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This is a very non-slashy episode (so some of you won't like it, and you know who you are), but you should still try to catch the last 15 minutes or so, because that's the actual Staten Island Ferry Terminal. How cool is that?

Of course, we don't have those large updating digital schedule things that they used to show a picture. Big plot point, and we don't actually have them. No, we just have paper schedules on the wall and two running tapes that show ads and the time and that are chronically busted anyway. (They've been known to flash the Windows icon at everybody. Yeah.)

But still, how cool is that?
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'I Love My Hair' Video Inspired By Father's Love of Daughter

Here's the video. I'm watching it and wondering - did Muppets always have tongues and uvulas?

After reading the article, I did something I'm a little ashamed of. I... I read the comments. *blush* And some people - wow, do they ever miss the point! So let's get down to that here.

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But there were other comments as well.
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It's a Korman book. Good book. The whole plot revolves around our protagonists trying to simultaneously do their impossible weekend homework (ten questions on random subjects with no clue how to find out the answers, the goal is to learn how to think creatively and find information) and work on their radio show. Naturally, their brains come up with "have a quiz show!" because, after all, nobody is going to call in an answer unless they KNOW the answer, right? So now they just have to keep their teacher from finding out.

And it hit me, midway through this book, that nowadays it makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, plots of books rarely make sense when you think about them, because if they made sense they'd be boring (who wants to read about their own life, seriously?), but more than that. Nowadays, if I gave a kid a list of ten random questions and asked them to find the answers, they wouldn't agonize about it, they'd just go to Google. End of problem.

(My mother, when watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", gets very annoyed whenever they phone-a-friend. She says it'd be so easy to have your friend go to google for you, but none of them do that. I wonder what happens if you phone your friend at the very moment your friend is in the bathroom. Do they answer from the bathroom? On national TV?)
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It's cheesy and corny, sure, but I like it.


This time they have a dead body in a garbage chute. How do they find it? Some girl tried to put a pizza box in it. The cops come, they talk about the event, we even see a picture of the sign on the chute - NO RECYCLABLES.

In NYC, you have to recycle your glass, metal, plastic, and paper. It's the law, and it has been since I moved to Staten Island, some 16, 17 years ago. I just went online and checked - yup, on the little fliers they hand out every school year, it says pizza boxes are recyclables. You can get a ticket for this!

And here's these cops, and last episode they just had a budget cut, and they don't say anything? Don't they have a quota? (Of course they have a quota, everybody knows they have a quota!) Oh, I know - they're homicide. Listen, dead bodies aren't recyclable. You don't get a ticket for that. You get a ticket for not recycling your pizza boxes.


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Seriously, did anybody NOT see that coming? You'll notice I didn't even bother with a spoiler warning.

Here's a hint. If the big reveal is going to revolve around somebody's baby not being their biological kid, stop doing that "light-haired parents, dark-haired kid" thing. Everybody does that when doing adoption or switched at birth or whatever, and it's cool, except that it ruins the twist ending. So if we're not intended to figure out the plot of the episode 10 minutes in, sacrifice convention and have everybody running around with the same color hair for a change!

Also? Everybody and their dog knows that two blond parents don't have brunet kids. Of course, everybody knows a lot of things that don't turn out to be true, granted*, but all the same - with that bit of knowledge firmly implanted in the cultural consciousness, how can these people be so! shocked! to find out that their kid isn't genetically their kid?

Why isn't this up on TVTropes on their entry on "Switched at birth"?

*I don't even know if it's true or not anymore. Sorry.
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They're like TVTropes Jr., but with more songs and less links. Plus, I caught Super Secret Super Spy today, and while the tickle machine is groan-inducingly cliched (No, Mr. Secret, I expect you to laugh) there's not much to dislike about a parachute that looks like a pizza. A pizza parachute. When the parachute hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore....

ANYway, I may have downloaded an episode of a TV show that doesn't necessarily have to be Backyardigans, and this episode might have - in fact, it does have - a little glitch. 7 minutes in, the screen breaks in half. Half the screen is frozen on the previous scene, and the other half is the entirety of what the show is supposed to be doing at this point. It stays like that for another 12 minutes, which is annoying (though at least nothing's cut off). Is that fixable, like, with video editing... capabilities? (I have no idea how I'd go about doing that, of course, but if the answer is yes I can find out.)
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Jo Frost has seen some 80 different sets of crappy parents. I know what they say about happy families being all the same and unhappy families being different, but seriously, how different can they all have been? That show is so formulaic I can recite the next 10 episodes in my sleep, so how is it that she thinks she can realistically affect shock and horror every single time? How horrified can she be? It's nothing new, is it? Honestly, you knew this family had problems, that's why they agreed to be humiliated on national television!
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I am highly disappointed at the lack of Godzilla.

I mean, Read more... )
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I've seen it in movies (Monsters, Inc. comes to mind) and on TV, and even in books.

I really hate when we have a pre-verbal child who communicates amazingly well with neat, accurate pictures.

Let's clear this up once and for all. If you have a pre-verbal child, and they're at an age where being pre-verbal is expected (once they pass that, all bets are off, of course), chances are that their "art" is pretty damn abstract. More like what the rest of us would call "scribbles". Sure, they may *say* it's a flower, if you prompt them into labeling it at all, but it could just as easily be a truck and nobody would know the difference. (Heck, at that age, you can easily ask them "What is that?" and get the answer "I don't know" or ask "Is that a flower?" and then, after being told "yes" go "I thought it was a truck!" and hear them say "Oh, it is a truck". There you go.)

Even when they start doing representational art (and I'm assured by people who know more about this than I do that the early age for this is three, at which point most kids are talking in sentences, even if nobody outside their family understands them), they're not going to draw these amazing, easy-to-recognize pictures. They're going to draw circles with lots of lines and call them spiders. Or suns. Or flowers. They'll do blocks with a few lines and dots and say they're people. Or cats. Or elephants. They'll do squiggly circles, those are hearts. Or lakes. Or clouds. Or wheels. Or the letter o. Or flowers. Or I don't know what.

So, a kid who can't talk and turns to art in frustration? Well, I won't go so far as to say it's totally impossible but... yeah, actually, it mostly is. If they can't talk, and you don't find that strange? Odds are that they can't draw either. And even if they can, you're sure as heck not gonna know what they mean when they do.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of artwork, a special note to certain parents (who, I'm sure, will have no idea I mean them):

I see you and your ilk all the time when out and about. You have to have a piece of artwork for the memory books.

Thing is? It's not your spider, or jellyfish, or paper flower. It's your toddler's.

And it's not about the product anyway, it's the process.

So when your kid isn't putting the eyes on "just right", don't correct them. When your kid doesn't want to color in the entire surface of the paper plate, but just wants to scribble on it? That's fine. Don't correct your child, and for crying out loud, stop taking the project away from your kids to do it right! Grow the fuck up already! Your kid is two, and you're already trying to thwart his/her budding creativity!

Seriously. If it's so important to you, ask the teacher and get your own damn craft stuff and do your own damn project. Maybe, if you're really nice, we can even hang it up in the window for you. Wouldn't that be fun?

Some people....

Edit: Just noting that [ profile] feebeeglee's kids don't count in this, they're pretty exceptional. And she has a lot of kids :) so she should know! I still maintain that this sort of thing is nowhere near common enough to merit its frequency in fiction.
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Wife Swap, just saw an episode of that that I hadn't seen before.

They're great. All that snark, and sarcasm, and judgmentalism, and it's socially acceptable! I love it. (My first judgment is wondering what sort of person watches these shows and then up and decides it'll be really fun to go on one. Who does that?)

But I've been thinking.

They keep pairing opposites - a REALLY STRICT parent with a REALLY LAX one, say, or a VERY RELIGIOUS one with a NOT RELIGIOUS AT ALL one.

Or occasionally they go for "Really weird with really weird" where they *also* fit one of those dichotomies.

But you know what would be just as funny and equally interesting? If they paired less obvious opposites - a very religious Christian family with a very religious non-Christian family, or a family that follows a very strict homeschool curriculum with a group of unschoolers, that sort of thing.

That would just be funny as heck. Think about it.
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Two or three episodes a day. Well, it won't kill them, and everybody in the house BUT them and me sleeps in, so they need to be contained.

In the past, I've watched Dora. God is that an obnoxious show. If you have to cajole children into participating, you're doing it wrong. It's insulting to everybody to be asked an already insultingly simple question, and then be nagged into giving the reply, or have to sit through several seconds of silence before the answer is given.

But you know what really annoys me about this show? What really, really annoys me?

Nobody on that show seems to understand that the possessive of Boots is not Boots, but Boots'. Maybe it's just me, but if I were refering to Boots' boots, or his books, or his birthday, I'd say "Boots-iz such-and-fuch" not merely "Boots such-and-fuch".

Drives me batty.
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All I can say now is wow. So much of the last season makes a heck of a lot more sense now.

Now I just have to watch BSG. I was so tired last night that I decided to just fall asleep, I wouldn't enjoy it.
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Young children don't learn new words from TV.

(And yes, that includes TV as "background noise" - what that seems to do is prevent children from fully focusing on the world around them, again, keeping them from learning to their full potential. Just because your kid is playing while the TV is on all day, as some people claim, does not mean it's harmless.)
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Incidentally, on a different episode - here's the thing. We, unlike the characters, can't have our Read more... ). We already know you're creepy! There's no need to stand still and make frowny faces at the cameras every five minutes! Just once would be more than enough. Really.
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Who the fuck cares Read more... )
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I finally decided to cave and start watching the second season of Torchwood. I guess I'll just watch it all in just a few sittings. Not sure why - it sure backfired when I did that with B5, god, I was paranoid about the government for weeks.

Well, this is only a few episodes, not five full seasons. Should be a bit less overdosy.

So I'm watching the first episode, and it occurs to me - instead of saying "Don't kiss him", wouldn't it have made more sense to say spoiler )

I mean, granted, it's not like she really planned this all out, he kinda spoiler ), but maybe she would have been prepared for this eventuality and more serious about never taking her eyes off the guy if she'd been properly warned.

Well - it had to happen somehow or another. Otherwise there's not much of a plot, is there?

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Feb. 15th, 2008 10:09 pm
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Abnormal lack of ability to act or to make decisions

I'm so glad to know that.

Edit: Oh, oooooh, Lassie's gonna be mad when this episode ends. I just know it.

Edit again: OH! Lassie is competent! Yay!
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Spoilers! )
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I like Randy. Always have. He's left-handed, isn't he? (That's not why I like him, but I do like noticing things like that.)

I call him "Not Totally Incompetent Randy". Except that this season, he's done things like spoiler ) and spoiler ) and spoiler ), so I guess I have to start calling him "Vaguely Competent Randy" or something like that.
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And then other people rush to say I'm *not* judgmental.

Frankly, it doesn't bother me one way or another. Maybe I judge people unfairly. Maybe I don't. I figure that other people's views of how judgmental I am or am not say a lot more about them than they do about me anyway.

I'm saying this for a reason.

The reason?

I'm watching Wife Swap right now.

This is my super secret guilty pleasure that nobody knows about at all. Even you. You don't know this! You'll forget as soon as you're done reading!

And the reason I like watching this show? Probably the same reason as a lot of folks - these people don't know me or what I think of them, and they've chosen to put themselves up for public discussion, so I think it's fine time for judge-a-rama over here.

Woohoo! Totally guilt free!

And here's my first judgment - the people who make this show? They're totally prejudiced against strict families. Ye gods. It's not even subtle.
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Which is how we discovered Superwhy.

This show is seriously cute. SERIOUSLY.

So I visited their website. And if you click around a bit, you discover the part where the various characters have their own little videos. Princess Presto has "I love to spell". Great, great. She carefully sounds out the words, then spells them with her wand. Love it.

Except... she sounds out "Sing" by asking what letters make the N and G sounds.

Don't see the problem? Say the word a couple of times. A couple more. Slowly. Yeah. There's neither an N nor a G sound in it! Instead, there is a single ng sound - and that's the difference between sing and sin, so it's an important one! One would not spell out "Shin" as the S and H sounds, instead one would say that the sh sound is made from two letters, and that's the same principle here. BAD VIDEO. BAD.

(Meanwhile, Angelique is much more concerned about the fact that they don't say please to their supercomputer, and compelled me to type them a sternly worded email about it. We all have our priorities.)
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One criticiziing kid's menus

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And one criticizing television-for-toddlers

Read more... )

Today, Jenn was home, and she wanted to sleep in. This seriously messed with our morning routine, especially considering a huge portion of our morning is spent jumping on her bed. So, as a kindness to her, I trekked the kids downstairs for half an hour of TV. Right before, Ana explained to her mom that she wasn't playing the "silly game" (Your eyes are purple, Ana!) but the "No game". And then, because Jenn was confused, she elaborated - '"Do you want to help us?" "NO!" "Great!" "Oh, MAN!"'

I do so love the no game. It makes so many tedious activities less so.

Though I think that one of the reasons That Program is so objectionable is the simple length of the pauses. Forget the inanity of the questions, they don't need to wait 20 minutes before moving on. This is why I intend to NEVER SEE THAT SOUL SUCKING THING AGAIN UNLESS EVERY LAST ONE OF US IS PUKING UP BLOOD. Just so you know.
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I can download videos off of YouTube and save them to my computer and watch them in DivX. No, really.

Funnily enough, this coincided with me realizing that there's a ton (well, half a ton, anyway) of Sesame Street videos on YouTube, which culminated in my ephiphany that the show was better before now. (Don't get proper Sesame Street anymore, you young whippersnappers!)

And that caused me to start thinking two things. One, THEY ought to sell old seasons of Sesame Street on DVD, instead of all that Elmo, and two, I wish I knew the lyrics and music to some of those songs.

Now, the lyrics to a lot of fairly obscure Sesame Street are online, but where do I get the melodies? WHERE, I ask you? WHERE????

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You know who you are :)

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Okay, so it's only kinda about Dora. Sue me.
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Yes, the start of BSG again! And, like, those other shows.

[Poll #530596]
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Season 3 is pretty good so far :)

I'm up to the episode with the political advisor. Dear god, I have never wanted to hit somebody so much in my life. As soon as I get a closet, I'm putting a lock on the inside and I'll be able to hide out there forever. *nodnodnod*
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And started (belatedly) watching Babylon 5.

*taps foot*

People, you all said it was good. And it is. But I never would've started watching it if I'd realized how paranoid it'd make me! I mean, I was cynical before, but after watching seasons one and two in a little under a week, I'm starting to think that the government is full of massive conspiracies, that the world is full of small, petty-minded people willing to sell us out for a tiny bit of personal profit, that the forces of darkness are infecting everyone alive and I need to HIDEHIDEHIDE.

Well. I mean, I thought that before, but now it's worse. It does end well, right?

Edit: A couple of questions. Are we really expected to believe that any organization would unironically call itself the Ministry of Peace? I mean, it hasn't been that long, only a few hundred years. So either everyone has forgotten about 1984, in which case the odds of an organization actually calling itself the Ministry of Peace, with the precise nickname "Minipax" are slim, or people haven't forgotten 1984, in which case the odds are even slimmer.

I mean, I can believe that people would unintentionally echo Chamberlain and not realize how thoughtless the words are, but I find it hard to believe that they'd accidentally stumble upon the words from one of the most influential books of only a couple of hundred years earlier.

Kinda like every sci-fi series eventually has an episode (or sometimes several unrelated episodes) where one jingoistic species has people talking about Final Solution. Guys! We get the Holocaust references even without the key phrases. We really don't need to have it hammered into our skulls!


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