Jun. 3rd, 2017

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So I thought it was best to put them all together here.

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Unfortunately, she'd developed a bad limp - appears to be both legs on one side - and this seemed sufficiently worrisome to both of us that taking her inside seemed like the best bet. She also appears to have scabbing on her nape. I'm going to take a good look later and determine whether she needs to go to a vet now, or if it can wait until next weekend when I take her to the van to get fixed. The latter option is MUCH cheaper, but they won't do it anyway if she's actually sick or injured. And, you know, there's no point bringing her inside if she's not going to get proper medical care while she's with us.

The girls have been watching her all day. They rejected the name "Oreo" and are calling her "Lila". So we have feral Lola on the porch, and friendly Lila inside. Their assessment is that her nails need an urgent trim, and this might be why she's limping. I doubt it's that simple, but it can't hurt to try.


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