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So I made pizza for dinner, with buffalo mozzarella. And salad, of course, because it wasn't a very big pizza.

So now I'm wondering - what on earth does everybody put in (on?) their salad? It is time - for a poll!

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Oh, hey!

Apr. 2nd, 2011 07:46 pm
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It's time for my yearly poll!

Poll #6477 Autism
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 15

Are you aware of autism?

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15 (100.0%)

All done?

Whew, now I don't have to mention it again for a whole 'nother year. (Well, assuming nothing tragic happens in the world of autism, like autism speaks continuing to exist or something like that.)
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Poll #4892 Brooms
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Which sort of broom sweeps clean?

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A new broom
5 (62.5%)

An old broom
1 (12.5%)

A new broom BUT the old broom knows the corners
2 (25.0%)

Wait, wait - are we actually talking about brooms here?

View Answers

1 (12.5%)

2 (25.0%)

I don't know about you, but I sure am!
5 (62.5%)

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Due to the comments here, I have to ask: Do you peel cucumbers?

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Feb. 7th, 2010 07:15 pm
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[Poll #1522709]
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However, none on my butt or the front, so I figured that if I sat still we could still hang out at the playground we'd just gotten to and we'd be fine. No need to rush home, I had pads with me, I'd be just as bloody there as here, right? (Oxyclean got it right out. I mean, if you really get close and stare you can see there's some kinda stain, but anybody's that close to my crotch I'm gonna assume at this point that my pants are OFF and I don't very much care.) Of course, I kinda wished I'd brought my kanga, or that it was a little colder and I had a sweater, so I could wrap it around my waist. My mom interjects as I'm telling her this amazing story of Oxyclean with "Yeah, right, like anybody doesn't know what THAT'S all about, every woman knows that one!" to which I can only say "Yeah, maybe it is like saying 'I'm bleeding through my crotch, wanna make sumthin' outta it?', but is that really any worse than potentially showing the world your massive bloodstain on your pants?"

But then I got to wondering... do guys know what's up when somebody just randomly ties her jacket (or convenient kanga/sarong) around her waist?

[Poll #1449991]


Aug. 12th, 2009 11:52 am
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The girls are having fluffernutters for lunch. On wonderbread, no less! (Well, it's whole wheat....) This makes me...

[Poll #1443022]

They can't have seconds, though. Because I am STRICT. (And because I'm saving the rest to make fudge.)

[Poll #1443023]
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(I finally set up my wireless again, so I'm totally upstairs while typing. This either rocks or sucks depending on how much computer time you figure I'll have...!)

Their mother hadn't sent Ana's vacation homework up with her, which meant I got stuck with it. That's all right, she just kinda plowed through it. (And yes, I *do* think vacation homework for kindergarten is silly, but I'm told that the other kids in her class have parents who want MORE homework. The mind boggles, let me tell you.)

One of Ana's homeworks (she only has three left for the weekend - the daily "what the weather is" picture, her "my favorite thing I did this week" picture and two sentences, and a math set (they're working with coins) that she didn't want to finish) involved rhyming words. There were four words in each row (in four different rows), three of which rhymed. This was pretty badly done as the non-rhyming word always made a minimal pair with a rhyming word - bug, rug, and rag, for example. It would've been more challenging if they hadn't. But I digress.

The final row had these four words: pin, pen, ten, hen.

Can you see the problem with that? Say the list aloud. If you automatically figure out the problem, gold star! If not, go here. As it happens, I have the pin-pen merger. I think I must have gotten it from my dad, as neither my mother nor sister has it and they used to tease me about it. (Because I didn't get enough of that at school, guys?) I remember sitting in speech (therapy) lessons as a kid, the only year I had actual instruction in those, working it out in my head how weird it was that there was no short-e before n, even when it's written in that way! I literally don't hear it when other people say it unless I'm listening for it, and I feel as though I'm twisting my mouth unnaturally to produce it myself.

So when I saw this I listened with great interest to see what Ana would do.

She carefully read the words (didn't have to sound them out!), and as soon as she got to pin and pen she stopped. Read them again, the whole list. Frowned. Sounded each word out carefully. "Connie, they all rhyme!"

So what do I do? Do I tell her to ignore her instincts and fill out the words that look like they rhyme? That's what she used to do when she was three. Do I let her fill out all of them and look like she didn't get it at all? I compromised by telling her that there's a good reason they put four rhyming words there, telling her to fill them all in, and writing a note to her teacher explaining this. Then, she she was done, I explained the pin-pen merger and talked her through the steps of a simple linguistic survey. We're totally stopping family members to see who has it and who doesn't today!

[Poll #1385210]

This isn't the first time I've had a language quibble with Ana's homework. Once she had to do "initial sounds that match" and one of the examples was a P word with a "pan". Except that I generally say skillet, and she generally says skillet, and when we don't say skillet we say frying pan. But she breezed right through that without a thought, proving that she understands very well how to do worksheets.


Apr. 4th, 2009 03:23 pm
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Now that I've already snarked some Amazon reviews I have to continue, don't I?

Here's one that just has me puzzled:

Unless your child is taking advanced music classes, it is unlikely they know these tunes: "The Blue-Tail Fly," "Red River Valley," "The Mexican Hat Dance," "Alouette" and "America the Beautiful." And, without familiarity of these songs, the "silly dilly" gimmick falls flat. As a parent, I found the lyrics better described as gross instead of silly. (Judging from an earlier paragraph, "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore" is probably in his list too.)

Seriously? I remember very clearly singing America the Beautiful in every assembly ever in elementary school, and the rest of them certainly made their rounds in music class or kindergarten music/dance/free time somewhere. Are they really that unusual nowadays? This guy is in the US, so let's have a US only poll!

[Poll #1378059]
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Once I was on a bus, and heard three boys in the back trying to alter the words to "Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider" so as to insult girls. They kept failing. EVERY TIME. I LOL'd, I really did.

[Poll #1369115]

(Whoulda thunk I'd appreciate poll-making the most out of everything?)
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I'm baking!

But what am I baking?

I was going to bake mint chocolate brownies, so as to irritate Lizziey when I posted about it (yes, I'm a mean Connie), but they didn't have what I needed at the store. Now I am the one irritated. I'd blame karma, but I didn't even do anything yet, and it's just not fair!

So my current list includes:

Double chocolate chip cookies (definitely - must buy more chocolate chips probably)


Pepper cookies (maybe. depends on how willing I am to shell out for almond paste or, alternatively, crack and grind my own almonds)
Lavender cookies? (A half batch if I do.)
Cinnamon refrigerator cookies? (Fridge smell is a worry)
Oatmeal cookies? (They always scream "healthy", though, and who wants healthy?_
Blondies? Those'd be for me!
Garlic cookies? (No, probably not, but I love mentioning them. If you forget that they're insane, they're not half bad.)
Carrot cupcakes? (Mmm... I was gonna make them with ricotta, but I forget to get, and the buffalo milk ricotta guy isn't back at Union Square until FRIDAY, so I'd have to use cream cheese, and while that *is* more for me - that is, the school - it doesn't exactly scream fair, now does it?)
Gingerbread letters (if I have all my letter cookie cutters, otherwise it'd be gingerbread something elses)

And I'm getting my friend Kimberly to make marshmallows. If they make it to the school, it'll be a miracle. Those things are delicious. (I'm working hard to convince her to send her kids to the school next year and the year after. I have to call her and remind her that pre-k registration has a due date.)

Clearly I'm not making four different types of cookies. That would be absurd. And barely do-able. (Okay, it's not so clear, because left to my own devices I'd probably drown the school in cookies!) Which ones should I make, though? Does anybody have any other ideas? I'm making the chocolate chip cookies to sell, and the other one more for fun, so it doesn't matter if it's a little weird because, dammit, I'm gonna enjoy myself! (If I really want to enjoy myself, I'd better get a second bag of chocolate chips. *sigh* I'll run out later tonight, get some freezer bags as well.)

[Poll #1366087]

Edit: I'm a dolt. When answering the poll, the second question? DO NOT PICK CHOCOLATE CHIP. They're a given. I'm too lazy to do a new poll, so just avoid that answer.
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[Poll #1341345]
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So, Ana's lips are ridiculously chapped.

[Poll #1327895]

And a very, very, VERY random question: Why do pimples on or behind the ear hurt more than pimples anywhere else? What's up with that?

Poll time!

Dec. 31st, 2008 12:36 am
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[Poll #1323186]
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[Poll #1256925]

For the record, I find algebra to be breathtakingly self-evident, while geometry is mindnumbingly complicated and foggy.
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Public schools open tomorrow, and Catholic schools open on Thursday.

[Poll #1251915]
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I've done it all my life
It makes the peas taste funny
It keeps them on my knife!

I always thought this poem was strange as a kid - not because he eats his peas with a knife, but because if he's "done it all his life" surely he thinks that they taste normal that way?

Anyway, I have a poll:

[Poll #1211797]

See, I've had this recipe for watermelon salad with feta and mint floating in my mind for a while (and we always have plenty of mint), so I picked up some feta at the store today. But then, when I was googling to figure out how *much* feta goes in that salad with a whole or half a watermelon, I saw THIS recipe, and this one as well.

I grew up just grabbing a slice of (cold, refrigerated) watermelon and eating it on the fire escape in my room (did the same with gumbo. Everybody else ate in the kitchen, but for those meals I seem to remember eating them looking out over the backyard a lot, which normally I didn't do) and then coming back for more and more and more.

And in the comments to one of those recipes somebody posted that they normally eat watermelon with salt (SO not how I ever did it) like it's a normal thing, and I remember reading that in some areas, that *is* how one usually does it.

So - yeah, poll.
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Geographically speaking, it's not that huge a country.

What interests me is that sounds an awful lot like what I had a few weeks ago (the horror!), which is still spreading around everybody I know in real life :( I feel so bad, I think Evangeline must be the one who got them all sick, both of us! (All my sister would say is "They can't spread it back to us, right? I think I'd die".)

And when I posted about it in my journal and on TBW, I got a comments that it's "over here" as well, when "over here" is far away from where I am. The US *is* a big country.

That's right. It's taking over the world, one sick person at a time.

Now I have a question about this....

[Poll #1116191]

Remember - be honest. This is for posterity.

Poll time!

Nov. 17th, 2007 01:22 am
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I happen to love cilantro, but I understand that to some people, it doesn't taste like cilantro-y goodness, but like soapy soapness.

Interestingly enough, a while back I was talking to somebody who is into healthy eating, and I mentioned guacamole, and she goes "I can't eat avocado, it tastes like soap to me!"

This reminded me of cilantro, so I inquired, and she confirmed that yes, cilantro also tastes soapy to her. Then I explained that it's a genetic quirk, and that it doesn't taste that way to everybody, which probably caused her life to make sense again if she'd been going around thinking everybody tasted it the same, but only she didn't like the flavor.

[Poll #1090171]
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As an example, Bar-Hillel points to a conversation at the beginning of Book Seven, in which Mrs. Weasley orders her son, Ron (Harry’s good friend), to clean his room.
Chafing at the order, Ron starts to say, “Why in the name of Merlin’s saggy left …” before he is interrupted by his father, who scolds him not to talk to his mother like that. We never find out what noun Ron was going to use at the end of the sentence. The omission creates a problem for Bar-Hillel because in Hebrew, adjectives are placed after the nouns they modify. Without knowing exactly what item or body part of Merlin’s was saggy and on the left, Bar-Hillel will be hard-pressed to translate Ron’s question without using judicious guesswork.

“I’ll either have to decide on a noun or completely rearrange what he was going to say in some creative way,” Bar-Hillel predicted."

Okay, now, come one now, everybody, 'fess up. I think we all know exactly what item or body part of Merlin's was saggy and on the left, don't we? Indeed, I do believe this is time for a well-placed poll! )
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Or I think it's a quirk, anyway.

See, they insist that koopas, from Mario Brothers are really ducks, and they call them such. As in "I got killed by a duck" whenever somebody remembers how cool the original Marios were and re-downloads the old SNES emulator. (It seems, now that I think of it, that my mother was a real old school gamer. The computer, our old C64 was in my sister's room (which seems to have doubled as a family room, it was that big), and when my sister and I were going to bed, my mom would be playing on the computer, so it functioned as a nightlight for us, I guess.)

If you've forgotten, or if you've never seen Mario, this is what Wikipedia says about Koopas.

So, I promised them I'd put a poll up.

[Poll #1031305]

Thank you. Please remember to answer all questions.
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Folks, let's just ask a simple question.

Let's say that there's someplace you really want to be - a dog park, a playground, a classroom, a bathroom, a fenced yard... whatever. Point is, in order to get inside, you have to open some sort of gate or door. So you open it, and you go inside. Or maybe you're leaving, so you open it and go outside.

When you've done this, do you...

[Poll #992256]

I'm hoping you all answer correctly! Now, let's say you're going in, and the place is just *full* of rambunctious critters who are liable to escape - and you have one too! Assuming you picked anything other than the correct answer before, can I assume that you at least care about your own critter's safety and will properly close the door/gate behind you?

[Poll #992257]

Because we all know that when doors and gates are left open, and dogs and children escape, it's never the fault of the people who kept walking in and out and in and out and re-opening that damn door or gate!!!!!

What should I do when I see this going on?

[Poll #992258]
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She goes to the bathroom, and she poos... but she doesn't pee.

Isn't that weird? I honestly did not know that this was possible. I told Jenn, and her mind boggled.

So, now, guess what time it is! Pointless Poll Time! )

(I didn't name names, so it's possibly nobody I've ever posted about. Last thing I need is for this kid to grow up and find out I posted her embarrassing details all over the internet when she was a baby, right?)
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What really struck me is the quote from the book...:

"Thoughts about sex enter a woman’s brain perhaps once a day, but in a man every time he sees an attractive woman."


Let's have a quick, informal poll....

[Poll #961483]

Please... be honest. Remember, this is for posterity.
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[Poll #949319]

I forgot the clicky question, so just post clicky if it's that important to you.

Voice Post

Feb. 26th, 2007 11:09 pm
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Yeah, please listen to this post and vote on the upcoming poll!
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This one's on Islam and Muslims.

They didn't have options for "don't know" or "other" or "this poll question is too fucking simplistic", so I just answered contrary to the answers they're looking for, even when that meant I was lying. (This country would not be better as a Muslim country. Of course, neither would I prefer it a Christian country, or a Buddhist country, or even an atheist/agnostic country. I like choices.)

I wonder if they've finally fixed it so you can't vote more than once....
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Well, so long as I can tab down to post, I'm good. I guess.

[Poll #888305]
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[Poll #781649]

This isn't one of the interesting ones, I'm afraid. Hey, does anybody else ever search up random polls by changing the number in the poll's URL, and then answer them to skew the results?


Apr. 24th, 2006 01:01 am
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[Poll #715815]

Wow. Lots of people picking "other". I'm dying of curiosity, in a low-pressure kinda way. More like "not really dying, but still curious".
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[Poll #706640]
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Today, Ana was sitting in my lap with the baby. (And hugging the baby too tightly, then declaring "MY BABY!" when I forced her to stop, but that's another story.) She requested that I sing "The Wheels on the Bus" (or, as she calls it, "wown an wown"), so I start to sing, only to be stopped. No, she wants me to go directly to the part where the babies on the bus go waa waa waa. So I do... and she leans over to her sister and goes "Eva! Say 'waa waa waa'!" Not very cute, but it got me thinking....

Read more... )

Thanks for playing!


Aug. 15th, 2005 07:36 pm
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[Poll #552692]

Edit: Yes, I know the song is properly "Next time won't you sing with me" (if you use that variation), but I couldn't say that and still be grammatical the way I had formed the question.
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It's like their gay marriage poll of yore, but this time tackling ID.

I love how just teaching evolution is "shielding them" from ID. Talk about your biased language here....

Taken from [ profile] agnosticism
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[Poll #535887]

I cut this poll short because there are just too many places in this world where everything is wrong.
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(I know, you hadn't noticed, right?)

Um. Oh yeah. Since I post a lot of articles, I thought I'd create a poll to see which articles are the most appreciated. Because I HAVE A PAID ACCOUNT I DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR NYAH! (Well, I do pay for it. With my soul. But not with money, so NYAH!)

[Poll #518849]


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