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And then we had to hustle to get to swimming on time, which I had completely forgotten about. Whoops.

Listened to some woman ranting how it's totally cool for her to take her 8 year old son into the girl's locker room (boys only up to age 6) because it's just not "safe" in the boy's locker room. Lady, if you think somebody is raping your son when he is literally in a crowd of at least 5 other kids and their various dads and you're sitting outside the door, there's no help for you. I've never been in the boy's locker room, but I've seen the number of kids who come out of there. It's gotta be as packed with people after swim class as the girl's! That's not really an environment conducive to child raping. It's just not.


At 'Pestaurant,' Grasshopper Burgers Win Over Eaters Who Say 'Yuck'

"Team No Hoes" Shockingly Violates Woman's Medical Privacy

"Hoes" are bad, but rakes are just fine, I guess...?

Don't read if you want to retrain any shreds of faith in humanity.

Study finds strong evidence for discriminatory intent behind voter ID laws

Ask Umbra: What’s the most efficient way to heat and cool my house?

In a fancy bit of marketing U.S. capitalists have been reborn as “job creators.” As such, they were rewarded with lower taxes, weaker labor laws, and relaxed government regulation. However, despite record profits, their job creation performance leaves a lot to be desired.

According to the official data the last U.S. recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009. Thus, we have officially been in economic expansion for almost five years.

Gun homicides down dramatically, Americans unaware

Lawsuit: Low-Income Students Assigned Too Much "Work Experience" or Free Time Instead of Classes They Need

The Arabic lyrics to “Let It Go” are as forbidding as Elsa’s ice palace. The Egyptian singer Nesma Mahgoub, in the song’s chorus, sings, “Discharge thy secret! I shall not bear the torment!” and “I dread not all that shall be said! Discharge the storm clouds! The snow instigateth not lugubriosity within me…” From one song to the next, there isn’t a declensional ending dropped or an antique expression avoided, whether it is sung by a dancing snowman or a choir of forest trolls. The Arabic of “Frozen” is frozen in time, as “localized” to contemporary Middle Eastern youth culture as Latin quatrains in French rap.

Nearly two thirds of American adults pee in the ocean to avoid “gross” beach bathrooms, a new survey claims.

In the bathroom-centric study, 62 percent of beach-goers people admitted they use the ocean as a giant toilet — and 48 percent said they had done it more than once.

David Graeber: “Spotlight on the financial sector did make apparent just how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded”

Bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, found in septic tank at former Irish home for unwed mothers

Browning was a ranger at Mount Mitchell State Park in North Carolina, and along with the other rangers he had been trained to give a little speech to children caught picking flowers, pocketing shells, or trying to make off with rocks. He explains it like this: “You are supposed to calmly kneel down and say, ‘I saw you picking the flower. That is so pretty! Now think about what would happen if every child picked a flower.’ And then they are supposed to have this moment of guilt.”

Browning had given this little talk many times. But on this day, in August 2009, he saw another ranger deliver it to a boy at the park restaurant, about age 8, with a fist full of rocks—rocks, Browning noticed, from the gravel road. “It was gravel we bought at the local store,” Browning says. “It made me sick. The boy was crestfallen. He was so excited about coming to the park that he wanted to take a little memento back with him. More than feeling empowered or excited to protect the natural world, now he is going to associate going to state parks with getting into trouble.”

The encounter got Browning thinking. What if every kid picked a rock or a flower? Would the park really turn into a desolate wasteland? Well, he figured, it depends on the rock, on the flower. “What kids were taking was gravel and weedy yarrow. They were not rare, delicate pink lady slippers.”


Blech, one of the first comments on metafilter where I got this is "I have to wonder whether it's really pretty cruel to do that to an animal. Rather than leaving it profoundly crippled like that, wouldn't it be better to put it down?" Doesn't know the animal, doesn't observe it, doesn't make any attempt to assess if the cat really is unhappy or suffering, just "that cat would be better dead than disabled". We really ought to hold this poster to that, should they ever suffer their own disability.

It’s been nearly a year since a narrow, conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, but let’s not forget that the ruling was, to a certain extent, open-ended. The Republican-appointed justices didn’t say which part of the Constitution the VRA violated, but they also didn’t say what Congress should do to fix it.

Ammon Shea, author of , has just come out with a new book about words — words like "dilapidated," "balding" and "lunch." Shea says those words were once frowned upon, as were more than 200 other words he has compiled.

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Re locker room: was the assumption that an adult would rape him? Or was the assumption that he would be bullied?

Re "Team No Hoes": yeah, that's a violation of medical ethics from HIPAA all the way back to antiquity. This is a lose-your-license/never-work-in-health-care-again sort of thing. I'm curious if the perps are clinicians (licenses to lose) or other employees (in which case, the employer potentially has a violation of what I understand to be the need-to-know bit of HIPAA.) In any event, the employer is on the hook for this in a big way.

Here's the original story which is importantly different in that it names at least one alleged perp who denies doing it.


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