May. 15th, 2017

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"The Black Panthers were scum, name one good thing they ever did!"
"Free breakfasts."
"Your source doesn't provide enough information! You're full of shit!"
"My source is National Geographic. They're a reputable source. You don't like it, go google it."
"Anyway, the FBI calls them an extremist organization!"
"The FBI called Martin Luther King an extremist. On this issue, they are not a reputable source."

I'm debating whether or not I care to go another round. On the one hand, it passes the time while the girls take their break. On the other... meh.
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She's now 14 years old. Dear god, where does the time even go!?
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Okay, I'm setting up a pool. Pick a day, a charity*, and a price between $1 and $10. If he's ousted any day other than the one you picked, you donate your money to the winner's charity. The winner gets to keep their cash. (If he's ousted on a day nobody picked, everybody donate!)

And to ante up, I'll take Labor Day, $10, CityHarvest.

* We all reserve the right not to donate to charities we find morally offensive.


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