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So I thought it was best to put them all together here.

As Europe talks tough on climate, data show emissions rose

Trump's climate doubts ignore U.S. military consensus on risks

Pittsburgh to Trump: You don't speak for us on climate

A Tweet-by-Tweet Guide to 'A Death Sentence for Planet Earth'

‘Climate Change Is Real’: Many U.S. Companies Lament Paris Accord Exit (If Shell Oil is saying this, along with Exxon, you know the haters are on the wrong side of history.)

Dow Chemical CEO on Trump's climate decision: 'Leaders don't leave tables, leaders stay'

US climate decision leaves Europe incensed, dismayed

China will continue with climate pact even if US pulls out

Trump misunderstood MIT climate research, university officials say

Vatican Compares Trump To Flat-Earthers Over His Climate Agreement Withdrawal

Several states form US Climate Alliance

Pence: People care about the climate crisis ‘for some reason’

'Washington can't stop Americans': Michael Bloomberg pledges to pay US share of Paris climate funding

EU to bypass Trump administration after Paris climate agreement pullout


Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for ‘unmaskings’ of Americans

The Americans With Disabilities Act Is Under Attack in Congress

Donald Trump's Conflicts of Interest: A Crib Sheet

Facing hometown anger, some Republican lawmakers split from Trump on key issues

Jewish activists form protective barrier around Muslims as they protest in front of Trump Tower After the prayers, the protesters shared a meal including rice, chicken and pizza

Why are Republicans getting so little done? Because their agenda is deeply unpopular.

Two dozen more Trump ethics waivers to be released

Another immigrant dies while in ICE custody at a controversial for-profit detention center

The Biggest Beneficiaries of "America First" Are . . . Russia and China

Trump Administration Returns Copies of Report on C.I.A. Torture to Congress


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