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Don't read TV Tropes. Seriously, that's a bad idea.

But I was reading TV Tropes, and I read the most *astounding* news. Apparently Stephanie Meyer is coming out with a new book series? About time-traveling cannibal mermaids? Why has nobody told me about this???

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "We didn't tell you because it's gonna suck and we hope it's not true". But think a little harder. Really envision the concept of time-traveling! cannibal! mermaids! Think about it. Isn't that just the most awesomest thing you ever heard? It is! It's fantastic! They're mermaids... that travel through time... and are cannibals. No word yet on whether they sparkle, but I'm betting yes. Sparkly time traveling cannibal mermaids! OMG!

There's only one teensy tiny little PROBLEM. And that's kinda Stephanie Meyers. But not to worry. She can be replaced.

For example, we can have this series written by that one who ghostwrites the V. C. Andrews books. Then we could have sparkly incestuous time-traveling cannibal mermaids! Maybe they can be their own grandpas.

Or we could get Lurlene McDaniels to write it. Then they'll be meaningful sparkly incestuous time-traveling cannibal mermaids, which is bound to be an improvement.

Or we could ask Ann M. Martin. Now, stop for a minute and picture this:

Sparkly incestuous time-traveling cannibal mermaids who babysit (in a meaningful way).

C'mon. TELL me that's not awesome. Because me? I think it's pretty awesome.

Jenn thinks I ought to do this for NaNoWriMo. And the more I think about it, the more awesome I think it is. Except I don't do NaNoWriMo... and good thing too, because this concept needs a special touch. No hack writing for me. No, for my own little version of sparkly incestuous time-traveling cannibal mermaid babysitters I'm going to have to break out... the haiku.

Oh yeah. All that awesome, condensed into 30 brief (and meaningful!) haikus.

There's absolutely no way this can go wrong.

C'mon. Tell me I'm awesome. I'm so excited. This is the bestest idea I've had all year!
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Fully funded, yay!

Start of the school year
Children playing together
Almost thanksgiving :)

(Okay, so :) probably messes up the scansion somehow, but whatever.)


Nov. 6th, 2007 09:12 pm
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It's nippy outside
Cold, cold hands at the playground
It's getting darker
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Running and laughing
Why are they so hyper now?
Oh - daylight savings.

So, we'd invited a friend and her two kids over for dinner today. Unfortunately, her oldest and Angelique don't always get along (like, at all), but today they played nicely with each other, so that was good. Her Oldest had decided he was "the policeman", which was good, because we sorely needed one. He ran into the kitchen twice, came straight to me, and went "Excuse me! Come quickly!"

The first time, he followed up with "They've all gone wild in there!" and he was right. I walk in and find three children jumping in the crib, which they really must not do. I pulled them all out, and told Angelique sternly that "I helped them all get in!" is really nothing to be proud of when she knows better.

The second time, he followed up with "It's all in the crib!" - and I walked in and quickly called Jenn while hiding my face so they wouldn't see my laughing. They'd chucked all the canned goods into the crib. It's all in the crib, indeed.

He's a sweet kid. I just wish he and Angelique didn't butt heads quite so often - honestly, once they started playing together, they seemed to have a lot of fun, and, dammit, I like his mother! I will hang out with her, and talk! Even if the kids hate it! (So often, one ends up talking to people one doesn't really like *all* that much, because the kids get along. It's good for them to get a taste of their own medicine once a week.)
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Looking for patterns
Buying cozy flannel prints
In over my head


Nov. 2nd, 2007 06:33 pm
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I want their candy.
Fighting, screaming, yelling kids.


Nov. 1st, 2007 07:42 pm
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You're going too fast!
Now you're reading too slowly!
Failing her finals
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Missed four.

Didn't write haiku
Ambitions die like summer
Totally slacking

Snow falls on the ground
Covering graves of my hopes
No poems in winter

Lo, with hope comes spring
Haiku arise like flowers
Or the singing birds

The days grow longer
The warmth, the plants, press on me
Ack! Too much haiku!
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Done with my sewing
I look at my new quilt pieces
Used the wrong fabric

40 minutes of sewing, undone by some 2 minutes of thread pulling. And then Jenn told me I should get a seam ripper. What, so that the thread pulling will take even less time, and I can feel even more demoralized? I saved the wrong fabric triangles, I'll use 'em in the border at the end.

Last quilt, if you're curious, was "Little Giant". This one is "Mother's Fancy".
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Rain falls in buckets
On the houses, and on me
I'm just a bit wet

The house, it is cold
I snuggle under blankets
Comfortingly warm
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The leaves come falling
As do the politicians
Vote, dammit, vote!

Mind, I'm not voting, but I don't believe I can without at least one form of ID - even a non-official one. And I don't have that. I'm still waiting on renewing my passport from umpety-seven years ago.
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(This one sucks, honestly)

Please to remember
What it is, I barely know
I don't celebrate.


Told you.
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Where is LiveJournal?
I am in woods of sorrow.
I want it, dammit!

Oh no!

Nov. 3rd, 2006 11:47 pm
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A train disaster!
Where have I left my new books????
Go fast, in the cold.

(Turned out I'd left them at Wendy's, my precious books. I loves them. And, uh, leaves them.)
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Cold, rainy morning.
I will not go out today.
But then the clouds break.


Nov. 1st, 2006 09:00 pm
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It is November.
I cannot write a novel.
NaHaWriMo's here.

I'll be doing this all month. Sorry I didn't really post yesterday, I got home very late. I thought I could stay at the bookstore an extra 15 minutes, and I really, uh, "missed the boat" with that choice.
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Last one, people!

Winter coming in
Snow, wind, rain, cloudy weather
Farewell, my haiku


So, fun as this was, can't say I'll keep it up next month. Next year, sure.

I'm thinking for my next project, I'll post a not-so-inspirational quote every day. What say you?
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1. Almost over now
Feeling those pangs of regret
Wait - I'm just hungry

2. Sparkling, twinkle lights
Walking to see every one
Why must they be white?

Seriously, I am *so sick* of the "white lights" trend for Christmas decorations. Bring back the colors!


Nov. 27th, 2005 10:43 pm
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Spraypainting a guy's bumper stickers? What?

Today's haiku:

Sitting here in shock
Nausea. Indignation.
Must leave this country.
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Not sure which edition I had... it's *possible* I had the later one, but I probably had the earlier one.

Regardless, I now need one again. I wonder if it's still in our attic, and useable....

Today's haiku:

Days growing shorter
Darkness comes faster, sharper
Soon will come the snow
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Waiting for the heat
Darker, colder, in and out
And still I'm not warm

*taps foot impatiently*

Put my whole *day* on hold for the fuel guys to get here, and... nuthin'.

It's not that bad. Under my three blankets, one quilt, five sheets, two layers of pants, and three layers of shirts. And the electric heater on.
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The chopping is slow
Preparing for Thanksgiving
My family is there

*hugs all*

That's a traditional thing to be thankful for, of course, but it works - my family is truly the most important thing in the world to me.
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Bitter freezing cold
Cars racing in the cold rain
Hey! I'm standing here!

That's pretty much my day. We went to visit Ana's friend Elliot, which was great until we had to leave - Ana needed to be slowly kinda poked, prodded, and then eventually shoved out the door. Elliot wouldn't nap with her there, and he shouldn't be expected to, really - naptime is a time for rest and relaxation, and though he likes Ana, she's really a bit... energetic?

As near as I can tell, the kid has two expressions on him - fear/misery and HAPPYHAPPYJOY! He cycles viciously between the two - he'll grin when Ana's playing with him, then freak as she chases him, then grin, then freak when she wants to get a piggyback ride from him (no, I don't know why she thought that'd work, and I'm just happy she stopped at the grabbing his neck part), then grin when sharing the popcorn, then yell "NO PLAYING!" as she doesn't eat it (and he was quite right).

He's nearing two, on my dad's birthday.
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To date, everybody who's asked has been put in the special "needs address" group, all within a day of their asking.

I do *want* to send cards and such out to everyone this year, but I don't know if I'll manage to do that - I'm a bit sucky when it comes to mailing stuff, really. However, I'm putting out an open requests for addresses to mail stuff (or not), as long as everybody realizes that this is not a binding contract that we are all obliged to follow :)

Oh, and I've added my wishlist and address links to my user info, just 'cuz.

Today's haiku:

Dance, twirling, swirling
Running, spinning, laughing, jump
Thanking the music

(This one isn't that great. I'm a bit distracted)
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Sand pouring downwards
Tick, tock, hours drift away
Was the day wasted?


I did stuff. Really!

I think my haiku(s) are getting better. What say you?
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You'd better have. *glares*

Today's haiku:

Running from the cold
Slamming doors, grabbing mittens
Breathing out mistclouds

Damn, it is *cold* here. And no heat. Don't ask, don't commiserate, just move along now.
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Rushing to get done
Oh no! Running out of time
Very last minute

*looks at clock*

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Lovely Metrocard
Swishing onto bus and train
Why have you expired?

Note: I actually pronounce expired "ex-pi-urd", three clear syllables, but other people *don't* always, so pretend I say it "ex-pierd" instead.


Nov. 14th, 2005 04:37 pm
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Why isn't Amazon working? Every time I click on something, I get a page with nothing but a row of question marks. Gah, gah, gah!

Today's haiku:

It isn't working!
I am so very busy
Stupid internet


Nov. 13th, 2005 06:09 pm
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It seems like every day this week, there's been a fire in my neighborhood. I can hear the trucks now.

And yesterday (today, really), I was trying to fall asleep when I heard a really loud plane, flying *low*. It made a damn car alarm go off! I honestly got up to stare out the window for a while, for all the world like a child waiting for Santa instead of somebody scared of the big bad planes.

It's just a weird week, I guess.

Anyway, today's haiku:

Red, shiny, blazing
Burning rubber to the scene
Louder, louder, gone

Haiku. I should've gone with NaLiWriMo....
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Nibbly little mouse
Who's been gnawing on my hand?
Ow! That was stupid.

Yeah. 'cuz it was.
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Time for the haiku
Alas, it was not to be
I can't think of one.
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Dripping, dropping, wet.
Running, chasing down my back.
Running, swimming home.

Haiku - it's a tougher art form than it seems. Maybe it's easier in Japanese?
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The red of the chest
"I've got a great big tonker"
So noisy the mice

Yeah, that's another one that kinda sucks. So, um, wanna here the mousesong? Clicky! Pity the poor deaf people, clearly they're deprived of the ability to hear wild animals yelling "get offa my lawn" and "have sex with me, baby!" Alas.
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No waa waa waa waa!
Stop crying. I hug baby
Now baby drinks milk.

Went to the zoo today. Ana's long since learned that if she doesn't go in the main part of the zoo first, we'll have a fight, so now she tries to rush through that part as quickly as possible to get to the good stuff - feeding the animals and riding the pony. So we rushed a bit, pausing only long enough to admire three or four of the exhibits.

Most of the petting zoo animals weren't willing to come out today - about the only ones that were were the horses, and Ana's just a tiny bit scared of them. It was all good, though, she likes munching on those nasty rancid crackers far more than she likes letting animals munch on them.

And then she went on the pony. I rather ignorantly called it a "horsie" for a second, prompting the completely serious "It's not horsie. It's pony. Connie, not horsie".

That's notable for the grammar. Notice the it's? Only a few weeks ago, she wouldn't've stuck that in there. My Ana-banana is growing up! *sniff*
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Heavy now my eyes
Colorless green thoughts running
I should be asleep

Night all.
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Water splashing down
Freezing, trickling, running down
This time, I won. Nyah!

Ah, the water fight. The traditional pastime of siblings-in-law. What? You don't do that?
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Sitting on El Jay
Angst, quizzes, pictures, drama
The simple haiku

(This one kinda sucks. I may do another one later.)

Oh, and silly me, I'm posting this without my new icon. Just wait.


Nov. 3rd, 2005 09:37 pm
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[ profile] masterflare421 has made me two very nifty icons: One and two.

Which to take, which to take... mind, the first'd be better if the line breaks made it clearer it was a haiku, and all icons (almost) are cooler animated, but I don't really care. I'm just trying to decide which one to take! Gah! Help? Thanks.

Icons? Oooh, shiny.
Look at the Serenity
Leaf upon the wind
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Green whirlybirds
Falling downwards in the air
Today I can't breathe.
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I just don't have the stamina for NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words? In a month? That's a lot.

And I'm sick of not having anything to participate in. So, this month, I give you: NaHaWriMo. Yes, National Haiku Writing Month. Seventeen syllables. Thirty days. Can you handle the pressure? *makes dramatic music noises*

Except that's kinda wussy, so maybe it'll be one haiku a day for the... um... rest of the month? Hm. *gets to work*

NaNoWriMo's here.
But I don't wanna do it.
Hence: NaHaWriMo.


That was hard! But fun! Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installation in: NaHaWriMo! (Assuming I can keep up the frenetic pace in this fast world of haiku!)

Edit: In all seriousness, I'm considering doing plain poetry every day at this time next year. Because I can. Doesn't have to be haiku.


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