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I read Rebel, the third book in the Las Anclas series. (And then I read Thick as Thieves.)

Now, I love this series. I really do. It's a great improvement over the LGBT-friendly books of my own youth that were all Very Special Episode - instead, it's a fun series with some gays, and any romance drama they have is the sort you expect teens to have. The nearest thing they have to coming out as gay is having a change power and parents who don't like that sort of thing. (And while I suppose it is technically post-apocalyptic, it's more like post-post-post. Lots of parties, and they have raccoons that build cities. Oh, and also exploding glass trees and a king who wants to take over the world, so, you know, standard fantasy stuff.)

However, I'm not sure the math works. In our main cast of teens, we have two same-sex couples - one male-male, one female-female. Nice representation there... but this is in a small town that only has a one-room school. Four teens ought to be very nearly their entire teenaged population. It's not, and I can't work out whether or not this means that teens are the bulk of their youth, or that their school has a total population of 50+ being taught by one teacher.

At any rate, taking all this at face value, they are disproportionately heavy on gays and bisexuals. This is not totally insurmountable, of course. Presumably, the same thing that caused the rabbits to develop the ability to project illusions also made humans slightly more likely to skew to the high end of the Kinsey scale.

But I'm still trying to make the numbers work regarding the school.

Anyway, nothing big happened in this installment, but they've set up the final book in the quartet very nicely and I'm itching to read it. And every one of you who hasn't read the whole series really ought to.


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