May. 4th, 2017

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When Squirrels Were One of America’s Most Popular Pets (Honestly, I wonder why nobody's tried to domesticate the squirrel. Or maybe they did and failed? But it seems like squirrels can hardly be a worse candidate for domestication than ferrets and cats, so....)

Photographer Uncovers The White Ravens Of Legend In West Coast Forest

Forgotten History: The First Movie and the Scientific Question It Sought to Answer

Dear Mathematician Who Discovered Me…

How the NASA Wake-Up Call Went From an Inside Joke to a Beloved Tradition

How Humble Moss Healed the Wounds of Thousands in World War I

How dandelion seeds act as a perfect pipette in the lab

A Visit to the Synthetic Cadaver Factory

Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case

We Asked ICE About the Prank Calls to Their Anti-Immigrant Hotline and They Kind of Lost Their Shit

Key to Improving Subway Service in New York? Modern Signals

Colombia's famous guerrilla singer searches for a new tune

Born In The U.S., Raised In China: 'Satellite Babies' Have A Hard Time Coming Home

The Changing of the Global Economic Guard

Desperate Families Driven to Black Market Insulin

Overcoming Opioids: When pills are a hospital's last resort

Republican Blurts Out That Sick People Don’t Deserve Affordable Care

Inside The Immigrant-Prosecuting Machine That Transformed America’s Deportation Policy

Hey kids, salt stays and grains go in school meals

Without school, children of Mosul feared lost to poverty and conflict

Russia, Turkey agree to support safe-zones in Syria

Greece agrees to new bailout terms - and more austerity

One of the most dangerous companies in the U.S. took advantage of immigrant workers. Then, when they got hurt or fought back, it used America’s laws against them.

Hidden horror of school sex assaults revealed by AP


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