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Now, back when I first binge-watched all available Steven Universe eps I had a few thoughts, but I decided to wait until the current season had ended before posting. And now I'm pretty sure it has, so here we go.

1. So many of the Homeworld Gems we've met express shock at the very idea of rebelling. And yet, there seem to be an awful lot of soldiers for this unified society. Exactly how unusual is rebellion, really?

1a. Of course, when you scratch the surface, most of those Gems seem extremely stifled. So yeah.

2. How can they be ignorant of their own potential? Peridot not knowing about her ability is a key example, but hardly the only one. Sapphire not knowing that the future isn't set - and apparently, that information still isn't widely available? They're a fairly old civilization. How can they not know these things?

3. (And I'm still not sure what-all Homeworld knows and understands about fusion with more than one type of gem.)

4. So, I don't think it's morally wrong for Homeworld to want to perpetuate its culture and society to future generations. And yes, without expansion, hello Malthus! Obviously, look at Peridot! But did they really have to go to a planet that was already inhabited? Surely it would've been easier to go to someplace empty, especially since they don't need air or any other of those basic creature comforts.

5. What the heck is up with Onion?
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