Jun. 15th, 2017

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They think they have permission to sit on my lap. Incessantly.


A Woman Who Fought in the Revolutionary War (The title frames it like she was the only one, but of course we all know better.)

10+ Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Uncovering Ancient Clues to Humanity’s First Fires

When Fresh Air Went Out of Fashion at Hospitals

How the world's first accountants counted on cuneiform

Gifted Programs Ditched for Hands-On Learning for All at More NYC Schools

The Artful Propaganda of Soviet Children’s Literature

Why Sand Covers the Floor of One of the Western Hemisphere’s Oldest Synagogues

Surviving the Hunt: Female Elk Get Sneakier With Age

Cubans now face same deportation risk as other immigrants

A Resolution Condemning White Supremacy Causes Chaos at the Southern Baptist Convention

Cuomo To NYC’s Suffering Subway Commuters: Drive A Car (Ugh, next time upstate tries to secede, I say we beat them to the punch and do it first. We'll just take part of the NYC metro area with us. This may involve annexing part of NJ. Whatever.)

Summer vacation? Lots of Americans say they can't afford it (Is anybody really surprised?)

Cities fight climate change through ecosystem restoration

Revenge for Sinjar: Syrian Kurds free Islamic State slaves

The primary reason twitter works so hard to protect racists and meninists and such is cuz their bot counts are staggering

Priced out of the favela: The Brazilians turning to squats

World's largest refugee camp strains to keep kids in school

Protests in northern Morocco swell with calls for royal intervention

The Virginia Shooting and America's Creeping National Disease

Despite Tillerson reassurance, Palestinians not stopping 'martyr' payments


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