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1. Maggie is absolutely right. Sometimes, the more careful, delicate approach is to be preferred to charging in guns ablazing. I only wish actual American cops operated like this more often.

1a. And "the Supergirl defense" is an interesting legal point that I've questioned before. I wonder if Law and the Multiverse will cover this?

2. Rhea certainly seems to have learned the lingo very fast. Is this some sort of Daxamite skill? Show up, immediately absorb the culture to pass like a native? I bet neither of them stood around gazing at birds, jaws agape.

3. Normally I'd say that anybody who can get the drop on Alex is scary, but he was the dude in the elevator. What'd he do, just ride up and down until she stepped in alone? That's a little less scary.

4. Mon-El can barely make mac and cheese, and really, I'm still astonished at how much of American culture he's absorbed in less than one season. How the hell does his mom fit in so easily!?

5. So Lena can't recognize a ragingly abusive hellmother, despite having one, but she emotes clearly "OMG SOMETHING WRONG!" at the phrase "thank the gods"?

6. Maggie's right. Kara needs to learn to chill.

7. Wait, so this is the dad of an old school friend? Was not actually expecting that. I guess it makes sense that some of her classmates would've put two and two together, though. Hah, her high school reunion's gonna be funny, standing there trying to work out who guessed and who didn't!

8. "He seems to be blocking me somehow." I suppose this is better than "I completely forgot to read his mind lol" but I'm already sick of hearing it. Can J'onn just get a disease that wipes out his telepathy or something so we stop having to nerf him on an episode-by-episode basis?

9. That's a pretty good motive, I gotta admit. But how exactly did those two people have it coming? I'd like more info on this, thanks.

10. But he's still a jerk. Being saved from an abusive mother by a criminal father didn't exactly do his personality any favors.

11. Yay, Lena's super bright! Still! (But also kinda a xenophobe. But it's all right, because Rhea is an unholy bitch!)

11a. Huh, maybe Lena did recognize Rhea is a hellmother after all.

12. Well, that's a touching reunion. I'm pausing right now to place my bet - it's J'onn, isn't it?

13. Because of course it is. The DEO has got a serious leak going on. Wow. They should be a little more concerned about this. (Also? FFS, you could've just gone with the jerk! It's not like you couldn't overpower him a second time! I mean, obviously he'd guess, because we're only halfway through the ep, but at least you guys would be trying.)

14. Alex is finally making moves to save herself? Took her damn long enough.

15. A, that tracker is enormous and B, WHY IS IT LIT UP? What is the purpose of lighting up something that lives under the skin!?

16. Of course she's not far. Kara probably could've found her by just doing a grid search of the city and surrounding area. Well, unless her cell is lead-lined, I suppose....

17. Wow. That's evil. We'll just add this week's villain to the list of people in Supergirl who need serious therapy. Who even invents something like that?

18. Good girl, Alex.

19. Kara, will you please listen to somebody else! You're not the only one who knows what is right, and thinking you're right is not a defense when you fuck up! You should have listened to Maggie. At that point, Alex had the better part of a day before things went south. You had time to listen to another person. You had time to think and decide what the right course of action was. You've got superspeed! You could've stopped and thought about this!

20. So why does she really want a portal? Is this some invasion scheme? Man, this is a stupid invasion scheme. I hate stupid invasion schemes. One minute it's jackbooted thugs with superpowers, and then after they're defeated it's all "rar, we were right, we should definitely kill all the aliens" and everybody overacts.

21. Lena definitely does need more friends (and also a shrink), but I'm glad they showed her asking Kara for advice.

22. J'onn, seriously? I know reassurance feels correct, but MAGGIE WAS RIGHT.

23. Lecture time! It's nice to see Kara back in the emotional lecture role. You know, they could've tried this talk with Daddy Whatshisname earlier. Then Kara could've spoken to Lena, and most of the ep could've been light and fluffy. That would've been nice.

24. Yes, it would've been really nice if Kara had been able to take that first call. But then, I suppose if Rhea got turned down once she'd just pick some other human patsy.

Date: 2017-05-15 05:04 pm (UTC)
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ad 1. God, yes. I really <3 Maggie. She does eventually lose it in this episode for the woman she loves, but her FIRST APPROACH is to be careful, thoughtful.

ad 1a. I would love to learn more about this, but I don’t think Supergirl is that show.

ad 2. Yeah, that’s a little weird, especially because while Mon-El adapted fast, his idioms were cutely all over the place.

ad 5. Urgh, dumbing Lena down in this ep was THE WORST. I hate it when a show does, least of all Supergirl, which really ONLY has the character dynamics going for it.

ad 6. Yup.

ad 7. I know! I LOVED that part, actually! Of course some of them would get it.

ad 21. *giggle*

ad 24. I guess in-universe, Rhea could’ve tried Maxwell Lord, but I feel that her options were pretty limited in CREATING AN INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTAL. So I think I would’ve been fine with her swaying Lena, just doing so with an actual struggle, i.e. working v. hard on finding compelling angles, seducing Lena (rather than waltzing in and just making her do stuff, ugh).


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