to guess that the people naming their kids Schlomo and Rifka, Mordechai and Gittel aren't the same people naming their children Christian, Christopher, or Christina... nor yet Antonio and Maria.

So, you know, these lists aren't that useful unless you know how to read them. Of course, "useful" assumes they have a use at all, which they probably don't unless you're writing a book or are seeking to discriminate against somebody's resume and aren't even bright enough to do that without assistance.

They're interesting, though.
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No sooner do I articulate a thought than somebody unconnected has the same thought entirely! Why is that?

Not sure I'd normally go to [ profile] linguaphiles about hand claps myself, though, as I said before, I do see the connection.
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(And I want to thank you again for ruining my life, TVTropes!)

Like, I started reading Order of the Stick because it was referenced so often on TVTropes and now I really want to get the prequel books. Or I found the entry on Ear Worms (a calque from German, apparently, and I'm only saying that to prove I know the word calque), which lead me to not only (ultimately) wish I knew French so I could understand this video but also lead me to here and now I'm wondering about Kaamelott, but I draw the line there, so no worries. I simply refuse.

Incidentally, the pattern of name, name, WEIRD NAME has a page under "Odd Name Out", which makes sense.

I've got to stop reading any form of wiki site. That's just it.
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Must call and see if they're ever running the Early Learner Workshop ever again, put that on my to-do list.

Here is their contact page. Notice anything interesting there?

Well, let's see. We've got their mailing address - check. Their main phone number - check. Secondary phone number, various extensions - check, check. Fax and TTY? Double check. Email? Email? EMAIL?

No email! And it's so weird, too, not to have email "in this day and age" (as people have no doubt been saying since shortly after they started talking), don't you think?

I'm very weirded out by it.
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Not, of course, very well yet, but it's much easier than it was a few days ago. (And do you know, it's a heck of a lot harder than it looks? Sheesh.)


Apr. 19th, 2008 03:34 pm
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Hi Dying to ask,

The quote you submitted to Overheard in New York will be published today. Look for it on the site!

Thanks for eavesdropping! Let me know if you overhear anything else funny, or if you have any questions.

Morgan (and the rest of Team Overheard)

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It never fails.

No sooner do I touch, or even *think* about touching something potentially burning to mucous membranes when I proceed to clumsily spread whatever it is all over the more sensitive parts of my body. If I cut up ginger, I foolishly wipe my eyes. If it's a chili pepper, I may pick my nose while in the bathroom. Once, in the height of stupidity, several hours (but no hand-washing) after cooking I went ahead and... well... it's best not to say, but let me say that that's just not the sort of thing that turns me on...!

Today it was tea tree oil in my eye. TWICE. How the fuck do I do that twice?
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Um... let's see...

Okay. Last year, at Swedish Midsummer, we did the silly sorts of songs where you go around and make hand motions, and I remembered the tunes of almost all of them except the one I *wanted* to remember. That's the one that you acted out various parts (man, woman, crying, laughing, I don't know) and spun in a circle clapping.

Middle of the year, I find a nursery rhyme/game that seems almost the same. In English. I mean, it has the acting and spinning and clapping and all. Weird, yeah?

This year, Ana declared it her favorite. So I ask one of the two Swedish au pairs at the toddler programs we go to about it, and after some talking she remembers the name of it. She knew the song, of course, but not the name. (The two au pairs come together, speak Swedish to the three 20-month-blondes they bring with them, and are largely assumed to be a couple with triplets. But no, it's twins and another one and they just know each other, which is probably better than triplets.)

So she wrote down the name, which turns out to be "Räven raskar över isen", which doesn't appear to have *anything* to do with what we were doing, but whatever. After some patient googling, I find a site with the music written up and a midi - which is currently down, but again, whatever.

And a teeny bit of browsing the site gets me one with lyrics like this:

En elefant balanserade, på en liten liten spindel-tråå-ååd
Det tyckte den var så intressant, så den gick och hämtade en annan elefant

Två elefanter balanserade, på en liten liten spindel-tråå-ååd
Det tyckte de var så intressant, så de gick och hämtade en annan elefant

Tre elefanter balanserade, på en liten liten spindel-tråå-ååd
Det tyckte de var så intressant, så de gick och hämtade en annan elefant

Now, I don't speak a word of Swedish, of course... but guessing that "elefant" means "elephant" and "en, två, tre" means "one, two, three", and spindel-whatever might just mean "spider"...

Then I think we have that exact same song in English.

Which made me laugh, because we sing that same song in Spanish every Wednesday! Well, they sing, I kinda hum along and bounce Evangeline, because I haven't read the words and only know what they mean, not how to sing them.
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the only thing worse than hearing young children whining about cookies is hearing them whining about brains. All day, that's all I heard. She took my brain. Make him give me back my brain. Can I have some more? I WANNA HAVE BRAINS!!!!

And the lurching. Lurching toddlers. They fall enough as it is, now they have to lurch, too?
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Too weird, right?

And I didn't believe it when I was sitting on the bus, and there were hands banging against the windows - a prank, yeah?

But this, this I believe. *sniff*

It is the end of the world as we know it. So, uh, I'm going to get some chips, and then you can help me figure out how to turn brains into dip. Maybe if I have platters, the zombies won't eat *my* brains.
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Of Knuffle Bunny.

Read more... )

This is actually much tamer than the last time I did this. *shrugs*
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I had really just been catching up on a *lot* of overdue sleep the past few days. I was posting elsewhere, but I was much too tired to think of posting anything interesting here, and I was sleeping a lot when I could.

I intended to update yesterday, with a lot of nifty backdated posts to hide my absence (may still do that part), but Elise eventually complained her way into going to the ER over a rash on her face instead of waiting for tomorrow (today). And she was right, as it turned out - they hooked her up on an IV to get those antibiotics into her and everything.

I wanted her dad to go, but we couldn't get him, so I went. It was an uncommonly busy night, so even though we got there at 10:55, she didn't get checked at all until 3 or so (!!!!!), right when her mom showed up. I might have left then, since I had to work today, but Elise asked me to stay and anyway, the bus wasn't running yet.

My mom filled in the gap where I slept and slept and slept and SLEPT, and now I'm awake enough to take the niecelings to the museum and all. But if Ana doesn't nap this afternoon, I don't know what I'll do!
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It had a lot of activities and... well... *sniffles* I MISS IT!

(I also miss my beary bear, my sit 'n spin, my cat Skinnybones, and my C64. If you're curious.)
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One on an apparently basless campaign against a group home for disabled women
One on Florida deliberately housing sex offenders under a bridge
One (a few months old) on how draconian laws do much more harm than good.

I'm not saying child molestation is something nice, or only kinda bad. Yeah, it's wrong. It's about as wrong as you can get. But... where is the common sense?

Cut for apparently unpopular views, in that I don't see many people besides myself say them )

Protecting kids )

I don't know, it seems pretty simple to me. I'm always telling people, you can be right or you can help people. Can't do both. There seem to be a lot of people in this world who want to be right so much, they don't see that their efforts to be right and punish others are only, ultimately, hurting the people they want to protect. I just don't get that. I don't get it at all.
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If there's life on Earth, it seems fair to say there may be life elsewhere.

So, if there's another planet with life, they might also have sentient people and societies and whatnot, right? (And, lemme tell you, all these news stories in these past years about seeing planets outside of our solar system - we're living in a sci-fi age. It's a bit frightening, isn't it?)

So, these other societies... are they making the same mistakes we are (and often seem to keep making over and over again), or entirely different and novel mistakes (at least to us - betcha they make their mistakes over and over again too)?

And if they're making entirely different mistakes, based presumably on their evolutionary history (well, I can't think of any other reason for people to mistakes at all, other than that at one point it made sense!) or possibly the whim of their creator(s)... what might those mistakes consist of?

How many ways are there for a society/species to fuck everything up entirely, anyway?

I don't know, but I'd sure like to.
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Been catching up on sleep. Am drinking cocoa with Ana. Well, she's drinking, I'm posting. Considering buying a lot and a lot and A LOT of egg dye, because I LOOOOOVE to dye eggs. I really can't wait for Easter. Am slightly hyper now, can you tell?
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But we haven't used it because "we need to find the recharger". I took a look at it today - it doesn't recharge. The batteries do, but the camera itself does not.

Gah. That's so easily remedied, too.
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In this case, it's retired dish patterns. (I voted for "Butterfly Gold", which I grew up with, and two others, which I did *not* grow up with. Butterfly Gold is white with gold shapes on the edges.)

Now I'm going to vote on Ben and Jerry's flavors. Again. Anything else I can vote on?
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Pink graph paper. I mean, white paper, pink lines.


I'm not sure if this is the first sign of the apocalypse, or the coolest thing EVER. Might be both. It's sure pink, anyway.
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I'm finding it hard to pay too much attention to the situation in the mideast, for example. Probably because the inner cynic in me is going 'Gee, weren't they doing this when I was a kid? Why bother caring? They'll just keep on doing it until they get bored or everybody dies or both', which is more apathy than righteous fury.

And this week everybody, of course, is posting about racism and related issues, and I've been reading the posts, but... they're not drawing me in. I'm not thinking much of them past when I read them. And they're good posts.

It's just hard to feel connected to any of this right now. It's a very weird feeling, too, but not weird enough that I'm bothering to find out how to fix it.

I'd be worried about it, I *am* worried about it, but only in this vaguely apathetic fashion. Which in and of itself should be worrying, but isn't.

So, I don't know. This is me, being apathetic. About, apparently, everything that matters in the greater context. (No, issues regarding other people's manners and cleanliness in public aren't all that important in the grand scheme of things.)

I'm kinda freaked out. Except, you know, I'm not.

At any rate, I don't think it's healthy for me to be so completely uninterested in world events, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to pay more attention. This, of course, will make me miserable with worry over the state of the world, but in general, I do feel better when I know things. And this newfangled apathy thing? It feels weird. Even when I'm not posting about the state of the world because it's depressing, I still know, and now I don't think I do.


Jul. 10th, 2006 01:56 pm
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It's for adults.

(Warning - link isn't very funny in and of itself)


Mar. 21st, 2006 01:26 am
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Why did I do it?

I knew it was a bad idea. I knew I'd regret it. It's not like I hadn't been warned enough.

Why did I click the link?

You'd think I'd've learned from the *last* time, but apparently not.

My eyes may never recover.


Edit: I'm not giving you the link! You'd just go and click it!

And it's not nearly as bad as you're all suggesting - I have the sense *not* to visit links advertising *those* images. The downside to this caution, of course, is that my retinas haven't been scarred to the point of nonsensitivity yet.
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Well, that's all left. I'm sure she'll adapt. And I really don't have anything against righties, so long as they keep it to themselves and don't flaunt their dextrous ways in front of all good, upleft lefties. I know some people think that handedness is everything, but, really, it's not *that* big a deal, is it? Just so long as she eventually learns to wlepht with her left hand like everybody else, or to fake it. I mean, fitting in, that's what counts, isn't it?

Honestly, I don't know how this happened. Better not let the righties know, though - some of the people on the dextrous agenda are pretty, well, evil. They just want to destroy all that is good and healthy about this world of ours! I cannot let my poor niece fall into their hands.

Today's episode of "guess the hidden message" is brought to you by the mirror universe. Thanks for playing, have a nice day.
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Man, it feels like just yesterday there was snow on the ground!

Oh wait. That *was* yesterday. The few remaining snowclumps were melting fast, but they were still there.

Honestly, I felt so free without my jacket. I guess it's time to dig up my t-shirts again, and do some serious laundry. I'm currently wearing a t-shirt that I stole yesterday from Jenn, who stole it originally from my mom, who stole it back from her brother after he outgrew it. This shirt is some 43 years old.
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Couldn't post. Sorry


Jan. 7th, 2006 02:26 pm
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I feel better. I think all I really needed was some sleep and food. I'd forgotten I'd barely eaten anything the day before because of TMI ALERT! )

So now I've got no pains, no hunger, no tiredness. Just me, some PMS, and an idiot emailing me about something stupid I had not quite posted to their blog.

Tell me. Is it *normal* that when a blog requires email confirmation of a comment, the comment gets sent to whoever it is without the confirmation? Doesn't that eliminate the purpose of the confirmation? Doesn't that really annoy you when you decide not to confirm a comment because, in retrospect, it's really not a smart thing to say, and you've got better things to do than to annoy people you haven't even met?

Because I shouldn't have to be exchanging emails with some little self-righteous twit (HI!) over a comment I had decided would just start a silly fight I and she didn't need to be having.

Well, at least that burned up all my residual anger.

So, what's new?
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I got a calendar. Yay! And some colored pencils. Yay! And stamps! Yay! (No, really - now I can take the cookies out of the deep freezer (so they wouldn't stale) and mail those suckers. If I'd waited any longer, I'd have to make valentines cookies instead).

I'm not completely incompetant. Really.

Actually, if I'm going to make Valentine's day cookies for anyone (ME!), I have to get on that.

How about three types: Rosewater, Lavender, Coriander-pepper-yummy? That's novel enough, right?

Oh man...

Dec. 23rd, 2005 12:30 am
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I want these. They sell a larger set as well.

I think I'll have to make another huge-ass list soon, this time focusing on wooden toys. Because I like making lists. It's fun. And I think certain parties would appreciate knowing that there are still some toys out there that don't all involve random sensory nightmares.


Dec. 5th, 2005 05:51 pm
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I don't know why, but I'm exhausted today. I spent the night at Jenn's, meaning I got to sleep earlier than usual, and I still spent most of today napping (yes, this made me largely useless as a babysitter).

Sorry so slow in responding to comments and posting not-so-inspirational quotes, I just don't think I have the mental stamina at the moment. I'm just barely conscious.
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I mean, let's face it: Comment emails never work properly. If they're not being blocked by one email provider or another, then they're simply not being sent out all right, and vice versa. And sometimes users don't check the box, and then they get upset. I mean....

Does that make the recent debacle a good thing? No. Does that mean you shouldn't be upset it happened? Not at all. Does that mean that I haven't missed a single comment, not even replies to me in communities, not even replies to me in communities where the person didn't know how to reply to a single comment and so it wouldn't've shown up in my email anyway? HELL YEAH.

Because I check all my comments via the recent comments page, and communities I want to keep track of that way to.

Now, if only there were a page to automatically check comments to our posts in communities that we hadn't commented on, I'd be one very happy Connie.

Not to mock your pain, all of you, I'm just happy for me.
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There is, however, a risk of lockjaw if you got bitten by one. Or, perhaps, prodded one with a too-short stick to see if it was actually dead.... Yeah, not one of my brighter moments. And this was outside, too - there was really no reason for me not to be minding my own business. Stupid mouse seems to have a broken foot, to my untrained eye, which explains why it was still in the place I'd flung it long enough for me to stick it in a coffee can, chuck some french fries after it. If it starts frothing at the mouth or anything, or *I* do, I'll get somebody to kill it properly and check out its brains. But I'm pretty sure that, like the other mice in the area, it's not a rabies risk.

And unless somebody in the area is desperate to make a wild mouse with a broken foot (but probably not rabies!) a pet, I guarantee, I don't care enough to keep it alive. Thing *bit* me! (Mind, it was scared, but that's not the point)


Oct. 31st, 2005 10:32 pm
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This is going to be bad.

This weekend, my mother was sick. And now, I think I have what she had.

This morning, I felt fine. This afternoon, I was a little stuffy. I was a little stuffy when I took Ana trick or treating. An hour later, I was a little stuffy with a tiny bit of a sore throat. I came home. Not three hours after I got home, I now have a noticeably hoarse voice, tons of phlegm, and my throat hurts more. And I'm a little stuffy (instead of a lot. Thank heaven for tiny miracles, eh?)

I'm more than a little creeped at how quickly this disease is progressing. Last time something took me over so fast, I couldn't even drink *water* it burned my throat so bad (had to subsist on milk, which increased my phlegm), and was out of school for two weeks. I go back right in time to realize I'm missing my finals, and end up in the Social Studies department at Stuy, sobbing because my head hurts that much, asking them to please let me take the test the following Monday (they had no problem with this, of course). And for weeks after I had "recovered" I was still dizzy and lightheaded, and going through tissues at a rate of 5+ an hour.

Nothing like happy thoughts to keep the monsters at bay....

Oh, and I can't breathe when I cough, but that, at least, is more likely a symptom of the everchanging weather than of any specific ailment. Again, thank heaven for tiny blessings....
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Can anybody suggest poems or songs or excerpts to memorize for me? Stuff I can find online, thanks.

How about simple baking recipes, stuff Ana can help with, no eggs
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Which means it's almost November, which means I need to find out how to get money to buy Christmas presents for everyone. Also, I need to start my annual several-months-of-begging for presents nobody buys me, in exchange for me not getting them anything (or, alternatively, getting them stuff and never sending it. Guys, really, come for a visit, I'll pass you your presents *then*, not before. Apparently).

Maybe I ought to baby-sit. For people other than my family. They don't pay me at the moment. That had really better change once Jenn's off maternity leave.

Oh, and I have a question. Let's say you're listening to an online recording of a radio broadcast, in RealPlayer. Is there any way to download that looping broadcast so you don't have to listen to it online? Save it, I mean...?
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Ending with the line "He's George Bush's choice for Governor, but is he yours?"

Man, I just cracked up.

Well, it was that or start crying again over our bad luck (three more years? THREE? GOD FUCKING DAMN!) at having That Idiot in charge.

Remember that poem Castles in the Air? I'm listening to the tune for it over and over again right now. For a' sae sage he looks, what can the laddie ken? He's thinking upon naething, like mony mighty men." That and this commercial are blending together very interestingly mihi right now.
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Just to make sure I can get there on my own if there's a program I want to go to, and also to make sure that I know how long it takes to get there. I aim to leave the house at 8 or 9 - no later. I might change this plan within a few minutes. Wish me luck. I *hate* going new places by myself - even with a grid system on the roads.
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In the middle of spamming my journal (whilst yelling, no less), is not the time to accuse me of being miserable, lonely, and without a life. (What am I, then, pining for the fjords? Damn, I should rename my journal.)

I'm just sayin'....

(And I never claimed to have a life, so I don't mind perpetuating this. It's more fun than watching Ana sleep, I'll say that for it, though decidedly less fun than watching Firefly. Hm....)

Hey Xigs.

Aug. 11th, 2005 05:08 am
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AIM went wonky on me. Won't let me send anything. I'm sorry.
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Is there anything anybody would like to say to me? Anything? Anything at all? Because a lot of people seem miffed at me lately, and at least some of that is inexplicable.
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After my rant about computer obsolesence, many people, here and in real life, suggested an external hard drive.

Now, those aren't cheap, but they're not so expensive that they'd be impossible to cadge one as a joint christmas/birthday present. From my mom. Jenn's still paying off this laptop, I think. Or my uncle. Or begging $5 gift certificates off of all of you, though if I did that I'd rather get more user picture space, and anyway, most of youse guys don't have any money anyway, and I'm horrible at sending out christmas presents (I still have scarves from two years ago that I need to send out, and I think I'll have to get everybody's address again in order to do so), so it wouldn't be a fair exchange, so I wouldn't do that.

Anyway, that said, I wouldn't bother wanting one of this if all it offered is extra storage space. I want that, I can invest in some blank CDs and save everything to disk. Disc? Whatever. Point is, that's not worth the money. However, if it would actually speed up my computer, it *is* worth the money.

So now you know my question. Answer it, amabo te.


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