May. 12th, 2017

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The flowers are blooming (achoo!), the grass is growing, and little baby birds are dead all over the sidewalks. You know, nobody ever seems to mention that sign of the seasons, but I'm sure it'd make a fine kigo in a haiku.


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The American Health Care Act's Prosperity Gospel

Where have all the insects gone?

Abortion foes cheer series of advances, as opponents protest
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The girls don't like it, so I don't often make it, but it's delicious and healthy.


Enough greens to fill a 8-inch square cake pan, or the equivalent - I used a mix of half kale, half spinach
1 bunch scallions
A good handful or two of dill or mint (or you could try both, but I'm not sure that works)
A handful of parsley (optional)
1 - 5 cloves garlic, depending on how much you like garlic
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
6-ish eggs
Feta cheese

Preheat the oven to, uh, 300? 325?

Chop up the greens and aromatics. This time around I used a food processor, it depends on how finely you want them chopped. The more you chop them, the more you'll need to fill your pan!

Add in your garlic clove, minced. Mix it all up with the olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Toss in the pan, make an indentation for each egg. Carefully add the eggs to the indents so you don't break the yolks. Sprinkle the feta around, careful not to just plop it into the aforementioned yolks. Shove in the oven. Cook for 25 - 35 minutes, depending on what temperature you picked and how hard you like your eggs.

This is an adaptable recipe. Take out the dill or mint, add basil and oregano and parmesan. Take out the dill and mint, add crushed red pepper, switch the scallions to onions and the feta to blue cheese. Take the dill and mint, add oregano and ham or bacon, switch the feta with cubes of cheddar. For some of these, you'll want to add the cheese later, though, so be careful.


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