May. 8th, 2017

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So naturally, after we've paid up, I'm wondering if we ought to switch CSAs next year. I don't like change, and we've been using this one for a while, but the last few years have been a bit lackluster as far as our share goes. (Translation: Not enough purslane or scapes, far too many jerusalem artichokes.) And it's a long trip out for meh. Plus this year fruit went on a twice-a-month schedule instead of weekly.

I should make a list of CSA options in a reasonable travel radius, with pros and cons. I'll get on that soon.

Also: In kinda a dinner rut. If anybody wants to suggest a recipe I might not have thought of, go for it. I don't eat mushrooms, the girls don't eat squash (winter or summer), sweet potato, or eggplant. (At least they agree on what they don't like!)


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