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Two thoughts:

1. The author must have had "agouti" come up in his word-a-day calendar
2. Holy shit that ending. That just came the fuck out of nowhere.
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Comment here and he'll get you in touch. You gotta pick them up in Kitchener, though - at this point, I doubt she'll lug them to the post office to mail them, even if you promise to pay shipping and your firstborn.
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In response to this article:

White people are the only reason schools ever desegregated in the first place, so making broad generalizations here doesn't work.


That's some impressive ignorance there. I just... I don't even... wow. Thurgood Marshall must be absolutely spinning in his grave.
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we certainly have a lot of classic cars. Not just old cars, but old in very good condition and the sort that even people with no real knowledge of cars (hi!) can say "Wow, that's a nice looking car!" over.

Yesterday when I walked the dogs with Eva, we passed one such car with a front bench seat.

Me: That's a nice car!
Eva: It's weird, it doesn't even have two seats in the front.
Eva: Wait, it has three seats. COOL! So you can have six people in the car! Why don't they do that now?

I didn't know the answer, but here it is. They were an option for much longer than I thought! I'd assumed they were regulated away, but apparently not. Whodathunk? (Random tangent - I wonder which is more common in English, "whodathunk" or "whodathunkit"? Google ngram viewer is completely unhelpful here.)

Anyway, today I saw three nice Cadillacs from the 50s or 60s... though given that they were all together, there was probably a thing they were going to. And last week I ran across an Oldsmobile that I'm pretty sure is from the 40s.

So as you can see, we do have a lot of classic cars in this neighborhood that you might randomly run across.


Chatter in the deep brain spurs empathy in rats

The day after Sweden switched from driving on the left to driving on the right, 1967 (LOL!)

'50s Ladies in Kodachromes: Looking Back to Women Fashion Over 60 Years Ago

Chickens may illuminate how humans developed sharp daylight vision

The story behind the dark Times Square subway poem (Yo, that's a really long tunnel, btw.)

Mosul celebrates first Eid without Islamic State in years (I didn't know henna was an Iraqi thing, but judging from those pictures I guess so...?)

Eid al-Fitr: What you need to know (Starting this year, NYC schools take off for Eid, but they're doing it tomorrow. And then I think school ends Wednesday. This is typical of the NYC school system. It'd make just as much sense to not take those two random days off in June and then end the year last Friday, but noooooooo. Don't know why I'm complaining, I don't have to deal with that nonsense, anyway.)

Muslims in Asia pray for peace as Ramadan holy month ends (There is a girl in one of those pictures wearing a red hijab with white polka dots and Minnie Mouse ears. It is so adorable, it must be seen to be believed.)

A Middle Eastern Spin On A Classic Latino Dessert: Rose Cardamom Tres Leches (Tres Leches is apparently quite popular in Turkey nowadays anyway.)

This Common Butterfly Has an Extraordinary Sex Life (Extraordinary and a little stomach-churning.)

Famous Women Have Been Defying Gender Norms and Rocking Menswear for Years

Gay pride parades sound a note of resistance - and face some

Stories About Disability Don’t Have to Be Sad

Planes aren’t the only things with wings buzzing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The base was the first military installation to earn the “Bee City USA” designation: The number of pollinator honey bees swarming around hives has flourished five fold in two years as the bees indulge in abundant food, water and nesting sites, officials say.

Philippine, Vietnam navies play sports on South China Sea island

The decline of electric guitar

Websites and apps are designed for compulsion, even addiction. Should the net be regulated like drugs or casinos?

Joe Arpaio on trial over immigration actions echoing Trump's

A Battle Over Prayer in Schools Tests Canada’s Multiculturalism

A risky fix to repair a city's gutted streetlight grid

The TSA is going to look through your books but promises not to notice what you're reading (When we talk about things that we should never have accepted as normal, the TSA and their shenanigans is top of the list.)

Journalists Condemn Trump Press Restrictions, But Don’t Expect Them To Boycott Briefings

Two factories Donald Trump bragged about saving are now laying off workers

Canadian leaders have given up on Trump—so now they're going around him

Shifting Dollars From Poor to Rich Is a Key Part of the Senate Health Bill (No shit.)

Pro-Trump group's health care offensive warns GOP senators to get in line

The Danger of Yemen's Secret Prisons (Content note: like all descriptions of torture, this is nauseating)
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The first link that popped up on Google is no longer functional, and it doesn't work at either. The correct link now is

That's easy to remember!
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So first, two signal boosts:

1. I found out about this via the League of Women Voters. This act, introduced in both the Senate and the House, has the stated purpose "To require States to automatically register eligible voters to vote in elections for Federal office, and for other purposes."

Among other things, it would automatically register eligible voters via information they provide to various government offices, such as the DMV. A number of states have take this kind of legislation up, and a few have passed it, but it would be wonderful to have this on a federal level, for all states.

It's S. 1353 in the Senate and H.R. 2876 in the House. Call your reps and ask them to support this act by co-sponsoring it.

What we're seeing right now in Washington with the AHCA is what happens when the elected officials are not sensitive to the needs of their constituents. To force them to care, we have to make it easier for those constituents to make their voices heard in the voting booth.

2. There is a new friending meme going around, so if you've already posted at [community profile] 2017revival and [community profile] addme and are still thinking "I need more people", you can try that. Boost it, anyway, would you? These things only work if they get shared.

Anyway, I want to get rid of my last few tabs, so bear with me.


The Frog Log Saves Wildlife in Your Pool

Here's what happens when lightning doesn't hit the ground

The Last Picture Show

America’s Short-Lived ‘Black Army on Wheels’

What vampire bats can teach us about cooperation

The Green Energy Revolution Will Happen Without Trump

The fact is: Facts don’t matter to climate deniers

The Canadians helping refugees start anew

What's the Problem With Al Jazeera?

White People Keep Finding New Ways to Segregate Schools

London tower blocks evacuated as 34 buildings fail fire tests

Insurers Battle Families Over Costly Drug for Fatal Disease

Trump won't hire poor people for a top post - many Americans agree

Science Says Summer Is Going to Be Ruined for Many Years to Come

How Charlottesville, Virginia’s Confederate statues helped decimate the city’s historically successful black communities.

To Make Sense of American Politics, Immigrants Find Clues From Lands They Left

Venezuela's Maduro confronts perils of his reliance on the military

Bill Cosby Is Planning Town Halls About Sexual Assault And The Law, Spokesman Says (Gross!)

'No doesn't really mean no': North Carolina law means women can't revoke consent for sex

Nursing Home Workers Still Posting Nude and Vulgar Photos of Residents on Snapchat

Psychologists Open a Window on Brutal C.I.A. Interrogations
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Took Finn to the groomer again. I like for him to look like people love him.

Last time, they just had to shave it all off. There wasn't much choice, and so they didn't ask what I wanted. I get that. This time they did ask. "Do you want him to look like a poodle?" "Isn't he already a poodle?"

Yes, but now he looks more like a poodle. I didn't think it was possible.

I've been amusing myself and occasionally annoying everybody else by crooning "You are so poodle-ful to meeeeeee" at him ever since.


Why the Amish Are Building America’s RVs

To Remember Random Errands, Turn Them Into a Story

Teenage boy from Mumbai slum dances way to NY ballet school

A Serbian Farmer Wants To Protect The Balkan Donkey By Selling Its Pricey Milk

I am Lionfish, hear me ROAR!

Ramadan? There's an app for that.

The Once-Common Practice of Communal Sleeping

What Mormon Family Trees Tell Us About Cancer

America’s hungriest wind and solar power users: big companies

The unsustainable whiteness of green

Teens Are Having Sex Later, Using Contraception, CDC Finds

11 Ways That I, a White Man, Am Not Privileged (just read it)

How Europe could be the unexpected beneficiary of America’s fall from global grace

FEMA Is Preparing for a Solar Superstorm That Would Take Down the Grid

Turkish schools to stop teaching evolution, official says

Some U.S. States Relax Restrictions On Cladding Suspected In Grenfell Tower Fire

When twisted justice stops prisoners from starting over

A New, New Right Rises in Germany

Kurds see chance to advance their cause in ruins of Islamic State

America’s cultural divide runs deep. While rural and urban Americans share some economic challenges, they frequently diverge on questions of culture and values. On few issues are they more at odds than immigration.

How Accusing A Powerful Man of Rape Drove A College Student To Suicide

The Silence of the Lambs (This article is about child rape.)

As women go to jail in record numbers, who's watching out for their kids? No one.

Politics )
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So, went out to walk the dogs earlier. Everything was going great, until Moonpie found a patch of grass. It looked to me to be identical to all the other patches of grass, but not to her....

Moonpie: YAY! Grass!
Me: C'mon, we're on our way home now!
Moonpie: Sure, sure, but hold on, I gotta roll around here.
Me: C'mon!
Moonpie: Busy flopping around like a dead fish!
Me: Indeed, you are.
Moonpie: LIKE A DEAD FISH!!!!
Finn: Smells good. Maybe I should take a leak.
Moonpie: LIKE A DEAD FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did eventually get home, where I found out that when Eva agreed to take out the compost for me in exchange for $7, she actually just dumped it on the ground sort of near the compost bin instead of actually in the bin. She's not getting her $7, and I don't care what she says, that's plenty fair.


While trust is inherited, distrust is not: study

Massive, ‘Dead’ Galaxy Puzzles Astronomers

Bioengineers create more durable, versatile wearable for diabetes monitoring

Legal or not, more American women are opting for abortion by medication. We asked doctors: How safe is it?

Self-folding origami: Chemical programming allows Nafion sheets to fold and refold

A Better Touch Screen, Inspired by Moth Eyes

Scientists spy on the secret inner life of bacteria

Sea sponges stay put with anchors that bend but don't break

Some clouds are full of little lollipop-shaped ice crystals

How did bird babysitting co-ops evolve?

Why Do Bird Eggs Come in So Many Shapes?

Saying 'climate change' instead of 'global warming' decreases partisan gap by 30 percent in U.S.

Wave beams mix and stir the ocean to create climate

Are you forgetful? That's just your brain erasing useless memories

Cancer cells may streamline their genomes in order to proliferate more easily

This glass frog wears its heart for all to see

How a wildfire kicked up a 45,000-foot column of flames

A 100-year-old physics problem has been solved
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On the downside, it'll need to be replaced.

On the upside - or, shall I say, the bright side - we all loathe that light fixture. It only takes two bulbs and the cover over the bulbs means we're cooking in the dim all the time.


'Superhero' 3D printed hands help kids dream in Argentina (I bet!)

All the Animals That Love Touchscreens

Georgia Sheriff To Cut Sentences For Inmates Who Saved Correctional Officer

On the trail with Cambodia's tarantula hunters

As drought looms, could this team of scientists prove cloud seeding works?

How Animals Develop Regional Accents

A surgeon’s secret: As she operated on babies’ birth defects, a doctor hid her own diagnosis

A School That Provides The One Constant In Homeless Children's Lives

Pride and prejudice? Race tinges LGBT celebrations

Supreme Court limits government's power to revoke citizenship

Where Street Vendors Run Pharmacies Out of Buckets

Military heads want transgender enlistment hold

A daily conundrum in convulsed Venezuela: will my kids make it to school?

Solar’s rise lifted these blue-collar workers. Now they’re worried about Trump

Senate GOP releases bill to cut Medicaid, alter 'Obamacare'

Children of Islamic State militants in Libya reunite with families in Khartoum

'Buried alive': the old men stuck in Britain’s prisons

Coffee under threat. Will it taste worse as the planet warms?

Ethiopia's Coffee Farmers Are 'On The Front Lines Of Climate Change'

Mounting evidence that Trump’s election was aided by Russian interference presents a challenge to the American system of government—with lasting consequences for democracy.

Rigged: Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.

When the man who abuses you is also a cop.

How totalism works

Trained to Kill: How Four Boy Soldiers Survived Boko Haram (Skip this article if you have a sensitive stomach.)
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Sunset is the same time as in NYC, but sunrise is an hour later.

So... from here to Wavre, the time of sunset is different this time of year but the time of sunrise is the same. And from here to Austin, the time of sunset is the same this time of year but the time of sunrise is different. But on the other solstice, it's the other way around - Austin and NYC share a sunrise time, Wavre and NYC share a sunset time.

There is some way this all makes sense, and I know I've had it explained to me before, but... I guess it didn't make enough sense. (It has something to do with how the sun appears to move in a figure 8?)

Semi-related, Mr. "How did they know it was noon?" reminded me of something. There is an algorithm to convert sundial time to clock time, and vice versa. Apparently, when mechanical clocks first became common, their time was considered inaccurate, and true time was sundial time. This is blindingly obvious the second you hear it explained, but it didn't occur to me until I happened to read it on Wikipedia while looking up common sundial mottoes. (It's later than you think!)

There must have been a middle period in there where the younger generation was chronically annoying the older generation by showing up for things at clock time when the older generation obviously meant real time.


The Deseret Alphabet, a 38-Letter Writing System Developed by Mormons

Pictures: Colored Honey Made by Candy-Eating French Bees (There's something to pointlessly engineer - flowers with multicolored nectar to make multicolored honey! If they think they can sell pink pineapples, colorful honey is sure to be a hit. And it won't be garbage, so it won't be gross.)

Census: US growing older and more racially diverse

The Mussels That Eat Oil

When the Bus Stop Button is Broken

Medieval medical books could hold the recipe for new antibiotics

Man sent home from work for wearing shorts in over 30°C heat comes back in a dress

Memory for stimulus sequences distinguishes humans from other animals

This ‘Indian Dr. Seuss’ Is Very Fond of Nonsense

How the Liberal Arts Help Veterans Thrive

Urban agriculture only provides small environmental benefits in northeastern US

Supreme Court Says You Can't Ban People From The Internet, No Matter What They've Done

People with disabilities at risk in Central African Republic

Abused children find Japan’s shelters provide little comfort

Desperate Venezuelans set sights on Colombia as worry mounts

Hundreds of Inmates Still Confined to Tent City During Phoenix Heat Wave

Former immigration detainees challenge labor practices

How Our Modern Lifestyles Perpetuate Slavery

War-torn Yemen to get cholera vaccines as death toll mounts

U.S. will take weapons from Kurds after Islamic State defeat: Turkey
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I'll never understand how sunrise and sunset work.

Also, be sure to do today's Google doodle. I could do that all day.


Cow herd behavior is fodder for complex systems analysis

Making Cents of Currency’s Ancient Rise

The Lion-Shaped Maps That United a Nation

African farmers’ kids conquer the marshmallow test

Summer solstice: the perfect day to bask in a dazzling scientific feat (First comment: "How did they know it was noon?" I can't even...)

Discovery could lead to sustainable ethanol made from carbon dioxide

She May Be The Most Unstoppable Scientist In The World

Dinosaurs got an evolutionary assist from huge volcanic eruptions

The Great Uprising: How a Powder Revolutionized Baking

Why the 'peculiar' stands out in our memory

Incredibly pictures of NYC when it was covered in farmland

'Human Project' study will ask 10,000 to share life's data

The App That Does Nothing

DNA reveals how cats achieved world domination

The ATU Fable Index: Like the Dewey Decimal System, But With More Ogres (I don't really care what happens in "Bunnies Beware of the King", but I'm more than a little perturbed that I can't even read the entire synopsis for 910J: Never plant a thorn tree.)

Chimps' cultural traditions extend beyond family

A Good News Story About Diarrhea — With One Surprising Exception

The Forgotten Trains of India (Photojournalism)

South Africa's District Six Cookbook Helps Preserve A Lost Community

Forever green: Cemeteries make more room for natural burials

Debate heats up over teaching climate change in US schools

Bosnian students keep up their protest against segregated schools

Afghan de-miners cling to hard but much-needed jobs

What Is the Point of Sean Spicer's Briefings? (I've got a question for Sean Spicer. "Do you know that you make yourself a laughingstock every time you hold one of these briefings? How much are you getting paid to shred your dignity to bits? Are you sure it's really worth it?" Damn, that's such a good question, rather than waiting for a journalist to ask it, I should send him a postcard. Or I could go traditional - "How do you sleep at night?" Postcards are cheap, I can send both questions.)

Iraqi forces advance on Mosul mosque where IS declared caliphate

What Is Putin Up To in Syria?

US interrogates detainees in Yemen prisons rife with torture
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Midsummer always takes me by surprise. The sun seems to set so early! I keep thinking that it set later when I was a child, during the summers.

And well, yes, that's because it did. Most of my memories of childhood summers take place in Belgium. The sun didn't set in Wavre today until 10pm. It set here at 8:30.

Logically, I know that I spent many more summers in NYC than in Belgium (and I also spent a few in Austin, with my other grandmother), but... somehow, in my memories, except for the 4th and the occasional trip to the beach, it's always Belgium. And in Belgium, the sun stays up forever in the summer. (It sets correspondingly earlier in the winter, but we never were there in the winter.)
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Google would win at pictionary.

The trick is not to draw well, but to draw like everybody else. A quick sketch of a rectangle with a fin on it is better than a beautiful, photorealistic picture of a shark - and apparently, the entire world, when confronted with "animal migration", decides to make a few m-birds and call it a day. (The algorithm is entirely too fond of throwing out "animal migration" as a challenge.)
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So... which cookout am I attending? (And why couldn't they have scheduled this better? How'm I gonna make both the Central Park potluck and the Central Park ice cream social?)
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So, Sociological Images decided, for Father's Day, to post a piece about how estrangement hurts fathers. First there were a few comments from people pointing out that wow, that piece is very one-sided and that, in fact, mentally healthy people do not generally cut themselves off from their parents for no reason whatsoever. And in that vein, I linked to Issendai's study of estranged parent forums - and if this is a subject that interests you, you'd do well to read it.

Well, they must've been linked somewhere, because they're now inundated with very sad parents who have no idea why their kids estranged them, and want all the commenters who are estranged from their parents to know that they're terrible people. I'm going on the record now - Rose Pernice's daughter is estranged because her mother is a highly unpleasant person. I only needed a few comments to glean that piece of information, not that she'd listen if I tried to explain it to her.

Things like this are useful to read. I look at these exchanges and go "Wow. No matter how annoyed I am at my family, at least I can say they aren't this bad."


Jun. 18th, 2017 05:47 am
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I have, to date, posted 9,909 journal entries.

So in about two or three months, I'll reach the 10,000 mark.

I'm gonna need to bake a cake!
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Brrr! How Much Can Temperatures Drop During a Total Solar Eclipse?

A Progressive Electoral Wave Is Sweeping the Country

China's quantum satellite in big leap

'Midwifery is a calling, not just a profession': childbirth stories around the world

Transgender Teachers Talk About Their Experiences At School (Pronoun use is a bit odd, though apparently that's with permission of the teachers profiled)

Don't blame the left for violence in America

“Because I Moved 5 Shirts”… Portrait Of An Unexpected Twitter Storm

How quilting got ripped apart by American politics

For advocates of gay adoption, progress but also obstacles

Turkey’s president wants to purge Western words from its language

How Brazil's progressive migration bill was sabotaged

Environmental group warns of lead in baby food

How a 93-year-old war vet (and his sneakers) are helping NASA track pollution

Tax evaders exposed: why the super-rich are even richer than we thought

Now Just Five Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World's Population

Health chief, 4 others charged with manslaughter in Flint

Bill Cosby case: Judge declares mistrial after jury deadlock

Dangerous heat wave to scorch the Southwestern US (Be cool, Sodapop)

Classicist Receives Death Threats from Alt-Right over Art Historical Essay

Just How Bad Is the Rural Economy, Anyway? (They want improved infrastructure. So do I. A new WPA would benefit the economy at least twice over, first by employing people, and then by giving us better transportation and all.)

Cuba to Trump: US in no 'condition to lecture us' on human rights

Hiding Christians in the Basement: Fear and Heroism in a Philippine War Zone

World Cities Are Moving Forward on Climate Change

The US is relocating an entire town because of climate change. And this is just the beginning

A massive climate change study is canceled ... because of climate change

Climate Change Pushing Tropical Diseases Toward Arctic

I’ve covered Obamacare since day one. I’ve never seen lying and obstruction like this.

G.O.P. Senators Might Not Realize It, but Not One State Supports the Republican Health Bill

How the AHCA Could Cause an Economic Downturn
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When I read that ICE was arresting parents picking up their children from school, I thought that was shameful. When I read about ICE arresting people at the hospital - either patients themselves, or parents of patients, I thought that was shameful. When I read the article about ICE arresting legal residents at a restaurant after first buying breakfast, I thought that was shameful. I thought, whatever your feelings on immigration, that all these things were contrary to simple decency - and you can believe my expectations were already low considering the conditions at detention centers.

But this? This isn't shameful. It's disgusting. What an absolute breach of basic morals.

'Shameful' raid on aid camp at US-Mexico border puts lives at risk, volunteers say.

Putting people's lives at risk? That's absolutely criminal.
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Though, mind you, one I'll probably never have occasion to use:

owl-hoot, n.

3. U.S. slang. In form owlhoot. Esp. in the language of Wild West fiction, etc.: a fugitive, an outlaw. Hence: a worthless or contemptible person. Frequently attrib., esp. in owlhoot trail (used allusively with reference to the life of a fugitive or outlaw).

Definitely gonna go add that to the kenning list. I don't care if it isn't one, even, I'm gonna do it anyway. Because I can, that's why.


Here Are Some Baby Goats Running Around

World's 1st fully accessible water park opens in Texas

This Conch-Shell Inspired Material Could Make Helmets and Body Armor Safer

The idea that humans have a poor sense of smell is an outdated myth, argues new review

Birds find haven from urban injuries at New York City treatment center

You Are What You Eat, And What You Eat Is Millions of Microbes

FDA approves new, cheaper rival to EpiPen allergy shot

What If (Almost) Every Gene Affects (Almost) Everything?

How to Get the City to Notice Your Damn Pothole

Nevada forces drugmakers to reveal insulin pricing, profits

Talking to Boys the Way We Talk to Girls

Is This the End of the Crusade for Gender-Equal Curricula?

'We decided to take a stand': why some Indian families are returning dowries

The ABCs of WWI, a British Wartime Alphabet Primer

Our Love Of 'All Natural' Is Causing A Vanilla Shortage

A Mexican Town Is Giving Americans Something Donald Trump Can’t: Affordable Dental Care

Amazon buying Whole Foods in bold move into brick and mortar

After escaping war and persecution: high school

Threats to Campus Speech Don’t Alarm Media When They Come From the Right

ACLU sues to stop deportation of arrested Iraqi nationals

For women in Kenya's dry north, water is power

Those who leave home, and those who stay

As wall looms, US moves to settle border fence land cases

Have You Ever Seen Donald Trump Laugh? (Article from September, but... that's a very good question.)

Trump’s tantrums speak volumes

Trump Administration Quietly Rolls Back Civil Rights Efforts Across Federal Government

The Hoarding of the American Dream
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They think they have permission to sit on my lap. Incessantly.


A Woman Who Fought in the Revolutionary War (The title frames it like she was the only one, but of course we all know better.)

10+ Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Uncovering Ancient Clues to Humanity’s First Fires

When Fresh Air Went Out of Fashion at Hospitals

How the world's first accountants counted on cuneiform

Gifted Programs Ditched for Hands-On Learning for All at More NYC Schools

The Artful Propaganda of Soviet Children’s Literature

Why Sand Covers the Floor of One of the Western Hemisphere’s Oldest Synagogues

Surviving the Hunt: Female Elk Get Sneakier With Age

Cubans now face same deportation risk as other immigrants

A Resolution Condemning White Supremacy Causes Chaos at the Southern Baptist Convention

Cuomo To NYC’s Suffering Subway Commuters: Drive A Car (Ugh, next time upstate tries to secede, I say we beat them to the punch and do it first. We'll just take part of the NYC metro area with us. This may involve annexing part of NJ. Whatever.)

Summer vacation? Lots of Americans say they can't afford it (Is anybody really surprised?)

Cities fight climate change through ecosystem restoration

Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State slaves

The primary reason twitter works so hard to protect racists and meninists and such is cuz their bot counts are staggering

Priced out of the favela: The Brazilians turning to squats

World's largest refugee camp strains to keep kids in school

Protests in northern Morocco swell with calls for royal intervention

The Virginia Shooting and America's Creeping National Disease

Despite Tillerson reassurance, Palestinians not stopping 'martyr' payments
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I mentioned the Leiby Kletzky case to somebody today, and decided to look it up to see how the perpetrator's trial had gone. (Life in prison. Not surprising, really.)

Local news )
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People are getting tired, and they're getting distracted, and they're getting used to things. Well, you do get used to things, no matter how awful they are - but you gotta keep calling, keep writing, keep it up.
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Thank goodness.

I took a shower, and halfway through, the breeze started. Aaaaah.


The Real People Behind 9 Characters You Thought Were Fictional (First, Nettleship is an awesome name. Secondly - how the hell did comics become a bastion of reactionary dudebros? I want them all out of the fandom. It's not even my own fandom, but whatevs, I want them out.)

As We Age, Friends Can Trump Family Ties

The Invention of World History

Eighty Years of New York City, Then and Now (Video)

Coast Guard ship will linger in century-old watery grave

Spying on fish love calls could help protect them from overfishing

Self-Righteous Devils: What Ozark Vigilantes of the 1880s Reveal About Modern America

Puerto Rico's Plebiscite to Nowhere

Michael Lewis and the parable of the lucky man taking the extra cookie

Canada's detention of Mexicans surges after visa lift

The female journalists defying taboos and braving death threats in Afghanistan

In Russia, state TV and the Internet tell a tale of two protests

Panama switches diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China

South Sudan's battle for cattle is forcing schoolgirls to become teenage brides

Medics and school staff forcibly recruited in South Sudan's war

Remembering the Murder You Didn’t Commit

How can a child die of toothache in the US?

Sub-Minimum Wage Salaries, Rights Violations & Missing Activists: Inside Ivanka Trump’s Sweatshops

Ivanka Trump is hitting the road to boost workers. Her father wants to gut job-training programs.

Philippines says it learned of city siege plans in advance

Lawless waters test Southeast Asian nations in fight against Islamic State

How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico


Jun. 13th, 2017 10:39 pm
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Wow. Just wow.

Of course, next week's promo - sheesh. Way to ruin the tension, guys.
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New frontier in cancer care: Turning blood into living drugs

An Ohio City is Turning an Unused Highway Into a Pop-Up Forest

This Dinner Party Invites People Of All Faiths To Break Bread Together (Huh, and while there isn't one nearby, there IS an iftar in a synagogue. We should go. Religious education and all that.)

Promiscuous salamander found to use genes from three partners equally

For stymied commuters to NYC, ferries could be the next wave

Researchers find glass eels use internal compass to find their way home

Sweet sizzlin' beans! Fancy names may boost healthy dining ("It shouldn't be a surprise to us because marketing people have been doing this for years.")

Antlers Are Miraculous Face Organs That Could Benefit Human Health

What Children’s Book Do You Remember That No One Else Does? (Ah, they finally gave me the name for that series I couldn't be bothered to look up! Abracadabra. That's the book that taught me the word "syzygy".)

This Baker Makes Internet Trolls Eat Their Words — Literally

Saving the ‘god of ugly things’: New Zealand battles to bring back its rodent-sized insects

Kansas Inmate Freed After Doppelganger Found 17 Years Later (They look the same, their names are almost the same... wow.)

Another U.S. appeals court refuses to revive Trump travel ban (Just quit embarrassing yourself, Trump. This is getting pathetic.)

50 Years After Loving, Hollywood Still Struggles With Interracial Romance

Insomnia not purely psychological condition: Insomnia genes found

Back in my day, we only gave corporations 70% of our data, and that's the way we liked it!

From 'caliph' to fugitive: IS leader Baghdadi's new life on the run

Hardscrabble children sell corn in the heat by India's roads

Not All Trash is Created Equal
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I was an atheist. (And hey, I'm still an atheist!)

But, you know, I had questions about this religion thing. Some extremely vehement atheists are all "Children shouldn't learn about religion at all!", but this strikes me as completely the wrong approach. Most of the world is religious. We have to live with them. Better to give them a fair and even-handed amount of information about all major religions (and a good number of minor ones) so they can come to their own conclusions. You don't want them to conclude you're hiding stuff from them, anyway.

But I digress. I have a point here, not just a soapbox. I asked my mother once about saints in Catholicism. This was logical, because she was raised Catholic, so she really ought to know. And the way she described it to me is that sometimes, you pray to a saint rather than directly to God because it's kind of like asking your parents to talk to the teacher for you. They have a little extra pull, and also, the right saint presumably understands your situation through deep personal experience.

This explanation made perfect sense to me.

Now that I'm grown, though, and know many more Christians and ex-Christians than I did as a child, I wonder if a better explanation here might use the language of prayer circles. Sometimes Christians ask other Christians to pray for them, and Catholics do the same as Protestants, except that sometimes the Christians they're asking to pray for them are saints, not neighbors.

(This is another reason why I actually think all kids should learn comparative religion in school. The level of inter-religious ignorance going around is astounding. "Catholics worship saints!" is actually fairly minor compared to what I heard this weekend, which was 17 flavors of "Muslims worship Mohammed!" I don't have an easy analogy to explain why that last one is absurd, but I'm going to trust that everybody reading this knows it is.)


How to Watch NASA Create Colorful Clouds Over New York and the East Coast

A Clever Technique For Scaling A Wall Using A Bamboo Pole And Two Strong Friends

Growth mechanism of fungi decoded

A slug, a dandelion, a camera

The Baby-Sitters Club Announces Its Intention to Unionize

Lianas stifle tree fruit and seed production in tropical forests

The lost genius of the Post Office

Operation Car Wash: Is this the biggest corruption scandal in history?

Officers at New York precinct told not to shower at station after fears of Legionnaires’ disease (I should take this seriously, and I do! - but I really want to make a joke about dirty cops.)

Russia protests: Kremlin critic Navalny among hundreds detained

Texas's tough pension laws may not apply in other states

D.C. and Maryland to sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath

Russia cloud settles in over Trump's White House

Donald Trump’s secret isn’t that he lies. It’s that he crowds out the truth.

Trump’s defense against Comey has fallen into a predictable pattern: Make a baseless accusation

'Crash Override': The Malware That Took Down a Power Grid

Missouri parole board played word games during hearings with inmates (How amusing for them.)

Turkey demands an end to Qatar blockade as humanitarian crisis deepens

What if several of the world’s biggest food crops failed at the same time?

Philippines fight against ISIS grinds on, victory still 'weeks' away

Life under martial law in Duterte’s home town

Corpses being dumped in Iraq show signs of torture, execution — and Iraqi forces may be responsible

How a Russian Journalist Exposed the Anti-Gay Crackdown in Chechnya

Rwanda’s children of rape are coming of age — against the odds.

The rising homegrown terror threat on the right
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Went out to walk the dogs. Before I reached the corner, there was a commotion at the other end of the block - I turned just in time to see a car careen out of one of our few driveways, then skid to a stop in the street. Despite all the yelling, it looked like everybody was all right, and there was definitely nobody hit, so I kept on walking, but when I came back we had a firetruck, a police car, and an ambulance. I hope everybody is all right, but I'm not even on a first name basis with these people - or an any name basis! - so I don't know.


50 years after Loving, 1 in 6 new couples are racially mixed

New form of carbon that's hard as a rock, yet elastic, like rubber

Across US, thousands rallying and marching for LGBT rights

Southern Baptists Embrace Gender-Inclusive Language in the Bible

How a growing number of Muslim women clerics are challenging traditional narratives

In Zimbabwe, benefits of forgotten farming method realized during drought

Hunting Down the Lost Apples of the Pacific Northwest

Here's What People Called Pot in the 1940s (Seems to me that "gigglesmokes" and "Indian hay" have got to count as kennings, as well as ridiculous slang/codewords.)

In major breakthrough, tiny Utah firm regenerates skin, hair in pigs

Woman crisscrosses West to fulfill acquaintance's last wish

Lois Lane Explains White Male Privilege to Superman

Ramadan TV pranks go to extremes in ratings battle

NSA backtracks on sharing number of Americans caught in warrant-less spying

Texas mulls non-jail options for those who can't pay fines

Florida governor signs bolstered 'stand your ground' law

A Promise To Her Newborn Daughter: No More Female Genital Mutilation

Study: Conservatives despise the fact-checking industry (Well, yeah.)

My road trip through Trump country taught me that staying in the liberal bubble has its advantages

To the politicians who want to slash funding for food stamps

"I Have to Hold My Family Together": The Hidden Costs of Prison Visits

Report: America’s Prisons Are So Polluted They Are Endangering Inmates

ICE shutters helpful family management program amid budget cuts

Trump targets illegal immigrants who were given reprieves from deportation by Obama

China ponders public morality after video of gruesome death

Yemen's 'Unprecedented' Cholera Epidemic
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Vintage Photos of Traveling Libraries

Twinless in Twinsburg

How Do You Conserve Art Made of Bologna, or Bubble Gum, or Soap?

The House of David baseball team

This adorable lil baby bird was perfectly preserved in amber for 99 million years

Can a New Generation in the Banlieues Change French Politics?

The Word Is ‘Nemesis’: The Fight to Integrate the National Spelling Bee

How a Single Gene Could Become a Volume Knob for Human Suffering

An illicit prison veggie patch whets inmates’ memories of freedom.

Rethinking India's Slum Resettlement Policy

Fifty years after the Six-Day War, the intellectualism that once lit up the Middle East has been all but extinguished by corrupt regimes and perverse religiosity.

On 50th Anniversary of Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Opinions Largely Ignored

Iraq's Kurds say "no turning back" on independence vote

Colorado housing officials invite cops to perform warrantless searches on poor people

EU fears Brexit delay, uncertainty after shock UK vote

Anti-Shariah rallies planned across US worry Muslim leaders

Welcome to Refugee High

What Happened When My Travel Ban-Supporting Neighbor Met With Refugees

Fox News Was Attacking Barack Obama for Using Dijon Mustard at This Point in His Presidency

Trump says Comey not telling truth, willing to respond under oath (Liar, liar, pants on fire. Whatever I think of Comey, I do believe he at least has a few qualms about committing perjury. I doubt Trump could even spell the word.)

Trump Is Destroying His Own Administration's Policies

A Major New Study Shows That Political Polarization Is Mainly A Right-Wing Phenomenon

A Little-Known Climate Fund Is Suddenly In The Spotlight (Maybe Bloomberg can contribute to this one as well.)

Watchdogs revealed crisis in Maine’s youth prison. The governor fired them.

The US Joins the Philippines in a Battle Against Militants

Iran attacks expose security gaps, fuel regional tension

Masquerading as Reporter, Assassin Hunted Putin Foes in Ukraine
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The conversation between plants and soil

The International-School Surge

Inside the competitive Indian-American spelling community

Astonishingly speedy brain mechanism helps bats get louder when necessary

Scientists Pit Sourdough Against White Bread—With Surprising Results

New York child marriage ban heads to Cuomo's desk

These all-natural microbeads could replace your horrible face scrubs

Sporty hijabs help Muslim girls keep up pace in athletics

A kitten nursery saves tiny lives in a city aiming to become ‘no kill’

Watch The MTV Soap Opera That Is Secretly Teaching Sex Ed

Blighted Baltimore homes are razed, along with some memories

U.S. Pays Farmers Billions To Save The Soil. But It's Blowing Away

Fighting climate change isn’t a ‘waste of money’ — it’s a good investment

Charity website flags dozens of nonprofits as hate groups

Police speak less respectfully to black drivers, study suggests (I'm stunned. Just stunned.)

Trump misdirects blame for slow confirmations

Domes of frozen methane may be warning signs for new blow-outs

The Supreme Court Said His Prison Sentence Was Unconstitutional. He’s Still Behind Bars.

What’s hidden behind the walls of America’s prisons

The Prison System is Designed to Ignore Mental Illness

Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country?

Tobin Smith, Former Fox Paid Contributor, Confirms What We Always Suspected About Fox.

Transgender detainees at high risk of assault in US immigration facilities

In war-shaken Philippine city, civilians struggle to escape
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I read Rebel, the third book in the Las Anclas series. (And then I read Thick as Thieves.)

Now, I love this series. I really do. It's a great improvement over the LGBT-friendly books of my own youth that were all Very Special Episode - instead, it's a fun series with some gays, and any romance drama they have is the sort you expect teens to have. The nearest thing they have to coming out as gay is having a change power and parents who don't like that sort of thing. (And while I suppose it is technically post-apocalyptic, it's more like post-post-post. Lots of parties, and they have raccoons that build cities. Oh, and also exploding glass trees and a king who wants to take over the world, so, you know, standard fantasy stuff.)

However, I'm not sure the math works. Read more... )

Anyway, nothing big happened in this installment, but they've set up the final book in the quartet very nicely and I'm itching to read it. And every one of you who hasn't read the whole series really ought to.
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Finally got to see it. Is it too spoilery to say that it ended on another cliffhanger? Not sure if I love it or hate it!
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I'm already planning a celebration, except my mom nixed cupcakes.


A chart of how common different phonemes are in languages around the world

Don't Eat the Cucumbers, and Other Food Rules

Ballet Dancer Leaps Onto Subway Tracks and Lifts Man to Safety

Oh the Places You'll Go! Dr. Seuss museum opens its doors

A pictoral guide to the world's electrical outlets

Monkey mafia steal your stuff, then sell it back for a cracker

The First Artificial Skating Rinks Looked Pretty But Smelled Terrible

Preserved Remnants of 17th Century New York

How New York Is Turning Food Waste Into Compost and Gas

'The Eloise from Hell': The Little Old Lady Who Terrorized New York's Famed Plaza Hotel

Raise Wages, Kill Jobs? Seven Decades of Historical Data Find No Correlation Between Minimum Wage Increases and Employment Levels

Are employers finally giving felons a second chance?

Resurrected: A controversial trial to bring the dead back to life plans a restart

Quickly reporting cancer complications may boost survival

A Different Kind Of Pickup: Prostitutes Turn To Driving Motorbike Taxis

Robots Wielding Water Knives Are the Future of Farming

Looking For Right And Wrong In The Philippines

Russia escalates spy games after years of U.S. neglect

Is China Becoming the World's Most Likeable Superpower?

Trump’s withdrawal from Paris is a major blow to the American-led global order

Stony corals more resistant to climate change than thought

Climate Science Meets a Stubborn Obstacle: Students

The South Faces a Summer With Fewer Peaches

My month with chemtrails conspiracy theorists

Trump's claim that US is cleanest lacks support from studies

Family First: The Trials of Jared Kushner

When foster kids are moved around, schooling becomes an afterthought

The Secret Evangelicals at Planned Parenthood

For a growing number of Christians in the US, faith-based health care sharing ministries seem like the perfect alternative to an expensive, volatile insurance marketplace. But there may be serious drawbacks for some members — and for everyone else.

What happens when you join the Islamic State — then change your mind
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The kitten was a little more seriously injured than I'd realized when I picked her up, so she's at the shelter now. There was just no way I could pay for those vet bills, and none of the organizations I emailed last night replied to me by 11 this morning, at which point I decided she really shouldn't have to wait any longer. (I would not have even waited that long except she didn't appear to be in pain when she wasn't putting weight on her limb, and it's a very, very, very long bus ride out there. I actually paid out for car service because I wanted to limit how much she got jostled.)

To my amateur eyes, I think she has a good chance, though, and that's the good news part. They are going to do their best to take care of her, and their best is surprisingly good for a shelter that can't turn away animals.
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Unfortunately, she'd developed a bad limp - appears to be both legs on one side - and this seemed sufficiently worrisome to both of us that taking her inside seemed like the best bet. She also appears to have scabbing on her nape. I'm going to take a good look later and determine whether she needs to go to a vet now, or if it can wait until next weekend when I take her to the van to get fixed. The latter option is MUCH cheaper, but they won't do it anyway if she's actually sick or injured. And, you know, there's no point bringing her inside if she's not going to get proper medical care while she's with us.

The girls have been watching her all day. They rejected the name "Oreo" and are calling her "Lila". So we have feral Lola on the porch, and friendly Lila inside. Their assessment is that her nails need an urgent trim, and this might be why she's limping. I doubt it's that simple, but it can't hurt to try.
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So I thought it was best to put them all together here.

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Other politics links )
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Conlang summer camp for high school students (Where was this when I was a kid!?)

Man Buys Two Metric Tons of LEGO Bricks; Sorts Them Via Machine Learning

New heat-resistant ceramic can be squished like a marshmallow

Indian fishermen try new nets for healthier oceans

In Mumbai, Uber must compete with vibrant taxi roofs

How New Roots Are Driving An Apple Renaissance

Psychologists have shown that it’s possible to train one-year-olds’ attention skills

Kirk Drift

Hot water and antimicrobial soaps don’t get your hands any cleaner

When Schools Meet Trauma With Understanding, Not Discipline

The Mao Mango Cult of 1968 and the Rise of China's Working Class

The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool

Cognates, False and Otherwise

What MRA’s think will happen at the Women-Only Wonder Woman Screenings (And check out the mayor of Austin's response to one of them!)

The College-Town Achievement Gap

How ‘Raise the Age’ Laws Might Reduce Recidivism

In 1931, a parking lot in Cleveland Park changed how Washington shopped

Neuroscientists rewire brain of one species to have connectivity of another (It's not just me, right? This is some serious mad scientist shit, isn't it?)

How A Theory Of Crime And Policing Was Born, And Went Terribly Wrong

‘Kill them, kill them, kill them’: the volunteer army plotting to wipe out Britain’s grey squirrels

Saving Lives and Money: The Potential of Solar to Replace Coal

Nooses showing up more in hate incidents around country

U.S. now can ask travelers for Facebook, Twitter handles

The super-rich are different: they pay less tax

First aid volunteers risk their lives at Venezuela protests

A Sacred, Sullied Space

In Damascus, a general feeling that the war is winding down
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About three months (her guess), very friendly, but skinny. I was going to do a simple rescue and drop it with my neighbor who rehomes cats, but halfway through planning I realized I hadn't asked her yet. I like to hedge my bets, so if my neighbor, rather improbably, says no - is there anybody in the NYC area who would like a new friend? I'm sure either one of us would be willing to go out of our way to make this work if so.
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And she volunteered me to help out if they needed urgent, uh, help. Which... geez. I like our neighbors just fine, but my plate is full! SOOOOOOO full, and things are falling off.

So, yeah, this is a small street, and yet... my mother's right, there is a heck of a lot of cancer on our block, particularly among the people who have lived here a decade or more. Our neighbor on this side, our neighbor down the block, our neighbor down the block and across the street, her next door neighbor.... Or, at least, it seems like a lot, but I have no idea how to evaluate the numbers to see if it's probably just a statistical fluke after all. (If nothing else, most of the people who have lived here a decade or more are getting on in years. The older you get, the more likely you are to eventually develop cancer, right? I don't know of any children on our block with cancer, anyway, and I'm sure I would've heard about it if there were any.)
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If we want bionic limbs that actually work, we might need smarter amputations

For Army Infantry’s 1st Women, Heavy Packs and the Weight of History

How the Chemicals in Sunscreen Protect Our Skin

Oregon governor signs transgender equity bill into law

A solar eclipse is coming in August. Here’s what it will look like where you are.

How Dallas Became One Of America’s Most Refugee-Friendly Cities

Tea consumption leads to epigenetic changes in women

Giving Up Time as a Parent

Why It’s So Hard to Find the Original Owners of Nazi-Looted Art

Study: China struggles to kick world-leading cigarette habit

How a Kids’ Cartoon Created a Real-Life Invasive Army

How Alcoholics Anonymous Psychologically Abuses The Marginalized

The Problem with the Justice Department

In US and abroad, a worrisome time for LGBT activists

A women's movement grows in 'the most Trumpian place in America' (Note the road sign in the picture: Coal Miners' Memorial Roadway. Every time I hear inane bleating about how we need to bring back coal, I'm gonna point them to that picture. So many miners have died working for low pay in that shitty job that they get their own memorial road named after them, just like soldiers and AIDS victims.)

White Male Terrorists Are an Issue We Should Discuss (Still surprised at this sort of reporting from Teen Vogue.)

Most Americans Support Staying in the Paris Agreement (So call and email the White House immediately!)

5 Ways U.S. Cities Can Fight Climate Change Without the Paris Accord

Leaked birth control rule would broaden religious exemption

As Trump Weighs Shake-Up, He Faces Recruiting Challenge (Well, no duh. Still waiting for Spicer to snap on national television. That man must have an iron stomach, and no backbone at all. Still and all, I'm sure it's only a matter of time, and when it happens - I'll bring the popcorn!)

The Addicts Next Door

English Learners Were Hurt The Most When Texas Limited Special Education

South Sudan ethnic violence hits new high as civilians flee

Kabul bomb witness: 'Explosions are happening every day here'

Civilians seek food, water as Philippines siege continues


May. 31st, 2017 05:55 pm
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The dogs like to spend time in my room. My cat, therefore, is not spending much time with me. She just got used to Moonpie, but Finn will very occasionally decide to be a jerk and lunge at her. We're working on the concept, but it's going to be a long while before she's comfortable anywhere near him.

And I like the dogs, I do... but they don't purr, and their fur is the wrong texture, and they don't knead or bump foreheads, and they don't smell right. They are not, in fact, cats.

This is a bit of a problem, but we're coping.

Finn has stopped howling. He still barks when we're out of sight, but he's now consolable, and will often shut up before he sees us return, if he just hears us. Also, he's started snatching from Moonpie occasionally, which I don't want, but at least it's even-pawed now. She snatches from him, he snatches from her, I ultimately take whatever-it-is away from both of them.


The Spider Web That Gets Stronger When It Touches Insects

Czech restaurants, bars go smoke-free after years of debate

The 20th-century war on women's swimwear

Some cities, states help minorities enter marijuana industry

Where the Teacher’s Pet Sleeps in a Dog Bed

Gay vulture dads hatch chick at a zoo in Amsterdam

Me Time (I feel this so much.)

U.S. probe to make unprecedented plunge into sun's atmosphere

Deep Springs College, the century-old school where young men read Plato and tend cattle, is on the verge of opening to women.

A University That Prioritizes the Students Who Are Often Ignored

She’s got a radical approach for the age of superbugs: Don’t fight infections. Learn to live with them

Why Are Americans So Hostile to State-Funded Art?

Colombia’s Guerrillas Come Out of the Jungle

Texas immigration lockdowns holding some families too long

DHS Public Database Includes Personal Information of Abuse Victims

Inside Trump's war on regulations

Recipients Fear Cuts to Food Stamps and Disability Aid in Trump Budget

The Ghost of Climate-Change Future

People smugglers make $35 bln a year on migrant crisis: IOM head

In Mexico, the price of America’s hunger for heroin
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I washed the dogs and now they don't smell bad.


Seeing life in fast-forward: Visual brain predicts future events based on past experience

How Crystal Rose Candy is Made (Definitely worth both watching AND listening to!)

Reliving Communist past helps East German dementia patients

‘This is not the end’: Using immunotherapy and a genetic glitch to give cancer patients hope

California Is Ready To Recognize A Third Gender. Is The Rest Of The Country?

Barack Obama on food and climate change: ‘We can still act and it won’t be too late’

The brain detects disease in others even before it breaks out

How a Small Town Is Standing Up to Fracking

How to Really Help Gay Teens Thrive

The Prepper Obsession With Clothes

Somaliland Wants To Make One Thing Clear: It Is NOT Somalia

The Racial Segregation of American Cities Was Anything But Accidental

Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens

America's Private-Prison Industry Has Always Been All Right

President Trump has been urging world leaders to call him on his cellphone, raising security and secrecy concerns

Is It Possible to Resist Deportation in Trump's America?

A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance

Ben Carson’s Thinking, and How Poverty Affects Your State of Mind

Nowhere to go for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh after cyclone wrecks camps

Native American men in Washington state run over by white man in pickup truck shouting racial slurs

Russian Activists Say They’ve Been Told US Visas Are Out Of Reach For Gay Chechens

'Heat island' effect could double climate change costs for world's cities

Portland stabbing suspect yells in court: Free speech or die


May. 30th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Wow, that promo was super spoilery. If you haven't seen it, and care even a little about spoilers, don't watch it.

Read more... )
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On the one hand, it probably didn't help. I'm sure he got a hard on thinking on how "omg persecuted" he was.

On the other hand, at least he went to the other end of the car and stayed there.

"Would you like it if there were Muslims teaching your kids?"

Well, I don't see any Muslims shouting in a train car, do you? I've never seen it! Compared to you, they seem like a dream!

"I have the right to freedom of speech!"

So do I, but you're not letting me use it! I'd like to speak to these children sitting next to me! And I'm not the only person in this car who would like to have a quiet conversation, but some jerks are screaming and storming so nobody can hear themselves think! Freedom of speech my butt! You don't get freedom of screaming, jerk.


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